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Below is a list of players who currently have problems accessing the Friends section of the game. These access issues, which players may experience after installing the Mountain Vacation Update, appear to be variable in their degree of severity, and primarily affect the Kindle and Android platforms. Some players may not be able to open the Friends Section of the game at all, while others may experience limited access.

All of these Friends Section access issues are collectively referred to here as Friend & Gift Deprivation Disorder or FGDD.

You can also use the recently re-branded 'Major Glitch Discussion' board on the Forum to create new threads to communicate with your FGDD Friends and otherwise discuss the issue.

Friend & Gift Deprivation Disorder (FGDD)Edit

One of the issues a large number of players have experienced after receiving the Mountain Vacation Update is that they are no longer able to access the Friends screen in game and it is preventing them from being able to visit friends, charge their desktop items, send gifts to their friends or receive gifts from them. Many players have found out the hard way that their friends are experiencing this problem and are seeking an easier way to check their friends' status.

It has been reported that G5 is working on the issue but how long it will take for it to be fixed is unknown. In the meantime, this page has been created in the hopes it will help impacted Wiki users inform their friends, in game and on this Wiki, of their status.

Adding your information to the tableEdit

Anyone can edit this page, however we ask that you only edit another player's game information with their express permission.

All information provided is optional. However, the more information you provide, the more helpful it will be for your friends on this Wiki to find out your status and any preferences you may have until the issue is fixed.

Clicking the blue edit button at the top of this page (or any of the smaller edit buttons located after each heading) will open an editor and allow you to add your information to the table. There is a couple of editors that can be launched when using the edit button, which one opens by default for you will depend on your user settings (if registered here); what device you are using; and what browser you are accessing page from. Some options are not available on some device/browser configurations.


this is a picture of the edit button, not a clickable link!

You do not need to be a registered member of the wiki to add information to the list below. Simply press the edit button in the top left hand corner of this page, you will not be asked to log-in/register. Your edit will be recorded as by 'a wikia contributor' but you can sign off using your name to let people know who you are (in the edit summary box).

If you run into difficulty editing this page, then you can leave a message in the comment section instead with the information you would like to share, and someone else will add it for you.

If you believe someone has added, edited or deleted your information without your permission, please report it to the Admin.

Adding Information Using New Visual EditorEdit

The New Visual Editor will be the default editor for most users.

FGDD table new visual editor

This is an inline visual editor that loads within the page you are viewing. Formatting options are available at the top of the page, next to the save button.

Clicking on any cell in the table will allow to you to add text. Clicking on the arrow at the beginning of a row or column will bring up the option to add a new row/column before or after it, or delete the selected row/column.

Registered users can choose to add a link to your Message Wall in the Wiki Name column by highlighting their name and then selecting the 'add link' button at the top of the page (symbol of a horizontal linked chain). Then type:


into the link field of the pop-up that appears, replacing 'NAME' with your wiki username to create the link.

Pressing save at the top of the page will save the changes.

For help using the New Visual Editor see Help:Visual_Editor.

Adding Information Using Classic Visual EditorEdit

Classic editor select
Some browsers do not support the New Visual Editor, and so the Classic Visual Editor will open by default when the edit button is pressed.

The Classic Visual Editor can also be used even if the New Visual Editor is your default editor by clicking on the white arrow next to the edit button at the top of the page and selecting 'Classic Editor' from the listed options. Registered users can set the Classic Visual Editor as their default editor in their preferences.

FGDD table classic visual editor

The Classic Visual Editor opens on a separate page, and contains formatting options both at the top of the page and in a side bar on the right hand side of the page.

Clicking on any cell in the table will allow you to add text.

Registered users can choose to add a link to your Message Wall in the Wiki Name column by highlighting their name and then selecting the 'add link' button at the top of the page (third from left; symbol of a diagonal linked chain). Then type:


in the 'target page or URL' field of the pop-up that appears, replacing 'NAME' with your wiki username to create the link.

Pressing the blue 'Publish' button at the top right hand side of the page will save the changes.

For help using the Classic Visual Editor see Help:Classic_editor.

