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Below is an editable list for all wiki users to add their game information to if they wish to. Please feel free to add your game information to the table below by using the edit button at the top of the page. This is a completely optional way for people to add their information such as their gifting and visiting preferences to the wiki, and you do not have to add your information if you do not want to.

If, at a later stage, you wish to edit or completely remove your information from this list, just press the edit button and change the entry. You MAY NOT edit other players information without their express permission. If you believe someone has added you to this list or edited your information without your permission, please contact an Admin.

Adding Game Information to the List of Wiki Players Gifting and Visiting Preferences Edit

You do not need to be a registered member of the wiki to add your game information to the list below. Simply press the edit button in the top right hand corner of this page, and add your game details to an EMPTY ROW at the BOTTOM of the table, you will not be asked to log-in/register.

You can add all your game information and just leave the the Wiki user name column blank if you do not want to create an account. (You can of course add a name there if you want, even if you never plan on registering). Your edit will be recorded as by 'a wikia contributor' but you can sign off using your name to let people know who you are (in the edit summary box).

For registered users: You can choose to add a link to either your profile page or message wall in the 'Wiki User Name' column or not, it is not compulsory.

To add the link to your user profile page, just type your user name in the 'Wiki User Name' column and then highlight the Text. Then press the link icon on the top of the page (looks like a chain link symbol, next to the Bold and Italic buttons in menu above page when you are editing). A pop up box will appear where you can type in the link.

Copy the following into the 'Create or edit a link' box: User:username

and then change 'yourusername' to your actual user name. People pressing the link will be brought to the 'About me' part of your profile and can press on the 'Message Wall' link at the top of the page to go to your Message Wall and leave you a message.

If you want the link to go directly to your Message Wall, then use the following instead: Message_Wall:yourusername

List of Current Wiki players Gifting and Visiting PreferencesEdit

Note: all columns are optional. You can add as much or as little information about you/your game as you want to. Please add your information in a blank line at the BOTTOM of the list. If you need help leave information on "User:MDbugs" wall and she will enter it for you.

For a (voluntary) list of Wiki players, see this separate page

Important - please keep your descriptions as short as possible and do not use unnecessary paragraph breaks. The table will expand to the largest entry in any one column, and can easily stretch beyond the limits of the page on smaller screens making it more difficult for other players to use.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not edit in the Top line where it says Wiki User name, etc, these are table headers. Contact "User:MDbugs" if you need assistance.

Wiki User Name Game name Gifting Preference Visiting Preference
4paws BC WishList &TYs- Thank you friends No Puzzles Please
4solace 4solace wish list Any
12dirtypaws Kym Wish List / Thank You Gifts are very much appreciated
AgataM AgataM wish list, thank you's awards, central pictures, no puzzles please
agent45 DragonQueen WL, preferred anything, prefer awards
Agent K2 AgentK WL, TYs welcome Torches Awards; then pics
Agi Jean Agi



WL, TYs welcome All charges welcome!
Alice22155 Alice Tokens, WL, TY Pyramid, Orb, Awards, Pics
Alicia84 Alicia84 WL, TYs are welcome Awards, then Anything!
Alieye Alieye WL, tokens, TY Awards Pictures Puzzles
Alyjens Alyjens wish list Awards first, then any lower level pics-Thanks!
Ancient Alien Astronaut TripleAAA Wish List, if empty - YOU decide Awards first - DO NOT Charge any puzzles
AndalayBay AndalayBay Wish List, Ladybugs Any
AndreaBS Andrea WL, Thank You gifts appreciated Awards and Puzzles please
annaelizabeth024 anna WL,TYs, anything anything!
Annie Stewart Barb gifts from WL but appreciate anything Charge anything
Anonymous 57 meThankYou  Wish list please!

TY's are most welcome! 

No Puzzles! Plz charge: Pyramid, Orb, Cube, then anything!

