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Below is an editable list for all wiki users to add their game information to if they wish to. Please feel free to add your game information to the table below by using the edit button at the top of the page. This is a completely optional way for people to add their information such as game name and friend code to the wiki, and you do not have to add your information if you do not want to.

If, at a later stage, you wish to edit or completely remove your information from this list, just press the edit button and change the entry. You MAY NOT edit other players information, just your own. If you believe someone has added you to this list or edited your information without your permission, please contact an Admin.

Adding Game Information to the List of Users Edit

You do not need to be a registered member of the wiki to add your game information to the list below. Simply press the edit button in the top right hand corner of this page and add your game details to an empty row in the table, you will not be asked to log-in/register.

You can add all your game information and just leave the Wiki user name column blank if you do not want to create an account. (You can of course add a name there if you want, even if you never plan on registering). Your edit will be recorded as by 'a wikia contributor' but you can sign off using your name to let people know who you are (in the edit summary box).

For registered users: You can choose to add a link to either your profile page or message wall in the 'Wiki User Name' column or not, it is not compulsory.

To add the link to your user profile page, just type your user name in the 'Wiki User Name' column and then highlight the Text. Then press the link icon on the top of the page (looks like a chain link symbol, next to the Bold and Italic buttons in menu above page when you are editing). A pop up box will appear where you can type in the link.

Copy the following into the 'Create or edit a link' box:  User:yourusername

and then change 'yourusername' to your actual user name. People pressing the link will be brought to the 'About me' part of your profile and can press on the 'Message Wall' link at the top of the page to go to your Message Wall and leave you a message.

If you want the link to go directly to your Message Wall, then use the following instead: Message_Wall:yourusername

List of Current Wiki playersEdit

If you see the following message at the top when you open the editor, or when you try to publish, please do NOT proceed with the edit. Please come back to the table at another time and try again. Do NOT leave the page open in another tab. If you have, Refresh the page. Editing previous versions causes edits to revert to the last version you edited. Deleting all edits made in the interim.

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Please contact Admin with any questions.   

Note: All columns are optional. You can add as much or as little information about you/your game as you would like. Please add your information at the BOTTOM of the table. If you need help leave your information on "User:MDbugs" wall and she will enter it for you.

For a (voluntary) list of Wiki player's Gifting and Visiting preferences, see this separate page.

Wiki Name Game Name Platform Profession Looking for friends Location Time Zone Game Start Date
10are10 are iPad Magican maybe
1buckjones1 BuckJones iPad Sage Yes-Wiki members pls USA EST Player since Aug 2016
2nds Seconds Ipad Sage Sure, players only Wisconsin Central time Pre-Tavern update, but restarted
12dirtypaws Kym Windows 10 Sage absolutely
4Paws BC IPad Merchant Registered Wiki Members only USA EST 12/2015
4solace 4solace IPad Sleuth Maybe, just ask! USA CST Mar 2016
5woe5 woe ipad Magician always USA, Washington State PST May 2017
Accelerando73 Louise Android Sleuth Yes, esp. lower levels UK Oct 2015
Adam G AdamG from CT iPad Yes
agent45 DragonQueen iphone unknown yes
ADH23 ADH Kindle Merchant yes Austin, TX CST 2016
Aduialo Aduial iMac Merchant Yes USA
Agi Jean Agi

Agi2-Lost Game :o(








Yes - Wiki members only USA EST ?2013

Aug 2016

Aug 2016

AGirlaDroid aGirlaDroid Android Magician At maximum capacity, but willing to consider it. :) USA EST 2014, but lost game progress twice. SADNESS.
aJacq aJack iPad Mini Only active players
Alice Alice Kindle Sage yes Arizona MT
Alicia84 Alicia84 Windows 8.1 Magician Wiki Friends Only USA EST
AliciaJ Alicia iPad Magician Yes California PST
Alieye AlieyeCA iPad Sleuth Yes; gifters PST
Ancient Alien Astronaut TripleAAA Android Sage hmmmm The Vastness of Space
AndreaBS Andrea iPad Sage Maybe USA Florida EST 2013
Anna Holiday Anna Ipad air Merchant No
Annie Stewart Barb IPad Sleuth Wiki friends only Melbourne


