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Below is a complete list of collections currently available in the game that includes each item needed to combine that collection.

To see the version of this list that does not contain images of all the Collection items, see the List of Collection Items article. That page may be easier to load and navigate than this version, which contains pictures of every Collection item in the game.

In reference to this page, each collection is listed in the order they were added to the game. 

Use the 'find' function on your browser to search for collection items to find their corresponding collection. Follow the links to the individual pages on each collection to get more details about them.

Any collection whose items cannot be added to your wish list or given as gifts to your friends are marked with a light blue background in the table. All other collections, with light grey backgrounds can both be added to your wishlist and sent to your friends as gifts.

Note: This table is very large because it lists each collection item within each collection. This is to enable people to search for a collection based on the name of a collection item they have found or are looking for as part of a quest. Use the List of Collections page if you already know the name of the collection you are looking for and are simply looking for information on the rewards for combining the collection or combining element requirements. For a complete list of combining element requirements, use the List of Combining Element Requirements page, and for a complete list of locations that collection items can be found in the game (including quest locations), use the List of Collection Item Locations page.

Note 2: Some items in the game share the same name with another item from a different collection. These items are numbered in the list based on when they were introduced to the game. Any item with a (1) or (2) after the item's name indicates that another item from a different collection is called the same thing. Two different collections are called 'Magical Ingredients' and these are also indicated with a (1) and a (2).

List of Collections Edit

As of the Harvest and Halloween Update (September 2016), there are 458 collections in the game; 329 of these collections contain items which can be given/received as gifts:

Reward Collection Name Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Item 5 Item Created Number Coins Earned REMOVE COLUMN INFORMATION Reward MOVE INFORMATION TO POSITION/COLUMN 1 Reward Type REMOVE COLUMN INFORMATION Giftable Collection? REMOVE COLUMN INFORMATION
Banker's Treasure
C001 Banker's Treasure i01 Antique Coin
Ancient coin
C001 Banker's Treasure i02 Lucky Coin
Lucky coin
C001 Banker's Treasure i03 Gold Coin
Gold coin
C001 Banker's Treasure i04 Precious Coin
Precious coin
C001 Banker's Treasure i05 Shiny Coin
Shiny coin
C001 Banker's Treasure i06 Coin Collection
Coin Collection
Compass inventory
Wisdom of the Library
C002 Wisdom Library i01 Geography Book
Geography book
C002 Wisdom Library i02 Anatomy Book
Anatomy book
C002 Wisdom Library i03 Alchemy Book
Alchemy book
C002 Wisdom Library i04 Book Magic
Book of Magic
C002 Wisdom Library i05 Book Secrets
Book of Secrets
C002 Wisdom Library i06 Book Set
Book Set
Ice cream
Ice Cream
Chess Pieces
C003 Chess Pieces i01 Pawn
C003 Chess Pieces i02 Bishop
C003 Chess Pieces i03 Rook
C003 Chess Pieces i04 Queen
C003 Chess Pieces i05 King
C003 Chess Pieces i06 Chessboard
Crowns of the World
C004 Crowns World i01 Gold Crown
Gold crown
C004 Crowns World i02 Silver Crown
Silver crown
C004 Crowns World i03 Copper tiara
Copper tiara
C004 Crowns World i04 Bronze Crown
Bronze crown
C004 Crowns World i05 Fur Crown
Fur crown
C004 Crowns World i06 Majestic Crown
Majestic Crown
Money bag
Money Bag x1
Talisman Yes
A Set of Toy Soldiers
C005 Set Toy Soldiers i01 Cavalry figurine
Cavalry figurine
C005 Set Toy Soldiers i02 Infantry figurine
Infantry figurine
C005 Set Toy Soldiers i03 Crossbowman figurine
Crossbow-man figurine
C005 Set Toy Soldiers i04 Courier figurine
Courier figurine
C005 Set Toy Soldiers i05 Captain figurine
Captain figurine
C005 Set Toy Soldiers i06 Toy Soldiers
Toy Soldiers
Compass inventory
Compass x2
Tool Yes
Stargazer's Artifacts
C006 Stargazers Artifacts i01 Telescope
C006 Stargazers Artifacts i02 Stargazers hat
Stargazer's hat
C006 Stargazers Artifacts i03 Stargazers cape
Stargazer's cape
C006 Stargazers Artifacts i04 Lunar globe
Lunar globe
C006 Stargazers Artifacts i05 Constellations map
Constellations map
C006 Stargazers Artifacts i06 Observatory Model
Observatory Model
Explorer’s Eye
Explorer's Eye x1
Tool Yes
The Navigator's Secrets
C007 Navigators Secrets i01 Compass
C007 Navigators Secrets i02 Marine chronometer
Marine chronometer
C007 Navigators Secrets i03 Sextant
C007 Navigators Secrets i04 Spyglass
C007 Navigators Secrets i05 Captains hat
Captain's hat
C007 Navigators Secrets i06 Sea Captain Figurine
Sea Captain Figurine
Fortune talisman
Fortune Talisman x1
Talisman Yes
Windows to the World
C008 Windows World i01 Picture sea
Picture of the sea
C008 Windows World i02 Picture desert
Picture of the desert
C008 Windows World i03 Picture forest
Picture of the forest
C008 Windows World i04 Picture mountains
Picture of the mountains
C008 Windows World i05 Picture plains
Picture of the plains
C008 Windows World i06 Magnificent Picture
Magnificent Picture
Cappuccino x2
Energy Yes
Fragrant Flowers
C009 Fragrant Flowers i01 Carnations
C009 Fragrant Flowers i02 Violets
C009 Fragrant Flowers i03 Daisies
C009 Fragrant Flowers i04 Roses
C009 Fragrant Flowers i05 Forgetmenots
C009 Fragrant Flowers i06 Gorgeous Bouquet
Gorgeous Bouquet
Winged lightning
Winged Lightning x2
Talisman Yes
Wild Rings
C010 Wild Rings i01 Dragon ring
Dragon ring
C010 Wild Rings i02 Lion ring
Lion ring
C010 Wild Rings i03 Wolf ring
Wolf ring
C010 Wild Rings i04 Falcon ring
Falcon ring
C010 Wild Rings i05 Stag ring
Stag ring
C010 Wild Rings i06 Phoenix ring
Phoenix Ring
Super winged lightning
Super Winged Lightning x2
Talisman Yes
Psychic's Power
C011 Psychics Power i01 Crystal ball