Anyazora Zola WL and thank yous please! Anything
Asma Ezmir AsmaTokens TOKENS please NO PUZZLES Please
Auntpickle auntpickle Anything is welcome but I could use teapots and blue roses...also wish list thanks! hard to get enough items to play the paid pictures
Aunty7 Aunty7 WL, arrows/ ladybugs, anything, TY's welcome anything OK, prefer not puzzles (except event puzzle) or purple/green pictures
Azucena23 adelacupid WL,TY awesome charge pink pictures gem match thanks
Bbflorida Bb WL, TY gifts, ladybugs Anything
BJEC2016 Belcar Wishlist, ladybugs
Bluddenguttz Paul WL, TY’s
Boo100 BOO, BIGBUNS WL, TYs Anything
BuckJones Buck WL & TYs are great Anything except Puzzles
Bunchanos bunchanos chg'd room items anything
contact:Bunchanos ladybunchanos WL anything
contact:Bunchanos Carol arrows, tokens, WL anything
Calliebubba Calliebubba Wish list; Thank You gifts (TYs) greatly appreciated! Anything. Everything.
Carzang npavel Wish list, any gift is nice. I love multiple gifting. Cube, Pyramid and Orb and balloon and yellow pictures on the right side I try to level up, anything
Carzang Carzang Wish list, any gift is nice. I love multiple gifting Cube, Pyramid and Orb, Balloon and brown and silver pictures- at the right side. I'll try to level up them, anything
Carzang CZonOff Wish list, TY, any gift is nice. I love multiple gifting Cube, Pyramid and Orb and balloon and all brown pictures- I'll try to level up them, anything
Celestialstorm Celestialstorm WL, anything Anything, I'm not picky
Chantille Shantii Any gift is nice. All welcome.
Chrise Stareshine Starshine
Purple star
WL and TY's
Gift purple
No memory puzzle please👍
CjustC C WL.  Yes to TY.  Dynamite CI's. Whatever makes you happy :)
Clarebear13331 Clarebear2 any gift welcome all welcome
Colobluesky Colobluesky WL, TYs Anything
CoraKS Cora WL, prefer only one TY per day anything
Dagoberta Dagoberta WL anything
DianneW1 Di WL, TYs welcome Awards, anything
DameElisa DameElisa Please only WL and TYs, no bugs, arrows, carrots, fireflies, tokens please Awards and Puzzles, "lowest" pics
Damgt Damgtr Wish list and tokens Anything
DancingDeb WL, TY Anything welcome
DaniciaSneed Boomers WL, anything
DavoZZ DavoZZ WL, TY's Welcome Pyramid, Orb, Cube and Pics.
Dawnia Dawnia WL and TYs Pink pics please
deAbacus deAbacus Wishlist, anythin

Thank You

Awards, anything

Thank you

Deane4 Deane WL, bugs, tokens Awards first, then your choice. Thanks
Donna12 Donna WL, TY awards puzzles..then pics
DonnaZZ DonnaZZ WL, TY, anything Anything
Dustang DustangNoPuzzles WL. Just a few TY gifts please. Please do NOT charge my puzzles. Please charge awards then any high energy pictures. Thanks💞
EasyStreet EasyStreet Multiple gifts not necessary! ❤️ Anything!
EirysMarie Brisa no puzzles except when needed for challenges.
EJ26 ej WL, TY; then bugs (lady & ff), tokens, arrows anything
ElizabethKM ElizabethZZnoTYgift WL, No TYs, no PD room items
ErinRonGame ErinR WL, TYs, and ANY paid room items Anything
Ferrociousghandi plunk WL, Fireflies anything
FEY72 Fey WL, TYs, Arrows and Tokens plz Anything, please charge rock stage and resort :)
Freckles 2055 Freckles Wishlist, TYs welcome pyramid and orb then anything
G5HiddenMystery Travis WL, TYs, Dandelions Anything is appreciated
Gail0000 Gail Anything Anything
Gaiasweetgirl Gaia Anything Anything
Gina11 1 No preferences Anything
Gina11 Gina Arrows, Wish list Everything fair game
Gloria1Best GLORIA TY's welcome, WL Reciprocate multiple Gifts. Anything! ❤️
Goathouse g0at WL, TY No Puzzles, pls
GoldenDoodle GoldenDoodle or a variation Ladybugs, Tokens,No TYs Anything
GoldenVi GoViTokenPls bugs, arrows, tokens, WL pictures
Goldies Goldies Wishlist
Harborbay Harborbay, Marina WL, Demand items, TYs appreciated Awards, Puzzles. Event Pic/Puzzle
Hartmtn87 jms Ladybugs, arrows, tokens, WL, TYs welcome Pyramid, Orb, and Friend awards; puzzles, free rooms
Henri105 Henri WL, TYs, LB,Arrows,Tokens Anything
HildaCorners Liz WL, TYs Merchants: awards, Sleuths: puzzles