AnnZz AnnZz Ipad Merchant Yes
Anonymous Disobey Anonymousdisobey iOS Sleuth yes, thanks Colorado M
Anyazora Zola Ipad Merchant No USA,Chicago, IL
Auntpickle auntpickle Ipad Sleuth Yes please Oregon USA PST 2016
azucena23 adelacupid Kindle Fire HD Sleuth Yes daily player/gifter
Asma Ezmir AsmaTokens Kindle Fire HD Merchant Sometimes
Aunty7 Aunty7 Windows 10 Sleuth Yes Canada MST June 2017
Azalee09 AnnaLena iPad Magician yes, but I prefer daily gift exchanges Germany since the beginning, with some breaks
barbbike Barb Kindle Fire HD Don't know Daily gifters USA EST 2015?
Barbyra Barbyra iPad Not now California, USA PST 2016
Belinda Rhodes Belinda Rhodes I pad Sleuth Yes Louisville ,Ky
Betssy Betssy Android Sleuth Yes Westminster, Maryland USA EST
Bigmacakapo Georgeakapo IPad Sage Yes
Bigmacakapo Bigmac Iphone Sage Yes
Boo100 BOO & BIGBUNS iphone ipad Sage Both Maybe
BroncoGirl MiMiMi Magician Yes (GMT-06:00) MDT-Idaho, USA
C3-Thatsit c3 Kindle Sage Yes Indiana, USA
CaerndyKM/Sue CaerndyKM Kindle Fire HDX Magician no thanks England GMT
CaitlinM Caitlin Windows 10 Sleuth Maybe, for serious players
Calliebubba Calliebubba Android phone. Samsung Note 4. Magician Probably. Gift responsively. TT often. California USA Pacific
CantWin4NutN CantWin4NutN Windows 10 Magician
CarolDiane73 Carol or ladybugsplz kindle merchant yes USA, North Carolina EST
Carzang Carzang Windows10 Sleuth Yes, Wikia members Europe GMT+1 April 2016
Carzang CZonOff iphone Sage Yes, Wikia members Europe GMT+1 April 2016
Carzang Npavel Ipad Sleuth Yes, Wikia members Europe GMT+1 April 2016
CasiBK Casi Windows 8.1 Sleuth Always! New Jersey EST
CasiBK Nookenpox iPad Magician Yes New Jersey EST
Celestialstorm Celestialstorm Ipad Merchant Yes
Chillilala Chillilala iPad mini Merchant Yes, Wiki Members only please Melbourne, AUS AEST 2014
Christina Johnson Christina Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 Third Generation Magician Always USA Westminster, South Carolina Eastern Standard Time
Chrise Stareshine Starshine
Purple star
-magnifying-glass eye
sometimes USA
Celestialstorm Celestialstorm IPad Merchant Yes! Everyone is welcome USA, Oregon PST
Cinzano97823 Cinzano97823 iPad Pro fall '17 Sage Yes, see FWL Northeast usa EST mid 2014
Clarebear13331 Clarebear2 android tablet Sage sometimes London
ColleenRay ColleenRay Kindle Sage Not at this time Calif, USA PST Spring 2016
Colobluesky Colobluesky iPad Magician Yes, esp Wiki memb USA MST
CopperAb Copper Android Sage Later Canada
CorgiMom Monika Ipad Sage Yes, only daily gifters & registered wiki members


