Night Garden text

Night Garden in Text mode.

Night Garden is unlocked through normal game play when a player reaches level 29.

Players can 'pay to play' Night Garden from level 27 onward, where they can choose to pay with crystals (which will need to be bought with real money) to unlock the Picture early, rather than waiting until they reach level 29 and unlock it for free through normal game play.

Night Garden is one of five regular pictures that require special items to play. In addition to energy points, a certain number of fireflies are required for each play of Night Garden.The number of Fireflies needed depends on the level the picture is at. Fireflies can be given as rewards for successfully investigating Palatial Office, given as daily bonus rewards for visiting friends, given out by Sphere of Miracles award, given out by the Pyramid of Wonder award and given as rewards for combining certain collections. Carrots required to play the Illusionist's Room can be given as rewards for successful investigations of Night Garden (from Detective Level onward).

From the Diary: "Christy was right. This garden - it's a wonderful corner to retreat to after a wearisome workday."


The following is a list of hidden items found in Night Garden. Depending on the Picture Level and Game Mode you may not have to find all the items in one visit. Morphs and Pieces modes have their own items that need to be found, separate from those listed below.

  • Angel
  • Basket
  • Beehive
  • Bicycle
  • Birdhouse¹
  • Bird's Nest
  • Book
  • Broom
  • Bucket
  • Clock¹
  • Fish
  • Flower in a Pot
  • Frog
  • Grapes
  • Kite
  • Mushroom
  • Owl
  • Rake
  • Snake
  • Squirrel
  • Stepladder¹
  • Umbrella
  • Watering Can
  • Wolf¹

Item Notes:

  1. The Hanami Festival Update (April 2018) made the following changes:
    • Hours was renamed Clock
    • Black Wolf was renamed Wolf
    • Starling House was renamed Birdhouse
    • Step-ladder was renamed Stepladder

Resource Demands and Rewards for PlayingEdit

The amount of energy and Fireflies Special Items required to play Night Garden will increase as the level of the Picture is increased. The experience points and coins rewards for each win of the Picture will also increase to match the increase in resource demands, as will the pool of potential collection item rewards.

The pool of rewards available for each successful game of Night Garden contains both Collection Items and Combining Elements:

Level Resource Demands Minimum Resource Rewards Potential Game Item Rewards Pool
Energy Points Special Items Experience Points Coins Combining Elements Collection Items Other
Novice 46 5 fireflies 160 180 Treble Clef Loch Ness Monster; Yeti; Chupacabra; Huge octopus; Alien; Black tea N/A
Trainee 49 10 fireflies 170 190
Bass Clef
Scarlett; Wendy; Eloise; Betty; Alice; Green tea
Carrot (3-5) (Special Item)
Detective 52 15 fireflies 180 200
Alto Clef
Arab dancer; Hula dancer; Geisha; Angel; Christmas box; Red tea
Same as Trainee
Pro 55 20 fireflies 190 210
Napoleon (2); Cheesecake; Tiramisu; Eclair; Brownie; Chamomile (1)
Same as Trainee
High Explorer 58 25 fireflies 200 220
Silver crest; Pea; Sun Umbrella; Carriage; Fan; Mushroom tea
Same as Trainee
Academician 61 30 fireflies 210 230 Same as High Explorer
Glass of milk; Porridge flakes; Butter; Sugar; Salt
Same as Trainee
Magister 64 35 fireflies 220 240 Same as High Explorer
Overhead projector frame; Reflector; Overhead projector lens; Paper holder; Screen
Same as Trainee
Professor 67 40 fireflies 230 250 Same as High Explorer
Six frog legs; Four flowers of the belladonna plant; Two snake fangs; Horned snail; Dried juniper
Same as Trainee
Grand Magister 70 45 fireflies 240 260 Same as High Explorer
Shovel; Rake; Hoe; Hand fork; Shears
Same as Trainee

Note: In addition to the items listed above, other items may also be in the list of potential rewards for a particular play of the picture depending on what game mode it is currently in (e.g. items from the Venetian Masks collection if it is in Text mode) or if there is an active quest involving the picture.



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Notes and Historical InformationEdit

In the past, fireflies needed for playing Night Garden were given out by the Friendliness award if charged by a visiting friend.