Crystal ball
C011 Psychics Power i02 Tarot deck
Tarot deck
C011 Psychics Power i03 Crystal pendulum
Crystal pendulum
C011 Psychics Power i04 Ouija board
Ouija board
C011 Psychics Power i05 Rabbits footl
Rabbit's foot
C011 Psychics Power i06 Psychic Orb
Psychic Orb
Cappuccino x2
Energy Yes
Historical Warriors
C012 Historical Warriors i01 Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan
C012 Historical Warriors i02 Alexander Great
Alexander the Great
C012 Historical Warriors i03 Napoleon
Napoleon (1)
C012 Historical Warriors i04 Hannibal
C012 Historical Warriors i05 Caesar
C012 Historical Warriors i06 Collected Commanders
Collected Commanders
Ice cream
Ice Cream x1
Energy Yes
Dark Dwellings
C013 Dark Dwellings i01 Bloody Marys Mansion
Bloody Mary's Mansion
C013 Dark Dwellings i02 Castle Dracula
Castle Dracula
C013 Dark Dwellings i03 Witchs Hut
Witch's Hut
C013 Dark Dwellings i04 Abandoned Asylum
Abandoned Asylum
C013 Dark Dwellings i05 Haunted House
Haunted House
C013 Dark Dwellings i06 Dark Dwellings Book
"Dark Dwellings" Book
Torch inventory
Torch x1
Tool Yes
Athlete's Equipment
C014 Athletes Equipment i01 Soccer ball
Soccer ball
C014 Athletes Equipment i02 Jersey
C014 Athletes Equipment i03 Athletic shoes
Athletic shoes
C014 Athletes Equipment i04 Whistle
C014 Athletes Equipment i05 Shorts
C014 Athletes Equipment i06 Soccer Trophy
Soccer Trophy
Compass inventory
Compass x2
Tool Yes
Exotic Eggs
C015 Exotic Eggs i01 Faberge egg
Fabergé egg
C015 Exotic Eggs i02 Easter egg
Easter egg
C015 Exotic Eggs i03 Chocolate egg
Chocolate egg
C015 Exotic Eggs i04 Golden egg
Golden egg
C015 Exotic Eggs i05 Silver egg
Silver egg
C015 Exotic Eggs i06 Phoenix Egg
Phoenix Egg
Lantern inventory
Lantern x1
Tool Yes
International Postage
C016 International Postage i01 British stamp
British stamp
C016 International Postage i02 Russian stamp
Russian stamp
C016 International Postage i03 French stamp
French stamp
C016 International Postage i04 Brazilian stamp
Brazilian stamp
C016 International Postage i05 Australian stamp
Australian stamp
C016 International Postage i06 Stamp Collection
Stamp Collection
Mystic mirror
Mystic Mirror x1
Anomaly Yes
Honorary Medals
C017 Honorary Medals i01 Medal Intelligence
Medal of Intelligence
C017 Honorary Medals i02 Medal Courage
Medal of Courage
C017 Honorary Medals i03 Medal Speed
Medal of Speed
C017 Honorary Medals i04 Medal Dexterity
Medal of Dexterity
C017 Honorary Medals i05 Medal Power
Medal of Power
C017 Honorary Medals i06 Medal Collection
Medal Collection
Timemachine inventory
Time Machine x2
Tool Yes
Ancient Arsenal
C018 Ancient Arsenal i01 War Hammer
War hammer
C018 Ancient Arsenal i02 Monstrous sword
Monstrous sword
C018 Ancient Arsenal i03 Bloodthirsty dagger
Bloodthirsty dagger
C018 Ancient Arsenal i04 Flail
C018 Ancient Arsenal i05 Lightningfast bow
Lightning-fast bow
C018 Ancient Arsenal i06 Assembled Arsenal
Assembled Arsenal
Compass inventory
Compass x3
Tool Yes
Birds of Paradise
C019 Birds Paradise i01 Hummingbird
C019 Birds Paradise i02 Peacock
C019 Birds Paradise i03 Canary
C019 Birds Paradise i04 Parrot
C019 Birds Paradise i05 Kiwi
C019 Birds Paradise i06 Canary Cage
Canary Cage
Compass inventory
Compass x3
Tool Yes
Assortment of Sweets
C020 Assortment Sweets i01 Caramel candy
Caramel candy
C020 Assortment Sweets i02 Cookie
C020 Assortment Sweets i03 Candy roll
Candy roll
C020 Assortment Sweets i04 Chocolate candy
Chocolate candy
C020 Assortment Sweets i05 Halva
C020 Assortment Sweets i06 Box Chocolates
Box of Chocolates
Explorer’s Eye
Explorer's Eye x2
Tool Yes
Tools of Talent
C021 Tools Talent i01 Paintbrush
C021 Tools Talent i02 Quill pen
Quill pen
C021 Tools Talent i03 Fountain pen
Fountain pen
C021 Tools Talent i04 Ballpoint pen
Ballpoint pen