CrystalShandaLear CrystalShandaLear Win 8.1 Sleuth Yes
Cynamon89 Cyn ipad Sleuth Yes!!! South Carolina EST (USA)
Dagoberta Dagoberta Ipad Magician Yes! Wiki members !, Germany CET Late 2014
DameElisa DameElisa iPad pro Sleuth Not at the moment Germany Autumn 2014
DAMGT DAMGTR Android Yes France
DaniciaSneed Boomers IPad Sage Yes USA,Washington PST
DancesWithGoats DancesWithGoats Windows 10 Magician Yes, Wikia members USA Kansas CST Aug 2016
dancingDeb DancingDeb Ipad Air 2 Yes
DavoZZ DavoZZ Android (PC - Bluestacks) Merchant Always England GMT 5th Feb 2015
Dawn Dawn Kindle Fire HD Yes Daily player/gifter 3UP022 U.S. Ohio EST
Deanyates Dean Windows Merchant Always
Diana56 Diana56 Windows 10 Magician No Utah
Diane Lynn DianeL iPad Sleuth Yes, please!
DianneW1 Di iPad Sleuth Yes
Donna12 Donna android sage yes wiki members
DonnaBillBill DonnaMae Kindle Fire HD Sleuth Yes Finland, USA
DonnaZZ DonnaZZ Ipad Magician Yes
dr.becky Becky PC Sleuth Yes USA Central
Dulen Secret_Society Android Сыщик Да
Dustang Dustang IPad Merchant Yes to wiki members
EasyStreet EasyStreet iPad Sleuth Possibly
Ecila63 Alice ipad Sage yes
EirysMarie EirysMarie, Brisa Android, PC Sage, Merchant only participants on this wiki, for now Columbia, MD USA EST/EDT
ELF+SPRITE ELFfrozenWL iPad Magician Yes - daily players Spain GMT+1
ElizabethKM ElizabethZZnoTYgift ipad air 2 merchant maybe
ErinRonGame ErinR merchant Yes, wiki members
Ezekiel3v21 Ezekiel Kindle Fire HDX Sage Yes Texas, USA CST
Fakouu Frede






Yes Norway
FEY72 Fey Ipad Sleuth Yes wiki members (see profile) Australia
Fossiliferous SSwikia iPad/iPhone/Mac Sleuth Nope (dummy accounts) Online UTC/GMT +1 24th August 2013
Freckles 2055 Freckles iPad Merchant Sometimes Australia Aus EST
gaeln gael iPad Sleuth yes CA pst
Gaiasweetgirl Gaia Yes
Gail0000 Gail iPhone X Sage sure
GateMonkey95 Julie Android, Windows Magician  daily players USA  Iowa  CST Nov 2016
Gayle710 Gayle iPad Sleuth Daily players GEORGIA U.S. EST
Gilbertden Nance kindle fire Daily gifters USA MTN RESTART MAY 2017
Gina11 Gina Android Sleuth USA est
Gina11 1 Kindle Sage USA est
GinLet OldLady Ipad Magician Yes-pref Wiki users
Gloria1best GLORIA iPad Magician Yes
Goathouse g0at Android Sage Prefer Wiki members US
GMAx3 GMAx3rose Android Sleuth yes USA EST
GoldenDoodle GoldenDoodle Ipad Sage Yes Hamilton Mass EST
Goldies Goldies iPad Sage Yes / daily players/gifters USA, FL EST April 2015
Granny26 Granny26/JoAnn


iPad/Windows Merchant/Sage Yes/daily players/gifters USA, Ga EST
HalleyT HalleyT Merchant Yes +7
Harborbay Harborbay, Marina Android, Win10 Magician, Sleuth Not at this time IL, USA CST Nov 2016
Hermesto Deb iPad Sleuth Daily gifters Ontario, Canada EST
Herr Blucher FrauBlucher 1pad Merchant Yes
HildaCorners Liz Mac Merchant yes North America EST
Hillmanminx17 chris iPad Merchant Yes, wiki members that play every day Tennessee CST Oct 2015
Hilo2 hilo2 Ipad Merchant my lost crowd Central NJ est 2013-crash 2015-
HipHop007 GayleWhite Android magician Yes Florida EST 9/2014
Hodccstuff Hodccstuff Android sage yes Michigan
Hondipad CarlyJean iPad Merchant Yes - Daily gifters pls New Zealand GMT +13 2016
HuskerJules HuskerJules Samsung Tablet Sage Yes
Hummingbird22 Hummingbird Android Magician Sure California Pacific Sep 2015
Ida Noh Criss Windows Tablet Magician Only daily players and gifters
Immax5 Immax5

(yes, boring, I know)

