Pipes is the second puzzle mini-game unlocked when starting a new game of the Secret Society: Hidden Mystery.

The objective of Pipes is to create an uninterrupted chain of pipe on the game board. There should be no beginning or end to the pipe chain.

Pipes is unlocked when the player reaches level 3 in the game.

How to PlayEdit

The object of Pipes is to create an uninterrupted chain within a certain time frame.

The game board is split up into individual blocks that can be fully rotated. Each block contains a length of pipe with 2, 3 or 4 open ends.
Tapping a block will rotate it 90 degrees clockwise. You must rotate all the blocks until all the open ends meet, creating an uninterrupted chain across the game board.

Tools in PipesEdit

There are two tools available to use in Pipes. The Time Machine adds 45 seconds to the game timer. The Explorer's Eye will randomly rotate either one or two blocks into its correct position.

Hints and TipsEdit

Work on the outside pipes first, as these have the fewest possible orientations. If the puzzle contains a 4 sided pipe, then work on the blocks surrounding that pipe next, as it needs connections on all four sides, reducing the possible number of orientations available for the surrounding blocks. Also work from the outside to the middle, spiral wise.

Puzzle SolutionsEdit

At each level of the Pipes game there are a different set of puzzles to complete. The higher the level Pipes is on, the more complex the puzzles you have to solve. All puzzles are solvable without the use of tools. The first picture in each slideshow shows the uncompleted puzzle at the beginning of the game. Note the orientation of pipes on different versions of the same puzzle may vary. The second picture in each slideshow shows the puzzle with all pipes in place except for the bottom left hand corner. Rotating this piece will complete the puzzle. Some puzzles may have more than one solution, and the solutions shown here are not necessarily the fastest solutions available to each puzzle.

Novice PuzzlesEdit

Trainee PuzzlesEdit

Detective PuzzlesEdit

Coming Soon.

Pro PuzzlesEdit

Coming Soon.

High Explorer, Academician and Magister PuzzlesEdit

Downloadable PDF of Pipes solutions (High Explorer and up)


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