Valentines2015 artwork

Valentines 2015 official artwork

The Valentines update was released on the 8th of February 2015 for Facebook platform players, and was not released for all other platforms including mobile devices (iOS/Android/Kindle) and computers (mac/PC).

The update introduced a series of Holiday Timed Challenges; new quests; new collections and other new content.

Valentine's Update Timed ChallengeEdit

The Facebook Valentines Challenge contained 2 challenges that needed to be completed within a certain time frame:

  • 30 holiday quests
  • Receive 150 Valentine's cards from friends to open the Valentines Box (this was done through the visiting mechanism)

The Valentines Box Edit


Cupid Statue in place of Valentines Box after Challenge Timer has expired

In order to open the Valentines box and receive its rewards, players needed to collect 150 Valentine's Cards. The Valentine's Box was a pink box displayed in the top right hand decoration spot of a players Home Desktop. Once all Valentines Cards were collected, and the Valentine's Box was opened, it was replaced by a Cupid Statue decoration. The box was also replaced by the Cupid Statue decoration once the Valentine's Timed Challenge timer ran out.


Valentines box

The only way to get Valentine's Cards during the challenge was to be given them by your friends. This was done through the visiting mechanism in the game. When a player visited their friends boards they could charge their friend's Valentines box, in the same way that you can normally charge a picture, puzzle or desktop award while visiting. Tapping on a friend's Valentine's Box would trigger a small animation of a card being dropped into the opening at the top of the box. Once the animation finished, a green check-mark appeared on the box to indicate that a card had been given to that friend.

Players were limited to giving just one Valentines Card per friend per day. Charging a Valentines box (to give a Card) counted as one of your limited daily actions/charges for that friend and cost 10 Strength points, just like charging anything else on your friend's board. This meant that players needed to be careful that they had enough Strength to visit each of their friends each day and give a Valentine's Card. Whether a player completes the Valentines Card challenge and opened their Valentines Box depended entirely on the generosity of their friends, who needed to consistently visit them during the challenge. There was nothing a player could do to get more Valentines Cards themselves, all they could do is visit their friends and give them Cards and wait to see if their friends would return the favour or not.


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