Android tablet Magician Daily gifters OH, USA
Imskrak iwomaj 🤗🌿🌻 iPad Merchant 💰 Iwomaj has a long break Scotland GMT Jul 2016
Imskrak imskrak 🤠🍀 iPad Sage ⭐️ Pls leave 💌 on my wall Scotland GMT Jun 2016
I`m STU Stu Win10 merchant Sometimes Austria
I'm Susi susi iPad Merchant maybe Germany GMT +1 12/2014
Iowa4Games Llyssa Galaxy S5 Merchant Yes Iowa, USA CST (USA) Feb 2014
Island in au Bella .? Yes est+14
iSpy21C iSpy iPad Magician Yes
JaimeMA JaimeTHKsFriends Windows 10 Magician Yes; Serious Players; Daily Gifts, Visits USA EST
Jakey10 Jakey Kindle Fire HD Merchant yes
jb444 jb444 Windows 10 Sage Former Wiki Friends USA NC EST Spring 2016
Jcariglio HuskerJules Android Tablet Sage Yes
JeffMerchant Jeff Kindle Classic Merchant No -5
Jennie Maddilys Widows 8.1 ? Wales
JennieAgain Jennie Kindle HDX and Windows 8.1 Sage Yes Wales
JenniferLNW JenniferLNW iPad Air 2 Magician Yes Alabama
Jewels1957 Jewels Android Merchant A few more
jiminbonita Hoppy Windows10 Sage No
JimWI JimWI Mac Sleuth Yes Wisconsin CST
Jinglebats Jinglebats macbook air Sage Yes Los Angeles CA PST 2013 and 2016
Joliecosm JOLIE Windows 10 Merchant Yes
JMgoesMune Mune kindle merchant Yes europe GMT +1 ?/2014
JMyrtle JMyrtle Android
JNK Win10 Magician
Jo285 Jo Windows 10 Sleuth Yes - wiki players Canada ET June 2016
JohnW2 JKW iPad Sage Yes USA
Joliecosmetics JOLIE Windows 10 Merchant Sure, esp daily gifters Victoria BC, Canada PST

(GMT -8)

Since the beginning in 2012,broke ipad,restarted 2015 on pc
josyphine josyphine




Laptop win10





yes plz
Joyrell DrJ Windows Sleuth Yes
JudyW1962 Judy iPad Sleuth Wiki players Melbourne, Australia Jan 2016
JuJumouse JuJumouse iPad Merchant Yes Northern Illinois Central Time Feb. 2014 with long breaks
Julia JT Julia JT IPad Merchant Yes
JulieJemo JulieJemo Kindle Fire HDX Sleuth maybe England GMT
Julietecho2 Jade; julietecho2; je2 Mac / Android (Note10/Note5) Merchant/


Yes; Gifters please Louisiana CST
Kansas1946 Cindy


Android Magician yes Over the Rainbow EST
karendu1 KarenD iPad Magician Yes, Daily Wiki players US EST October 2015
KateKK KateKkOnOff android Sleuth daily gifter Germany CET
KatFun Kat Kindle Sleuth daily gifter Florida, USA EST June 2015
Kate21085 KatePlay iPhone Sage Yes
Kate21085 KateKindle Kindle Fire HD Sleuth Yes
Kate Kindle --primary game Sage; Sometimes: Prefer Wikia players
Kathy4cats kathy4cats IPad Pro Sage Yes Daily players
KatieCal Katie Windows -- inactive game Sleuth No -- you really don't want to......
Katlovr KatlovrNo1 iOS Sage No, sorry Canada EST December 2015
Kd Hello Kd Sage
Keeshond Keeshond iPad Merchant Yes Ontario, Canada EST Oct 2016
Kera keraladybugspl Android/kindle magician yes US CST 1/2015
KieraCameron Kiera iPad Merchant yes if daily players & gift
Kim74 Anastasia Windows Magician Yes, daily wiki players Georgia, USA EST
Kim74 David Tablet Sleuth Yes, daily wiki players Georgia, USA EST
Kim74 Kim74 Android Magician Yes, daily wiki players USA, GA
kinabalu Kinabaludog ipad Yes
Kit Kit iPad Sage Yes
KJ8 KJ8 Windows Merchant Yes, daily wiki players. Slovenia
Klara Klara smart Ipad merchant ye
KodiZZ KodiZZ iPad Merchant
L2game L2gamePC2 Windows Sleuth daily preferred; esp. wiki USA, NC
Larry Larry Windows 10 Merchant Wiki members only  North Carolina EST
Laurelgirl2 Laurelgirl iPad Sleuth Sometimes for daily Wiki players USA, CA PST Not sure, at least 2014
Layla153116 Layla iPad Magician yes! USA, NC EST Summer2016
LesleyT8 Lesley iPad Merchant yes gifters and wiki members USA, Oklahoma
Lidewey Lidewey iphone Sage Wiki only please New Orleans Area Central Time Zone August, 2016
Ldpr Ldpr Android Sage Yes please
LilaAlso99 Lila



