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Below is a list of players known to have the locked boards problem in the game, known here as Locked Board Syndrome or LBS.

You can read more details about this issue at the Locked Boards Repository 1 and Locked Boards Repository 2 threads on the Forum.

You can also use the new 'Locked Boards Depository' board on the Forum to create new threads to communicate with your LBS Friends and otherwise discuss the issue.

Adding Game Information Edit

Anyone can add a player's name to this list since people with LBS may not be aware that they have the problem until a Friend lets them know.

You do not need to be a registered member of the wiki to add information to the list below. Simply press the edit button in the top left hand corner of this page and add the game details, you will not be asked to log-in/register. Your edit will be recorded as by 'a wikia contributor' but you can sign off using your name to let people know who you are (in the edit summary box).

If you run into difficulty editing this page, then you can leave a message in the comment section instead with the information you would like to share, and someone else will add it for you.

Rules for Posting Edit

Everyone is free to edit this list, but there are a few guidelines you should follow when doing so

  1. Don't be an Ass: You may not post personally identifying information about another player without their express permission. Game name (as long as they don't use their full real name in-game) and game level is okay, but things like their Facebook name or details of their avatar if it is a personal photo are not okay.
  2. Reach a consensus: Remember that locked boards will vary and may be seen by some players and not others. Use the Locked Boards Depository Forum to confirm new additions to the list before adding them. This is doubly true for removing players from the list. Just because a board is now continuously open for you does not mean that it is continuously open for all their Friends. Use the forum to see how their other Friends see their boards before making any major changes to the list. This list is a community effort, and additions/removals should reflect a community consensus. Avoid removing players unless it is really necessary, consider alternatives such as changing their status column to 'cured', 'mostly open' or some alternative that will demonstrate that the board may not appear locked to their Friends any more (or all their Friends in the first place). Edit wars between contributors who disagree with the status of a player will not be tolerated and may result in the restriction of posting rights. So use the forum to reach an agreement if you feel an entry warrants further discussion/adjustment.
  3. No Repeat Entries: Carefully check the list before creating a new entry, as the player may already be listed. Players often change some or all of their name to indicate things such as wanting certain gifts or not wanting thank you gifts, e.g. player names Foss; FossNoTyPls; FossLovesBugs; FssThksFriends etc. may all be the same player, which is why a general idea of the players level and their profession should be given if possible to help identify them (game levels will change more frequently than this list gets updated though). However, if a player has two games, then it is okay to have separate entries for each game (should be unfortunate to have both with the problem), since LBS takes many forms and one game may behave differently than the other.
  4. Filling in Info: Try to provide as much information as you can in the available columns, as this will help others identify the player as their Friend. Many players in the game use the same or similar name, so even stating their current game level and game profession would be useful in identifying them. But it is okay to leave any cell blank if you don't know or don't want to share the information.
  5. Gifts: This info is probably something that only the LBS player themselves can add. But can be used by them to tell other players what items will not arrive in their game if sent to them as gifts by their Friends. Since space is limited, use short hand to indicate which game items you cannot receive as gifts when your board is locked. For consistency use:
    to indicate combining elements normally won in the Mill;
    to indicate combining elements normally won in Ancient Library;
    to indicate Collection items normally won in the Mill;
    to indicate Collection items normally won in Ancient Library;
    to indicate Ladybugs (as opposed to LBs which might get confusing...) and
    to indicate that you can't receive any item from either picture. Use a combination, e.g. 'MCE, LDY' where necessary.

List of Players with Locked BoardsEdit

Important: This list was originally created and tirelessly maintained for months by Ancient Alien Astronaut, and all credit for this work should go to AAA.

Note: It is probably more useful for future fact-finding if the 'level' column reflects the level a player was at when they first became afflicted with LBS, not their current game level.

8 ios 206 Magician 07/14/15 all
AksharaZZ 275 Merchant 10/12/15
Alex 410 Merchant 2/2016
Ali 570 Merchant 10/3/15
Alia 180 Sage
Amber iOS 310 Sleuth 9/30/15 constant all
April Kindle 420 Merchant 9/29/15 Constant
ARE iPad 252 Magician 02/08/16 Intermittent
Bebo 159 Merchant 2/2016
Benjamin 300 Sage 10/24/15
Bernie 262 Magician 01/27/2016
Blupp 286 Magician 01/28/2016 Intermittent
BooBoo / S Cabion iPhone 252 Sage 10/14/15 intermittent
bronwyn 270
Caroline 260 Sleuth 12/27/15 Constant
ChinaRa 503 Merchant 11/09/15
CliaTOKENplz 183 Magician 12/27/15 Intermittent
coco 530 Merchant 10/2015 Constant
Danielle 167 Magician 12/26/2015
DebzlBugzPlz 192 Sleuth intermittent
derektokensplz 220 Magician 11/13/2015 intermittent
Dew iPad 148 Sage 10/05/15 constant
Doob 246 Sage 10/19/15 intermittent
dulen 321 Sleuth
eb 306 Merchant 11-20-15 Constant
FluffycatArwsPlz 160 magician intermittant
Gerald 357
gToken 212 Sleuth 10/25/15
GTR2 222
Hannah 195 Merchant 12/17/2015
Hartigan72 154 Sleuth 11-27-15


