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In order to receive useful gifts back from your friends you need to keep your own wishlist updated. Open the Collections section. Here all the collections in the game are listed. At the top of the page is your wishlist.

You can add any item to your wishlist by pressing the green plus sign next to the item in the Collections Tab. You can remove any item from your wishlist by pressing the red minus sign next to an item in either the wishlist or directly next to the item in its collection.

Managing your WishlistEdit

Note: if your wishlist is already full and you try to add a new item the game will automatically remove an item for you to make space. To ensure the right item is removed (if you want to only make one or two changes) it is always better to make the space yourself first by removing unwanted items from your wishlist at the top of the collections tab before adding new items.

Adding Collection ItemsEdit

To add a new collection item to your wishlist, simply scroll through the collections until you find an item you need. Most items in collections are available to add to your wishlist but there are some collections made up of items that cannot be added. Any item that can be added to your wishlist will have a green plus sign next to it (items without green plus signs cannot be added to your wishlist, and cannot be sent to friends as gifts). Press the green plus sign and it will be added to your wishlist. There will now be a red minus sign next to the item. You can remove the item from your wishlist by pressing the red minus sign next to the item in the collection or next to the item on the wishlist.

Adding Elements to Combine CollectionsEdit

To add elements needed to combine collections to your wishlist scroll through the collections until you find one that requires that element. Next to the list of items in that collection is the pictures of the four items needed to combine it with the word ‘combine’ underneath. When the combine button is green it means you have everything you need to combine the collection, and pressing it will make the collection and give you the reward. When this button is brown it means you are either missing an item from the collection, or you do not have all the combining elements you need. It does not matter if the ‘Combine’ button is green or brown if you want to add elements to your wishlist. Press the 4 pictures above the combine button and a larger box showing the elements will open. The elements will have the green plus signs next to them in this larger box. Pressing the green plus sign of the combining element you want will add it to your wishlist.

Viewing Friends WishlistsEdit

To view a friend's wishlist, open the Friends section of the game by pressing the ‘Friends’ icon on the bottom right hand side of your home desktop.

Once in the Friends section of the game, open the ‘Friends’ tab (this is usually the default open tab). This is the list of your current friends. Choose a friend you wish to send a gift to and find their info box in the Friends tab. The green ‘send a gift’ button on the bottom left hand side of the friends box brings up the gifting screen for that friend. Across the top of the gifting screen is your friend’s current wishlist.

Sending Gifts using Friends Wishlists Edit

There are two different types of items that can be on a wishlist, collection items (those items you need to find in order to create a new collection) and combining elements (those items you need in order to combine that collection once you have gathered all the collection items). Both of these items can be added to your wishlist, and can be sent to a friend as a gift by either simply pressing the icon in their wishlist, or by manually scrolling in either the 'Send a gift' tab (combining elements list) or 'Send a collection item' tab (collection item list) to find the item. Note: there are gifting limits in the game, which will determine whether you can send an item on a friends wishlist or not.

Collection Items on Wishlists Edit

Collection items come out of your inventory when you send them to a friend. If you do not have an item that your friend is requesting, you cannot send it to them. You are limited to sending 10 collection items a day. You can give more than one collection item to a single friend if you wish, so you can choose how you allocate your 10 collection item gifts a day (i.e. you could send all 10 to one friend, or send 1 each to 10 different friends if you want).

How Collection items appear on your friends' wishlists:

  • When you see a collection item with no number next to it and no little gift box in the corner it means you don't have any in your inventory, so you cannot give one to your friend.
  • When you see a collection item with a number next to it and a gift box in the corner, the number is how many you currently have in your inventory. So if your friend is requesting an Ancient coin (from the Banker's Treasure collection) and you see the Ancient coin on their wishlist with a 4 in the corner, it means you currently have 4 of them in your inventory. Pressing the icon will send one of those 4 to your friend. If you press send a gift again and look at their wishlist again after you send one, you will see the Ancient coin now has a 3 in the corner, because you gave one away so have lost if from your inventory.

Combining Elements on Wishlists Edit

Combining Elements are free gifts in the game, so they do NOT come out of your inventory. However you can only give one to each friend up to a maximum of 50 friends per day. Combining elements can only be sent through the free gift system, and not as regular gifts, which means you cannot give more than 1 a day to each friend, regardless of how many you have in your inventory.

How combining elements appear on your friends' wishlists:

  • When you see a combining element with a gift box and a 1 next to it, it means you have not given a free gift to that friend yet that day. Pressing the icon will send one of that combining element to your friend, it will not come out of your inventory. If you press send a gift again and look at their wishlist again, you will see that ALL combining elements on their wishlist will now have no number next to them and no gift box in corner. This is because you are restricted to one free gift per friend per day. So you can't send any of the others they are asking for.
  • If you haven't sent that friend a free gift yet that day, and you see there are combining elements on their wishlist with no number and no gift box, it means you have not unlocked that combining element yet. You will need to increase your game level to be able to send that item as a free gift. Pressing its icon will open a window telling you what level you need to be on, and also gives you the option to spend crystals to unlock it immediately instead (the number of crystals will be the level you need to open it, e.g. carrots are unlocked at level 45, but you can unlock them at a lower level for 45 crystals).

Note: Many special items, such as ladybugs needed to play the Mill picture, are included in the games Free Gift system. This means you can send these items to your friends, and they will not come out of your inventory (with the usual restrictions of only one free gift per friend per day to a maximum of 50 friends). However, these items cannot be added to your wishlist. In order to send them as a free gift, you must use the 'Send a gift' tab to find the item and press send there.


  • Keeping at least one element to combine collections on your wishlist at all times helps other players send you gifts you need each day if they do not have collection items on your wishlist.
  • Receiving an item as a gift from a friend that is needed for a quest will complete the quest when you accept the gift. Use your wishlist to enlist your friends help with particularly stubborn quests.
  • The order in which combining elements and collection items display in a wishlist is from low (left) to high (right), based on their unique ID numbers (in ascending order), which may loosely resemble the order in which they would appear in the inventory, and more closely resemble the order they appear in the 'Send a Gift' and 'Send a Collection Item' tabs of the gifting window. When an item is removed or added, the list will re-sort based on this order.


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