Windows 10 tablet



LilaAlso has a bit of room left California PST Can’t remember, at least 3yrs
Lilac11 Lilac Android Merchant Sometimes for daily gifters
LindaSeekergrl64 LindaSeekergrl64 iPad Sage Yes, active players US CST Aug 2016
Lubie Lubie PC Windows 8.1 App (French) Magician Yes Quebec City, Canada EST
LucaD08359 LucaD und Ritt Android 2x Sage 2x of course Germany
Lynzzfarm Lynn Android/BlueStacks Sleuth Yes USA


M2015 MJ5 iPad Merchant Only good ones I don't know myself.
MadamRazz MadamRazz, MadameRazz Android Magician, Sleuth Magician: Will reciprocate daily, Sleuth: Will reciprocate when available WI, USA
Maggie Meme iMac Merchant Yes
MagicalMysteryTour Donald Win 8.1 (64 bit) Magician No Texas (GMT-5) CDT
Maguti Maguti Windows Sleuth Yes Germany GMT+1 2016
El's eye avatar
Win 10
Win 8.1
Not right now LA, CA, USA PST Aug 2016
Oct 2016
Aug 2017
Maitri Mystery maitriZZ Android Merchant yes, a few more Northern California USA PST 2013 but restarted
Malinky Malinky iPad Sage Occasionally NL CET
Mare3z mare3zz Android Tablet Sleuth Yes Texas USA CST Dec 2014
Macawa Marilyn Windows Magician Wiki members only Florida
MDbugs MDNMSecSocWikia
MDbugs avie
Kindle Fire HD Sleuth
Player Profession - Sleuth
not right now New Mexico MST 2/2015
meme 70 s Android magician yes USA
Meterman80 Dave iPad Sleuth Somewhat USA
Mims1220 Mims1220 iPad Air II Merchant Yes, but only daily players who reciprocate gifts Virginia and Florida EST 2015?
MimsieUK Mimsie Ipad Magician Perhaps Wales GMT 2015
Misti7 Misti Sleuth-level 732
Misti7 jolin Sleuth-level 359
Mitzi11 Mitzi iOS Sleuth Not Right Now USA Pacific Time Feb. 2017
mj mj surface pro 3 windows 10 lost all friends
Momof4inAz Lauren Android, Tablet Sage Yes Phoenix AZ MST
Moonmaid50 ruth iPhone