Adding Information Using Source mode (either Editor)Edit

Source mode can be accessed directly in either visual editor, and allows editors to use wikitext to quickly format a page. Some devices and browsers may not be able to launch the visual editors, so will default to the source editor instead, in which case using wikitext to add information to the table below will be the only option available.

A blank row of wikitext in source mode looks like this (with the all CAPS text indicating the type of data to enter, based on the column headers):


Note the vertical bar symbol followed by a hyphen at the beginning is wikitext for the start of a new row, while the vertical bar alone at the beginning of each line indicates the start of each cell within that row.

Blank rows have also been provided. Please always leave at least one blank row available as a sample for other users. To add a row, simply select the lines of wikitext representing a blank row, similar to the above, then copy and paste it below an already completed row. Then type in your information in the appropriate lines.

Registered can add a link to your Message Wall in the Wiki Name column. The wikitext for this is:


where NAME is replaced with your Wiki username. People clicking the link will be taken to your Message Wall where they can post a message to you if they want to contact you further about your entries here.

For help using the Source mode of either editor see Help:Wikitext.

List of Impacted Wiki UsersEdit

Below is an editable table, that is sortable, to which impacted Wiki users can add their names and provide status updates on their blocked Friends issue. Since there seems to be two major related issues, a column has been provided to indicate if one's Friends tab is totally blocked and another if it isn't blocked but the game crashes when accepting gifts.

Please note whether you have reported the issue to the game developers through the support system hosted by the game's publishers, G5e. To contact the game's support, submit a ticket here, giving as much information as you can about the problem you are experiencing and the device you use to play the game.

Note: all columns are optional. You can add as much or as little information about you/your game as you want to.

Wiki Name Game Name Friends Tab Blocked Y/N Crash When Accepting Gifts Y/N Approx. Date Issue Started Issue Status Status Date Comments Reported to G5e?
AGirlaDroid aGirlaDroid Yes, in that nothing works. NA June 30, 2016 Ongoing - still not working :( July 30, 2016 Android OS Yes
AgentK2 AgentK Yes N/A 3/16/16 Update downloaded - Can gift! Ongoing; Kindle Fire HD 3rd Gen. Yes
Beth Y y 3/12/16 FGDD Ongoing cannot gift or accept from friends cannot access friends tab at all. yes several times
Jakey10 Jakeyfrndsfroz Y Y 3/18/16 ongoing 3/24/16
MDbugs MDbugstokens N N n/a n/a n/a Gifts Appreciated no
michelle michellewnofriendtab Y n/a 3/18/16 ongoing 3/29/16 friend tab crashes game on kindle fire yes
n/a Ninathxall Y can't accept 3/12/16 FGDD 3/24/16
Pamster315 Seabiscuit Y Y 3/24/2016 FGDD -- now fixed with Update 1.18.6 3/30/2016 -- fixed with Update 1.18.6 Gifts appreciated, but not expected; Cannot gift - visit - hire friends; Can collect gifts & send TYs; Can accept new friends Y
RisaGLITCH Y Y 3/16/16 FGDD Ongoing

KINDLE FIRE-can't gift, visit, nor hire friends. Game freezes/crashes. GIFTS still will be appreciated, I can't get to them right now, but they are still registering.

SocietyTrish Trish N Y 3/10/16 Fixed for 2 days after 1.18.6 update. Then crashing again when accepting gifts - every 7 gifts. 3/24/16
Sol3Bug aka Heidi HeidiTxTokens No No n/a n/a n/a Gifts appreciated; see Profile for more info n/a
Teub TeubUnbound Y Y 3/12/16 fixed by update 1.18.5 in Amazon Store 4/1/2016
12dirtypaws Kym Y Y 4/07/16 FGDD X 2 days & occ crashing from 4/10 unable to load game through windows or google play-ongoing issue laptop android windows 10
Hiphop007 GayleWhite Y Y april 2016 started crashing when receving gifts on 4/27 lost all friends.If freinds send invite, it will re add and I can send & receive gifts If re add freinds can send & recive gifts. When visiting,  charges left on friends are not clearing out yes


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