Magician & Sage, any

hilo2 hilo2 WL, TY's anything thank you💫
HipHop007 GayleWhite wish list and TY Awards & pics. Gem only when challenges
Hodccstuff Hodccstuff anything anything
Hondipad CarlyJean Wishlist, Ladybugs, Arrows Anything
Hummingbird22 Hummingbird WL Awards first
JohnW2 JKW WL Awards first, anything

formerly Jcariglio

HuskerJules WL, any gifts, TY welcome Anything, except pics require items to play
Imskrak imskrak 🤠🍀 WL- if empty pls Winging Keys 🗝 Please feel free to charge anything ✅
Imskrak iwomaj 🤗🌿🌻 WL- if empty pls Winding Keys 🗝 Up to you 😅👌
I´m STU Stu Awards, pink pictures
I'm Susi susi WL, TYs, ladybugs, tokens your choice
JaimeMA JaimeNeedsVISITS WL, TYs, Dandelions, Ladybugs, Arrows ❤ Awards, Pics (which require 🔝⚡️) & Puzzles


jb444 Jb444 Lev +400. Others are dead WL, TY, Anything Awards and/or events
JennieAgain Jennie anything 
JennieAgain Maddilys awards only
JenniferLNW JenniferLNW WL, any gifts, yes to TY gifts Anything
Jinglebats Jinglebats WL, TY's, ladybugs and FF Any except puzzles
JMgoesMune Mune WL, everything is welcome first awards, then anything
JMyrtle JMyrtle/Richards Mum needs anything that gives seekers eyes no preference
Jo285 Jo WL, TYs Anything
joliecosmetics JOLIE and


