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The Spring 2016 Update was released for Kindle devices on April 18th, for Android devices on April 24th, and for iOS devices on May 4th. Release is still pending on other platforms. This page has been created so players can report any issues they are experiencing since installing the Spring 2016 Update on their device.

We ask that everyone report to G5 any issues experienced. Please submit a ticket here, giving as much information as you can about the problem you are experiencing and the device you use to play the game. The link is also provided above the impacted player list below.

Spring Festival Problems and GlitchesEdit

To be added...stay tuned.

Wiki users can use this section to start summarizing and reporting the details of any issues encountered, including any friends interactivity issues noted in the table further below, after installing the Spring Festival Update.

Spring Festival Friends Interaction Issues (SFFII)Edit

Scroll below the help sections that follow, or navigate using the Contents links above, for a list of players who are experiencing issues with friends interactivity after installing the Spring Festival Update.

Unless someone else has already come up with a different name for these issues, they will be referred to collectively here as Spring Festival Friends Interaction Issues or SFFII.

You can also use the 'Major Glitch Discussion' board on the Forum to create new threads to communicate with your SFFII friends and otherwise discuss the issue.

Adding your information to the tableEdit

Anyone can edit this page, however we ask that you only edit another player's game information with their express permission.

All information provided is optional. However, the more information you provide, the more helpful it will be for your friends on this Wiki to find out your status and any preferences you may have until the issue is fixed.

Clicking the blue edit button at the top of this page (or any of the smaller edit buttons located after each heading) will open an editor and allow you to add your information to the table. There is a couple of editors that can be launched when using the edit button, which one opens by default for you will depend on your user settings (if registered here); what device you are using; and what browser you are accessing page from. Some options are not available on some device/browser configurations.  For more information about how to use the different editors to add your information, see the directions given on the Mountain Vacation Update/Players whose Friends tab is blocked page and the links to the main wiki help pages there-in.

You do not need to be a registered member of the wiki to add information to the list below. Simply press the edit button in the top left hand corner of this page, you will not be asked to log-in/register. Your edit will be recorded as by 'a wikia contributor' but you can sign off using your name to let people know who you are (in the edit summary box).

If you run into difficulty editing this page, then you can leave a message in the comment section instead with the information you would like to share, and someone else will add it for you.

If you believe someone has added, edited or deleted your information without your permission, please report it to the Admin.

List of Impacted Wiki UsersEdit

Below is an editable table, that is sortable, to which impacted Wiki users can add their names and provide status updates on any Spring Festival Update issues they are encountering that are impacting interactions between them and their friends in the game.

Please note whether you have reported the issue to the game developers through the support system hosted by the game's publishers, G5. To contact the game's support, submit a ticket here, giving as much information as you can about the problem you are experiencing and the device you use to play the game.

Please consider submitting a ticket, if you have not already done so. The more tickets G5 gets about the problem, perhaps, the sooner they will look into it and fix it.

Note: all columns are optional. You can add as much or as little information about you/your game as you want to.

Wiki Name Game Name Reported to G5? Y/N Game Function Impacting Friends Interactivity Issue(s) Experienced Approx. Date Issue Started Issue Status Status Date Comments
MDbugs MDbugsntokens y Double Anomalies 2 anomalies at the same time while playing a pic 4/1916 "Looking at it" 4/20/2016 Rebooting may help. Doesn't solve problem
SSconvert marilynw n Surprise! anomalies regular mode with addition of anomaly--Picture does not indicate anomaly. After entering, surprise, you have regular mode plus anomaly (i.e. pieces mode plus mystic smoke). 4/19/16  Occurred after prolonged play, gradually becoming more frequent.  Only occured once several hours after rebooting. (Then rebooted again.)
SSconvert marilynw n Free "Ghostly Mirror" banishment When banishing the Ghostly Mirror, I get message that I need a "Box of Chocolates" to banish. I didn't have a Box of Chocolates, but it let me banish it anyway. This is a GOOD glitch.

Anonymous 57

meThankYou y Surprise Anomaly was in curse     mode when surprise! Hiddened smoke anomaly showed up too! 4-21-16
TigerLee2 TigerLeeAnyPaid n No anomoly Mode showed "Scroll Eater", but Tavern played as "Text". After completion, got "Curse" mode. Good glitch! 20160424 open
Kerri (wiki) Kerri n surprise anomaly picture in night mode but is scroll eater in night mode happened on bungalow Venice  04/2016 Happened a couple of times on bungalow had only been playing approx fifteen mins
Kerri (wiki) kerri n surprise anomaly night mode on bungalow and polar station when opened in night mode mirror mode 04/2016
PorchChat Elle Y Bankers Treasure gifts The only gifts that I am receiving are from the Bankers Treasure - coins. No combining elements. 04/29/2016