Tools in Inventory 6

There are 6 tools available to use when investigating pictures and puzzles. Each tool's function remains the same for every picture in every available mode, but some do vary in puzzles.

Tools may be available to win after a successful investigation of certain pictures. Tools can also be won as a reward for combining certain collections. If you are stuck, tools can be bought in the shop for either crystals or coins.

Types of ToolsEdit

There are currently 6 tools available in the game:

  1. Explorer's Eye
  2. Compass
  3. Dynamite
  4. Torch
  5. Lantern
  6. Time Machine

Some tools, such as the Torch and Lantern can only be used in certain Picture Modes. Other tools, such as the Explorer's Eye, may have different functions in Puzzles than in Pictures.

Tools can be won for successful investigations of Pictures and Puzzle games. They can also be rewards for combining collections, and for achieving certain awards. Tools can also be bought in the shop for both coins and crystals.

Tools during Picture investigationsEdit

Explorer's EyeEdit

Explorer’s Eye
In all game modes the Explorer's Eye tool will point out 1 object when used. The object will light up for a few seconds after the Explorer's Eye finds it.
  • Compass pointing to Eagle Statuette in Crashed Plane
  • As the compass gets close to the Eagle Statuette, the item lights up and the compass needle starts to spin.

In Night Mode the Explorer's Eye will point to an object even it is in a darkened portion of the picture. The object will light up revealing its location, and you can tap the object to find it without moving the light circle to its location.

The Explorer's Eye tool will simultaneously point out and light up both objects in the pair if used in Pairs mode.


Compass inventory

In all Picture modes the Compass tool will point to an objects on the list of items to be found for 30 seconds.

You can move the compass around the picture. As the compass gets close to the object it is pointing at that object will light up. When the compass is on top of the object, the compass needle will spin around.

In Night mode, if you place the compass within the light circle, the light circle will move with the compass as you move it around the picture. Note: The Spring 2015 update has removed this feature from the game, and you can now no longer move the light circle and the compass at the same time. You must move them separately.

In Pairs mode, the compass tool will light up both pairs when you drag it close to one object in a pair. When you press one of the pairs the other will stop being illuminated, so it is better to press the second object in the pair, not the one the compass is pointing to first to save time when looking for pairs. If you press the first object in the pair being pointed at by the compass first, the compass will then point towards the second pair until you miss tap or find it.


Torch inventory
The torch can only be used in Night mode. The Torch lights the entire picture for 35 seconds
Buddhas Square night2

Lantern being used in night mode in Buddha's Square to increase the size of the light circle


Lantern inventory

The Lantern can only be used in Night mode. The lantern doubles the light circle radius for 30 seconds.


Dynamite inventory

In all Picture modes the dynamite tool will remove up to 3 objects from the picture at a time.

In Pieces mode the dynamite will only remove pieces of the object you are currently looking for, so if you only have 1 or 2 pieces of that object remaining, the dynamite will only remove those pieces and not any pieces of the next object you must find. This is also true for researching a picture with the scroll-eater anomaly. The dynamite will only remove the current item listed, as only one item is listed at a time.

Time MachineEdit

Timemachine inventory

In all Picture modes the Time Machine tool will add 45 extra seconds to your time limit.

Tools during PuzzlesEdit

Some tools will have slightly different functions in Puzzle games than they do in Picture investigations, and not all tools are available to use during Puzzle games:


There are two tools available to use while playing Blocks.

  • Using a Time Machine in Blocks will add 45 seconds to the timer.
  • Using a Explorer's Eye in Blocks will remove a random brown block from the game board.



The Explorer's Eye reveals all the images in Memory Match for 3 seconds

There are two tools available in to use in Pipes.
  • The Time Machine adds 45 seconds to the game timer.
  • The Explorer's Eye will randomly rotate either one or two blocks into its correct position.

Memory MatchEdit

There are two tools available to use in Memory Match.

  • The Time Machine adds 45 seconds to the game's timer.
  • The Explorer's Eye overturns all cards revealing their images for 3 seconds.

Gem MatchEdit

There are two tools available to use in Gem Match.

  • The Time Machine will add 45 seconds to the game timer.
  • The Explorer's Eye will randomly remove one yellow border from the game board.

Finding ToolsEdit

Some tools can be given as rewards for successful investigations of pictures. All tools can be won as rewards for combining collections or achieving certain awards in the game. Occasionally, you will receive a tool as a random thank you gift from a friend. Below is a list of the most common ways to find each of the tools in the game. See List of Collections and List of Award Levels for full details of collections and awards.

