Ship's Deck in Text mode

Ship's Deck in Text mode

Ship's Deck is unlocked when the player reaches level 178 (level 7 when originally introduced).

Players can 'pay to play' Ship's Deck from level 176 onward, where they can choose to pay with crystals (which will need to be bought with real money) to unlock the Picture early, rather than waiting until they reach level 178 and unlock it for free through normal game play.

Ship's Deck was introduced during the Time Trap Update (June 2017). For the duration of the challenge, Perpetual calendar special items were needed in addition to energy points to play Ship's Deck. Perpetual calendars were given as rewards for every successful investigation for every picture, as well as for banishing anomalies, but not for playing puzzles. The Guardian of the Desert Update (July 2017) removed Perpetual calendars from the game and Ship's Deck became a free picture only requiring energy to play.

From the Diary:

"Among the shards of a broken conch shell, Alfred found the fragments of a magical photo. The picture featured the "Ship's Deck" associated with an unfathomable story that Richard once investigated. A cruise ship that had been declared missing more than sixty years ago docked in Portsmouth. We couldn't ignore such a strange incident and set out to learn the truth about what happened. The sudden appearance of the Felicity is covered in a veil of mystery and the story is a closed book. What actually happened to the ship and why do the passengers claim that it's been only a week since they departed? These are the difficult questions we need to find answers to."

Ship's Deck is one of the pictures in the game that does not reward any combining elements, but does reward collection items that require a large number of combining elements to combine.


The following is a list of hidden items found in Ship's Deck in most modes. Depending on the Picture Level and Game Mode you may not have to find all the items in one visit.  Morphs and Pieces modes have their own items that need to be found, separate from those listed below.

  • Anchor outline
  • Big mug
  • Binoculars
  • Boots
  • Bottle
  • Camera
  • Compass
  • Conch shell
  • Crab
  • Diving gear
  • Diving helmet
  • Flashlight
  • Globe
  • Guitar
  • Necklace
  • Orange
  • Peaked cap ¹
  • Pinwheel
  • Radio receiver
  • Ship
  • Ship's wheel
  • Small bell
  • Starfish
  • Tools
  • World map

Item Notes:

  1. The Hanami Festival Update (April 2018) made the following changes:
    • Forage cap was renamed Peaked cap

Resource Demands and Rewards for PlayingEdit

Ship's Deck is a Collection Item only Picture. This means its list of potential rewards for each play only contains regular Collection Items, mode dependent Collection Items (depending on what mode the Picture is currently in), and Quest Items (if a Quest is currently active for the Picture). The list of potential rewards for Ship's Deck is made up of 8 Collections:

When Ship's Deck is first opened, it is at Novice level, and only the items from the Inconspicuous pursuit collection will be on the list of potential rewards. As the level of the Picture is increased, more and more items will be unlocked as potential rewards.

The amount of energy required to play Ship's Deck will increase as the level of the Picture is increased. The experience points and coins rewards for each win of the Picture will also increase to match the increase in resource demands:

Level Resource Demands Minimum Resource Rewards Potential Game Item Rewards Pool
Energy Points Special Items Experience Points Coins Combining Elements Collection Items
Novice 139 N/A 510 530 N/A Bus ticket; Taxi roof sign; Subway token; Advertising flyer; Cinnamon roll
Trainee 142 N/A 520 540 N/A
Dire's sculpture; Starry Sky installation; Rosh's Apples; Black ball; Cube of Hope
Detective 145 N/A 530 550 N/A
Crystal ship; Emerald elephant; Sapphire medal; Garnet heart; Onyx skull
Pro 148 N/A 540 560 N/A
Gold snuffbox; Home archive; Wedding dress; Wedding ring; Old key
High Explorer 151 N/A 550 570 N/A
Ink powder; Fluorescent light; Headband magnifier; Surgical forceps; Polyethylene bag
Academician 154 N/A 560 580 N/A
Albo's canvas; Gabriel's canvas; Shammo's canvas; Lili's canvas; Rosebery's canvas
Magister 157 N/A 570 590 N/A
Silver chain; Pearl prayer beads; Vintage bag; Coin purse; Phone book
Professor 160 N/A 580 600 N/A
Eihwas rune; Uruz rune; Kenaz rune; jera rune; Perthro rune
Grand Magister 163 N/A 590 610 N/A Same as Professor

Note: During the Time Trap Update energy demands and experience points/coins rewarded for Ship's Deck were lower, since the level to unlock Ship's Deck was only level 7.



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