Combos for seekers eye or dynamite 1.Awards 2.Gem match 3.New challenge
JudyW1962 Judy WL, anything, TYs welcome Any charge welcome
JulieJemo JulieJemo WL, TYs yes Prefer awards and Gem Match but don't mind anything.
Julx2 JulxNoCharge WL, TYs welcome Pyramid, orb, any
Karendu1 KarenD WL, TYs welcome Awards first, then anything
My1obsession KathyS WL, TY Any
KateKK KateKkOnOff WL, dynamite collections, TY's welcome Pyramid, orb, cube then any picture
Katlovr KatlovrNo1 WL, TYs. Multiple gifts not necessary. 😻 Anything
Kerri (wiki) Kerri WL pls & TYs welcome awards then anything
Kim74 Anastasia WL, Multiple gifts not necessary, No TY's Anything
Kim74 David Anything, need seekers eyes and dynamite Anything
Kim74 Kim74 Everything and Anything much appreciated Everything and anything much appreciated
Kinabalu Kinabaludog Anything open
Kit 25G1JH Kit Any Any
KJ8 KJ8 WL, TYs Awards and pictures.
Klara smart Klara Tokens, ladybugs anything
Kstra KristinBigherm WL, TYs Anything
Kstra Kristinkstra WL, TYs Anything
LadyMelissaP1 and 2 LadyMelissaP1, P2 WL, TY, amulet CI's anything
Larry15167 Larry (on Windows 10) WL,TY Pictures on extreme left/right sides not part of a challenge, then anything else please!
Laurelgirl Laurelgirl WL or arrows awards, any rooms
Ldpr Ldpr WL only Awards and central photo locations please. Not Memory match
Lidewey Lidewey All Gifts are appreciated All Zaps Help You and Me
Lilac11 Lilac WL, TYs, fireflies Anything but puzzles
LittleCat LittleCat Small key, drink me bottle, alto clef, heart Any
Lizabella Lizabella Wish list and thank you gifts. Anything thank you.
Lubie Lubie Wish list. Love Thank You gifts. Not Wonder Shop/Boutique des merveilles
LZBTHGLD MOMS WL, TYs. awards first, gem match, no pd rooms plz.
M2015 MJ5 WL, bugs, tokens, TY gifts Awards, not paid, blue pics or puzzles.
Maguti Maguti WL, anything Anything
El's eye avatar
& Enigma
WL if possible, TYs El - GM, Pink pics, awards
Enigma - GM, awards, MM
Malinky Malinky WL, TY's welcome, bugs Anything, apart from the really expensive photo's
Malmic Malmic Wishlist, TY's, anything Anything thanks
Margboul MB ladybugs anything except paid picture
Missy W. 2016 Missy anything No Puzzles, prefer awards
Player Profession - Sleuth
MDbugs avie
Mill papers, WL, TY gifts Pyramid, Orb, Anything, No puzzles
mebugsntokenspls meBnT new Wishlist. Thank you gifts welcome. Back and playing. Awards preferred
Meeshplus3 MeeshTKNSpl Tokens and my Wish List is always current. Awards first then anything else.
Meme 70 s Wish List, TY gifts are welcome Awards and central photo locations
Merchant April AprilTknsPlease tokens or anything on my wishlist - I try to keep it up-to-date AWARDS first please and then anything else including games
Meterman80 Dave WL and ladybugs Anything EXCEPT Teahouse / Shrine / Garden Party!
Miribeth Mira WL, TYs Pink pics and high-cost pics first, but I'm not fussy; anything is welcome!
Mitzi11 Mitzi WL,TYs anything
Mme Mirage Mme Mirage any gift is welcome..better wish list. thanks! charges welcome!
Mngwgc Mngwgc WL, anything for paid pics Anything not yet blue please
MoDiggity mo WL & TY's awards pics pls, need friends code 07KQ2W
Myasgrandma Lynn WL,TY Any
nanagina nanaginaSSsnwiki Anything, TY's welcome Anything. :) xxx
NancyArwin Nancy/Arwin Wish list; Thank you gifts are loved pyramid and orb, any pictures except paid; no puzzles
NB573 Becky awards first, then anything
Nellen Strikes Again Nellen Wish list & thank you gifts anything
Neo34 Neo34 WL & TYs Anything
Nugu54 GFAG WL if possible Anything
Nuicakes Nuicakes Wish list & thank you gifts. no preferences
Oliverblack oliver wish list items, please anything
Only8 8 Wish List, Thank You Anything
Only8 2cubed/retired
Only8 Indefatigable/retired
OriginalAmber Original Amber Dynamite and Torch CIs, WL & TY Charge Away!!
OylerD KoalaGuy and KoalaGuy2 are dead please use KoalaGuyVerIII trying to lvl back up trying to lvl back up
Paddy1 Paddy Wish List,TY gifts are welcome and Tokens. cheers x Awards preferably other pictures are fine but not paid locations or memory puzzle please.
Pamster315 Seabiscuit WL and TY gratefully received Anything you like
Paris Garter Paris Garter WL, LB, or any token gift . TY welcome. Any
Penny425 Penny Wish list, arrows, bugs or anything is appreciated No puzzles please
Pickle2 Pickle WL, TYs, any Anything please
Picklekip Picklekip (was Rena) WL, winding keys always welcome Gem Match, especially by magicians; orb & pyramid, awards, then anything
Podaci Podaci


WL, TY, Anything! Sleuths: Pics Please!

Others: Anything

Portpat BrendaBugs ladybugs awards only; do not charge any puzzles or paid pictures
PrinAnne Anne NO charges on anything; if EMTT, only charge orb
Qqcisco qqcisco any
Reclusive757 reclusive757 WL; TY's appreciated Anything
Redbeard99 Redbeard


Anything Sleuths: Pics Please

Others: Anything.

RedRidingBoots Jay WL, TY, anything Sphere, Pyramid, Cube, Awards pref. No SI paid pics & Memory Match, pls.
Rhondaj Rhoda Any appreciated Any
Rirera RireraTknArrwCrrt Arrows, tokens, carrots (I have neither pyramid nor orbit), then WL. TYs Sage, sleuth - Winter Street; golden and silver pics. Merchant, magician - awards; pink pics.
Scaffold Dan ScaffoldDan