iPod 223 Magician Nov 27, '15 Intermittent
Heli 323 Sage 12/12/15
Hella 261
Jack 111 Sage 10/14/15 Appears Constant
JaneMaks 237 merchant 10/13/2015 intermittent
JanieTOKENS 257 Sleuth 10/12/15
JenniR 270 Merchant 9/28/15 intermittent
Jillers Kindle Fire HDX 232 Magician 10/25/15 Intermittent
JoeBenKNDL 234 Merchant 9/29/15
Juliya 175 Magician 10/20/15 Open 11-1-15
Karen kern. Dave iOS 390 11/15 intermittent
Kate 320 Sage 2/2016
Katha 259 Sage 10/30/15 intermittent
Kaybee 185 intermittent
kern 163 10/11/15
KirstiTKNPLS 186 Merchant 12/14/15
Kisma 308 sage
kirt 192 Magician
larisa 506 Merchant
Lauren iOS 119 Sage 10/6/15 Intermittent
lilacaori 252 Sage 10/12/15
Lone 334 Sage 5/23/15 Mostly open
LucyFanPlayngDaily 295 Sage 11/13/2015 intermittent
LUIGI 454 Sleuth 10/23/15 intermittent
Magic 343 Intermittent
Mar 350 Sleuth 9/30/15
Mariislava 439 Sage 9/22/15
markTokens Kindle Fire HD (3rd generation) 484 sleuth 10/2015 constant
Mary 144 Sleuth
MeTokensPlease 188
MichelleZz 176
Micky 107
Mirelimam Kindle Fire 157 Magician 11-30-15 constant
mmm 209 Merchant 10/10/15
Mom #1 322 Merchant 9/30/15
mom #2 295 sage
mom #3 335 Sleuth intermittent
MommyBear 223 Sage 12/12/15 constant
Mommytokenspls 168 Magician No name. Only Venice open.
Moon 147 Sleuth
Mossy 51 Magician 1/29/16
Mug 216 Sage 10/21/15
N21 163 Sleuth ~12/15 Constant
NanaGinaZZ 413 Sleuth Only Venice open
Nastya 395 merchant 10/13/2015
Nat59NoChrgPicsPz iPad 367 2/16/2016 Intermittent
Nellen ipad 231 merchant 10/12/15 intermittent
Nixx 177 Merchant 12/18/15 intermittent
nuicakes iPad 289 Sleuth 12/22/15 rarely
Pamster315/ Seabiscuit/ Invictus android 458 Sleuth 9/26/15 intermittent
Paul 178 Sage Constant
Pascale 182 intermittent
Peter 419 10/6/15
PrinAnne/Anne iPad 288 Sage 9/29/15 intermittent
PuzzleAddict 218 Sleuth
PuzzleVacOct20 279 Merchant oct.
Rfsci 336 Magician 10/24/15
ricoy intermittent
RowenaTokensPlz 307 Sage 10/11/15 Intermittent
SabinaTokensPlz 257 Sleuth 10/24/15
SarahBtoknsplz 276
Scott 223 Magician 11-23-15 Constant-current level is 255
SenorEsse ipad 285 Sage 12/27/15 Intermittent*-

(charge awards only)

ShendaZZ Android 329 Merchant 10/17/15 Intermittent
Sirella 234 9/26/15
SnowArrowPls 154 magician 10/15/15
Sokopok 213 Merchant
Solonm 97 Merchant Open all
sophiearrows 252
Spanks 276 Merchant 12/27/15
Stembler 420 Merchent July
superburya 260 Sage 12/27/15 Constant
Sylvia335 325 9/26/15
Tanya 299
TheFamousJon 170 Sage Intermittent
Tiffanyx33TokenPls 266
Tony58 Sage constant
TT 232 Sage
Ttime 376 Sleuth 2/2016
Wailing 302
Walt 143 Sage 12-5-15
WillieZZ 460 Merchant 02/02/16 Intermittent/constant
WoMaTokens Kindle Fire HD 644 Magician 11-18-15 all
Xanthus Merchant Intermittent
YAN 294 Sage 12/23/15
YvesFr14 352 Sleuth 12/8/15 constant
Zorro 141 Sage 10/20/15 intermittent

Don't Want Your Name on this List?Edit

If you find your game name and details on this list against your wishes, and want your entry removed, then you can edit the page to remove the information yourself, but please leave some indication that you are just removing your own information and not another players in the edit summary box so people know not to re-add it. Alternatively, contact an admin and the information will be removed for you.


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