Kindle Fire HD

Sage Merchant frequently Daily USA
MrsPeacock MrsPeacocknKtchn

MrsPeacock lvl 111 is a dead account

Android Lvl 196+:Sage active friends, pls. Doesn't need to be daily but weekly is nice Cincinnati, Ohio USA EST
MsHattie MsHattie iPad Magician Yes South Carolina, USA EST (GMT-4) 2015
Mune ? kindle Merchant Yes Europe
MVNLA MVNLA iPad Sleuth Yes
myasgrandma Lynn ipad Merchant Yes
My1obsession KathyS Windows 10 Merchant sometimes
N/A CSR Simulated Android on Win7 Magician Maybe Germany
N/A Kat Android Magician daily players who gift Winnipeg, Manitoba CDT
N/A Sudelaine Win10 Yes, especially magicians New York
N/A Xavi Android Maybe Barcelona, Spain
nanagina nanaginaSSsnwiki Android zoom Magician yes
nanaginaSSsnwiki nanaginaSSsnwiki Android Magician YES :) xx
NancyArwin Nancy/Arwin iPhone/iPad Magician Sometimes Caifornia PST/PDT
Nannysha Nannysha PC Windows 10 Magician yes,Daily Gifters& Wiki Members Canada Atlantic Time zone Sept 2017
NB573 BeckyLeigh / Rebecca Kindle Fire Sleuth Maybe
Nicky Nicky iMac Sleuth Yes South East Florida Eastern
Nicnac8 Nicnac8 Android Sleuth
Nuicakes Nuicakes iPad Sleuth Yes Hawaii & California PDT/PST
OodlesOfTootles Tootles iPad Pro Sage Yes
OhmissLaura Laura iPad Daily Players UK GMT+1 2015
oliverblack oliver PC yes USA
Only8 8 IOS Magician No, not at this time. USA UTC - 6 March 2015
Orakyl81 Oracle iPad Sage Yes Daily Gifters/Wikia Members Arizona MST
OriginalAmber Amber iPad Sleuth Yes Chasing AAA through space
OylerD KoalaGuy (removed versioning for simplicity)  Samsung Galaxy pad S2 (android) Merchant  only participants on this wiki Damascus, MD USA Eastern, USA Aug 2014
Paddy1 Paddy iPad Merchant Yes Uk GMT
Pamster315 Seabiscuit / Invictus / Pamerooski Android Sleuth open to Wiki participants Midwest USA CST 10/2013
PapillonBeauty PapillonBeauty Android Sleuth Yes NC USA EST Apr 22 2017
PattyAn Patty Windows10 Sleuth Yes USA EST Fall 2016
PeacockBass DebSadAboutGifts iPad Sleuth Yes
PeggyG33 PEGGY iPad Sleuth Regular Players
Picklekip Rena2picklekip (will evolve to match wiki name) Kindle Fire HD Magician yes Oklahoma City, OK (USA) (GMT-05:00) CDT (USA)
Pickle2 pickle Ipad Sage Maybe Devon, UK GMT 2016
Friend Player Player Windows 10 Yes
PrinAnne Anne iPad Sage Maybe Kansas CST
Podaci Podaci



Fire HD8





North Carolina, USA EST (New York) Fall 2016
Reclusive757 reclusive757 iPad mini Sage Not currently Virginia USA Eastern 3/25/15
Redbeard99 Redbeard


iPad Air (3)

Android Phone



Yes Australia GMT +10 Jan 2016
RedRidingBoots Jay Android Magician Yes, Wiki players EU GMT/GMT+1 Sep. 2015
Rirera RireraTknArrwCrrt iPad Merchant Only Wikia's members GMT +01:00
RoyalOne RoyalOne IPad, Kindle Sleuth Maybe...... Pacific Northwest Pacific
Ruby2 Ruby also Robin on ipad Kindle Fire HD sage ok Emerald Isle GMT +1
Rwagoner Grampa








Sal anto sal windows 10/comp magician some canada
SandraRoperzz SandraRoperzz iOS Sleuth Maybe
SandyLeeE Sandy iPad Magician Sure Washington PST
Sazonado Jo iPad Magician yes
Scaffold Dan ScaffoldDan Android Merchant Request on my Wiki page plz. Wisconsin CST 2016
Senoc the Original SenocTheOriginal Windows Merchant Absolutely! Arizona, USA MST no daylight savings don't remember
Secretive Ivy Maja iPad Merchant yes, daily gifters only
Seekergirl64 LindaSeekergrl64 iPad Sage Yes, active players US CST May 2016
Serena530 Serena IPad Merchant Yes San Francisco, CA (USA)
Serenity Serenity Windows Yes USA SC
SeveranceSecretSociety Severance Android 4.4y Sleuth ... England
Shantii Shantii MacBook Magician Yes, but my game crashed after OS update in December. I am waiting for G5 to repair.
Shantaram Shantaram Kindle Fire Merchant  On & Off Caribbean AST Sept 2014
Sharon4376 Sharon4376 Android Sage Yes
Sharp Plucky Sailor SPS Kindle Fire HDX Sage Maybe USA EST 9/6/2015
Seddgzhh Seddgzhh iPad Pro (12.9'') Sleuth Only daily gifters please Germany CET +1 Early 2018
Shemsh Shemsh iPad Magician Yes
Shenda74 Shenda android Merchant maybe USA CST
Sherilyon sherilyon ipad merchant yes NC, USA EST 2015
Shlopsky Shlopsky Kindle Magician Not right now.
ShyCricket ShyCricket