WL, TYs, Porsche, Harley, Cruise, 60" Flat screen tv

Awards, puzzles cept 4 memory match, no pics @ this time plz
Sal anto sal tokens arrows wl anything is ok
SandraRoperzz SandraRoperzz Wishlist Anything
Sarantran Tootles Anything Anything
Sazonado Jo wishlist, keys Awards, yellow frames and up. TY.
Secretive Ivy Maja WL -if you can't gift from WL, please, gift arrows anything
Senoc the Original SenocTheOriginal Wish List items, generally from the left Any, but pictures first, please
SenorEsse SenorEsse Wish list, tokens Anything !
Serena530 Serena Wish List, Tokens, Lady Bugs Awards- particularly Orb & Pyramid, no photos & puzzles for now
Sharol46 sharol/sharol46/vsc WL Awards, puzzles, current challenge pics
Sharon67 ladybug241 WL, anything else besides spiral springs anything
Sharon4376 Sharon4376 anything anything
Shenda74 Shenda WL; Just 1 or 2 TY's, please. Anything
Shlopsky Shlopsky WL, LB, Ty's and anything Orb, pyramid, cube awards & anything else
Sirius Black z Sirius Black W.L. and tokens charge only awards, never pictures
snowdog67 snow
Standard Avatar 02-0
no memory or jigsaw puzzle
Sol3Bug Sol3ElfHeidi Wish List, Special Items (any), and Thank You gifts...  Awards first

(see Profile)

SOLONM SOLONM MrNoGeo WL, TYs awards & pictures. puzzles not my fave.
Sonny03 Sonny WL, Bugs awards/anything
SonomaGary Primary SonomaGary (MacBook Pro)

Stargazer (iPhone)

RemarcAble (Dell)

SonomaGary needs Tokens and Baskets.

Thank You to my FFF's.

Stargazer desperately needs explorer eyes if I'm going to get The Orb in time.
spin833 Susan wishlist current, arrows, ladybugs
Macawa Marilyn WL and TYs anything except puzzles
Stella-estel Stella WL, anything Anything
Stryker352 Stryker WL but will gladly accept anything :) Awards preferably
Suchinum Amber WL and TY pics, awards, puzzles
Suhonenm suhone WL, Demand items,TY's welcome Anything!
Suhonenm| lissa WL, Demand itemsTY's welcome , Anything!
SueGee SueGee WL/tokens/bugs. Appreciate TYs. not picky
SusanCA Susan Wish List, tokens, ladybugs, arrows; TYs if convenient Awards, but pictures also great esp by Magicians!
Susie the sleuth susie WL, bugs, tokens anything
TalkingBird bird Wish List, Thank You gifts appreciated Awards, yellow and pink pictures
Tam02 / formerly, formerly TammieLW Tam02 WL is kept up to date . Yes to TY gifts anything
Tapasz Tapasz WL, TY‘s welcome Green pics, no puzzles please
Tauren75 Tauren WL, Tokens, Ladybugs, TY appreciated Preferably Awards
TheBo63 Bo63 WL, TYs, reciprocating CIs plz awards then pix esp hi energy pix
TigerLee2 TigerLee(etc) Wish list, TYs, tokens, bugs, arrows any
Topsy2006 Topsy2006onWiki WL 1st (kept up to date) bugs & arrows. TY always welcome Merchants plz charge awards. Sleuths, plz charge pics. Magician & Sage, either. I only play puzzles when I have to.
TraceyCK MiniMysteryMe Tokens, WL and TY always welcome! Awards first then YOU decide. I am a Blocks addict
Tree247 Tree Arrows, wish list
TrishNC / formerly, SocietyTrish TrishNC WL and TYs Yes to all pictures - and then anything else
TTDottieZZ TTDottieZZ WL and TYs
TurtleSeeker TurtleX WL, TYs , no tokens Event 1's, lowest ranked high level pictures, no curses, paid, or puzzles
Uli64 uli WL, TYs, anything anything
Uppsalla17 Uppsalla WL, TY or anything you decide preferably awards
Urshurak666 Tonina wishlist anything
Vannetta Vannetta Wish List please, Thank you's are great! Awards mixed with high frequency boards like Library
Vfog2 Vfog any awards & free rooms - no puzzles or paid rooms please
Von70 Von wishlist anything
Weavergal D WL, TY gifts, anything awards
Whyme2009 Whyme WL, anything, and TY
Wiggle123 Wiggle WL, TY anything
WoMa WoMa WL, TYs are welcome Anything
ZinXO Zin WL, TY, CE, LB's please. Anything :)
Zippy130 Zippy WL,TYs, ladybugs anything except paid pictures