Tool Can Be Found Collections that reward tool Awards that reward tool
Compass Polar Station; Throne Room Wisdom of the Library; A Set of Toy Soldiers; Athlete's Equipment; Ancient Arsenal; Birds of Paradise; Charging device; Cowboy's weapons; Geniuses of poetry; Sting operation; Bookmarks; Warm wraps;Useful objects; Watercolor fish; Present for Howard; Archival photo; Japanese garden; Music system; Prejudices about the mystical Workaholic; Task Commander; Dedicated; Mid-grade; Santas Elf; Trainee (Level 3); Detective (Level 3); Expert (Level 3); Silhouette Catcher; Silhouette-Tracker; Silhouette Explorer; Sharp Sighted
Lantern Buddhas Square; Ghost Town Exotic Eggs; Virtuous Armor; Ghost Town; Music Boxes; The set of the traveling; Keyboard instruments; Family doctor; Mad Tea Party; Anonymous's treasuresCozy pillows; Warm gear; Radio receiver; Invitation postcards; Gustav's glasses; Wooden marionettes; False Identity; Old Photography Industrial Strength; Generous Spirit; Risk-Taker; Courageous Clairvoyant
Time Machine N/A Honorary Medals; Beautiful Music; Polar Fauna; Sunshower; Vinyl records; Colored chalk; Purebred cats; Storage of the grimoire; Mountaineering EquipmentPhonograph; Pumpkin soup; Pantry staples; Chinese vase; Beach postcards; Roman soldiers; Watermelon smoothie; Meditation aids; Vampire's bride; Third legend; Mountain peaks; Mysterious photos; Modern Art; Police dog; Cure for panic; "Citizens and Gangsters" game cards; Christmas decorations Mighty Master; Mogul; Expert (Level 4); Valiant Voyeur; Haunted Hunter
Explorer's Eye Japanese House; Venice Stargazer's Artifacts; Assortment of Sweets; Instruments of Time; Italian Cuisine; Weapons against monsters; Cowboy's clothes; Fairy tale animals; London gentleman; Convenient boxes Worker; Dedicated; Silhouette-Hunter; Silhouette-Explorer; Home Defender
Dynamite N/A Law and Order; Amusement Park; Tarot Cards; Wooden toys; Paper origami; Sights of Seoul; Potion of the present Mechanic; Objective; Industrial Strength; Detective (Level 4)
Torch N/A Dark Dwellings; Wishmasters; Princess's Things; Wooden dinnerware; Exotic fruits; Aromatic coffee; Varicolored sticky notes; Beautiful FlowersPhotographer's stuff; Invitations; Convincing evidence; Nutritious salad; The artist's sketches; Ice statues; Potted flowers; Christmas parfait; Lost valise; Garden equipment; Ancient Mosaic Relentless; Mighty Master; Generous Spirit; Trainee (Level 4)

In addition to individual tools, it may also be possible to win chests containing sets of tools in the game. Two chests containing tools are available, the 'Tool Case', which contains 3 of each tool and the 'Tool Box', which contains 10 of each tool:

Chest Contains Collections that reward chest Awards that reward chest
Tool Case 3 of each tool Poker Combinations Machinist; Taskmaster; Key Book; Possibility to Solve the Task; Variety of Tasks; 'The Supreme Master of Tasks; Silhouette Knight; Assembling Avenger; Sentinel; One of a Kind; Curse Beater
Tool Box 10 of each tool N/A Engineer; Technician; Inventor; Skillful Inventor; Tools; Master of Instruments

Buying Tools in the ShopEdit

Some tools only require coins to be bought in the shop. This can be a good use of coins won in the game once all new pictures are unlocked. Below is a table of the prices of tools in the shop, in order of affordability:

Tool Price for 1 Price for 5 Price for 10
Compass inventory
6500 coins 25000 coins 45000 coins
Lantern inventory
6500 coins 25000 coins 45000 coins
Time Machine
Timemachine inventory
12500 coins 50000 coins 90000 coins
Explorer's Eye
Explorer’s Eye
1 crystal 4 crystals 7 crystals
Dynamite inventory
10 crystals 40 crystals 70 crystals
Torch inventory
10 crystals 40 crystals 70 crystals

Hints and TipsEdit

The Tooling Around Desktop AwardEdit

Three tools - the compass, Lantern and Time Machine, can be bought for coins in the shop. Compasses and Lanterns are cheaper than Time Machines. However, if you are working towards the higher level desktop tools award, which requires using thousands of tools to achieve, the Time Machines are worth the extra coins as many more can be used at a time during a single picture investigation or puzzle game. For example, Lanterns can only be used in Night mode, and last 30 seconds. The most Lanterns you can use in a single picture investigation (which must be in night mode) is 10. Compasses can be used in all picture modes, but again last for 30 seconds. The most Compasses that can be used in Text and Silhouette mode is 6, and the most that can be used in all other Picture modes is 10. Time Machines can be used in an Picture investigation or Puzzle game. There is no limit to how much extra time you can add to a timer other than your own patience and amount of Time Machines in your inventory. This means you can use 100s of Time Machines in one single picture investigation or puzzle game, helping you reach the Tools award objective faster.

Changes to ToolsEdit

Seeker's Eye renamed Explorer's EyeEdit

The Harvest and Halloween Update (September 2016) brought a number of name changes to the game, centered around removing the word "Seeker" from the game and replacing it with the word "Explorer". This may have been related to the game developer's (MyTona) second Hidden Object game, which was named Seeker's Notes: Hidden Mystery (previously titled Seeker's Notes: Mysteries of Darkwood), although the change in the Secret Society game was only implemented a year after Seeker's Notes was released.

During this change, the 5th Picture Level "High Seeker" was renamed "High Explorer", the tool "Seeker's Eye" was renamed "Explorer's Eye" and the "Seekers" category (number of Quests completed) of the Top 1000 list was renamed "Explorers".

Note that older images on the wiki will still show the old name "Seeker's Eye" but other than the name, the tool remains the same (function hasn't changed), so the information in the image is still accurate, just with an older name for the tool displayed.