Kindle Fire SC - Magi

C - Sage

Yes - daily players Central US CST Sept 2017
sigi04 sigi Android Yes Germany
Sirius Black z Sirius Black only Awards Ipad sleuth Yes but only wikia pls 3WQS7S Italy/France
SkellingMom Deirdre Kindle Fire HD Yes Washington State
Smuffin Smuffin No CDT
Snowdog67 SNOW
Softyatplay Softy Mercant Yes EST
Sol3Bug aka Heidi Sol3ElfHeidi iPod Magician Yes; See my Profile

Wisconsin, USA


7 May 2014
Not at the moment Canada PST
Sonny03 Sonny Windows 10 Magician Yes the Netherlands
SonomaGary SonomaGary
MacBook Pro
iPhone 6
Dell desktop
Selectively only on Stargazer & RemarcAble USA, California PDST Spring 2016
Sookie88 Sookie Windows 10 Sleuth Sometimes Sunshine state EST Dec 2015
SpoiledRoyal JacquelineB iPad Magician Registered Wiki Members pls USA CST
Springergirl Anya iPad Sleuth Daily wiki players please U.K. GMT Oct 2016
Stella-esstel Stella Windows Sage Maybe Wiki members only Europe
SStacey Stacey IPad Sage Yes Ecuador EST Dec 2015
Stryker352 Stryker Android Sage Serious players Florida EST 2016
Styria Thor Samsung ? Please leave a ✉ on my wall Vienna/Austria
Suchinum Amber Android Magician Yes USA CDT April 2016
SueGee SueGee Kindle Fire Merchant sometimes Wisconsin, USA CST
Texas USA cst 2016
Tam02 Tam02 iPad Air sleuth Only registered Wiki members Canada nov 2014/

March 2016

Tapasz Tapasz iPad Sleuth Not at the moment Europe GTM+1 Oct 2016
Tauren75 Tauren Windows 8.1 Sleuth maybe Europe
TeamBee TMB Kindle Fire Sleuth Yes
TheBo63 Bo63 Windows (US) Merchant Daily gifters, visiters
TigerLee2 TigerLee(etc) Android Sleuth yes, prefer Wiki-ites Iowa, USA CST(GMT-5) Aug 2015
Tillycub Sharon Kindle Fire HD Sage Always Australia
Topsy2006 Topsy2006onWIKI Kindle Fire Sage yes New Mexico, US Mountain 2014
Tmo49150 Terri IPad Sage Yes
Tree247 Tree iPad Sage Yes
TrishNC Trish Android Merchant maybe
Trudie61 Trudie iPad Merchant Depends US EST June 2016
TTDottieZZ TTDottieZZ Ipad Magician Serious players only, I TT USA, Delaware EST 2015
TurtleSeeker TurtleX & variations Win 10 & Android Sage Yes Texas
uli64 uli Android Sleuth ping me on my wall (no TT) Germany CET (GMT+1) 12/2015
Vannetta Vannetta iMac Merchant Yes! It is more interesting with friends!
Val58 Val(etc)


Kindle Fire





Off & on; not reliable

Northern Colorado, US Mountain restarted July 2016
Vhoyler24 jojo kindle fire hd sleuth yes Texas CDT
Von70 Von Android sleuth not now USA Florida EST
WeNeedMorePower Robby Android Sleuth Yes USA, Nebraska CST/CDT (UTC -5) July 2015
WelshWitch667 WelshWitch Android Sage Yes UK
Wiggle123 Wiggle iPad Don't know.. TT
Whyme2009 Whyme Android Sleuth Yes I tt. The Netherlands GMT +1 Spring 2016
WoMa WoMaTokens Kindle Fire HD Magician Looking to add a few more Sages USA, Florida EST
YeoldeGrany Vimes Sleuth yes GMT
ZeldaTabby ZeldaTabby Android Merchant Not for now Europe GMT +1
Ziggaruni Moe Kindle Sage Yes - daily players USA EST Early 2016
ZinXO Zin iPad Magician Yes
Zpoupette Paulette Android, Windows 8 App (Fren