C021 Tools Talent i05 Retractable pen
Retractable pen
C021 Tools Talent i06 Great Scroll
Great Scroll
Hand fan
Hand Fan x2
Anomaly Yes
Global Visions
C022 Global Visions i01 Holiday globe
Holiday globe
C022 Global Visions i02 Country globe
Country globe
C022 Global Visions i03 City globe
City globe
C022 Global Visions i04 Nature globe
Nature globe
C022 Global Visions i05 Egyptian globe
Egyptian globe
C022 Global Visions i06 Lucky Snow Globe
Lucky Snow Globe
Donut x1
Energy Yes
Beautiful Music
C023 Beautiful Music i01 Gramophone
C023 Beautiful Music i02 Guitar
C023 Beautiful Music i03 Violin
C023 Beautiful Music i04 Drums
C023 Beautiful Music i05 Piano
C023 Beautiful Music i06 Music Award
Music Award
Timemachine inventory
Time Machine x3
Tool Yes
Grandmother's Jam
C024 Grandmothers Jam i01 Strawberries
C024 Grandmothers Jam i02 Plums
C024 Grandmothers Jam i03 Redcurrant berries
Redcurrent berries
C024 Grandmothers Jam i04 Raspberries
C024 Grandmothers Jam i05 Peaches
C024 Grandmothers Jam i06 Grandmothers Jam
Grandmother's Jam
Cappuccino x3
Energy Yes
Virtuous Armor
C025 Virtuous Armor i01 Sword
C025 Virtuous Armor i02 Shield
C025 Virtuous Armor i03 Helmet
C025 Virtuous Armor i04 Gauntlets
C025 Virtuous Armor i05 Breastplate
C025 Virtuous Armor i06 Golden Knight
Golden Knight
Lantern inventory
Lantern x2
Tool Yes
Royal Assembly
C026 Royal Assembly i01 Throne
C026 Royal Assembly i02 A crown
A crown
C026 Royal Assembly i03 Kings robe
Kings robe
C026 Royal Assembly i04 Scepter
C026 Royal Assembly i05 Kings orb
King's orb
C026 Royal Assembly i06 Golden King
Golden King
Hand fan
Hand Fan x3
Anomaly Yes
Creatures of Myth
C027 Creatures Myth i01 Unicorn
C027 Creatures Myth i02 Dragon
C027 Creatures Myth i03 Phoenix
C027 Creatures Myth i04 Elf
C027 Creatures Myth i05 Dwarf
C027 Creatures Myth i06 Great Dragon
The Great Dragon
Pot o gold
Leprechaun's Pot of Gold x2
Talisman Yes
Relics of the Past
C028 Relics Past i01 Dinosaur footprint
Dinosaur footprint
C028 Relics Past i02 Fossilized shell
Fossilized shell
C028 Relics Past i03 Fish Skeleton
Fish skeleton
C028 Relics Past i04 Mammoth tusk
Mammoth tusk
C028 Relics Past i05 Jellyfish cast
Jellyfish cast
C028 Relics Past i06 T Rex Exhibit
T. Rex Exhibit
Ancient scroll
Ancient Scroll x2
Talisman Yes
Instruments of Time
C029 Instruments Time i01 Wall clock
Wall clock
C029 Instruments Time i02 Floor clock
Floor clock
C029 Instruments Time i03 Pocket watch
Pocket watch
C029 Instruments Time i04 Wristwatch
C029 Instruments Time i05 Alarm clock
Alarm clock
C029 Instruments Time i06 Hourglass Order
Hourglass of the Order
Explorer’s Eye
Explorer's Eye x3
Tool Yes
Parade of Princesses
C030 Parade Princesses i01 Indian Princess
Indian Princess
C030 Parade Princesses i02 French Princess
French Princess
C030 Parade Princesses i03 Russian Princess
Russian Princess
C030 Parade Princesses i04 British Princess
British Princess
C030 Parade Princesses i05 Japanese Princess
Japanese Princess
C030 Parade Princesses i06 Portrait Beauty
Portrait of Beauty
Energy drink
Energy Drink x1
Energy Yes
Silver Setting
C031 Silver Setting i01 Silver cup
Silver cup
C031 Silver Setting i02 Silver plate
Silver plate
C031 Silver Setting i03 Silver knife
Silver knife
C031 Silver Setting i04 Silver spoon
Silver spoon
C031 Silver Setting i05 Silver fork
Silver fork
C031 Silver Setting i06 Royal Tea Service
Royal Tea Service
Mystic mirror
Mystic Mirror x3
Anomaly Yes
Earth's Wealth
C032 Earths Wealth i01 Cubic Zironcia
Cubic Zirconia
C032 Earths Wealth i02 Sapphire
C032 Earths Wealth i03 Ruby
C032 Earths Wealth i04 Amber
C032 Earths Wealth i05 Emerald
C032 Earths Wealth i06 Precious Pendant
Precious Pendant
Holy water
Holy Water x3
Anomaly Yes
Law and Order
C033 Law and Order i01 Badge
C033 Law and Order i02 Handcuffs
C033 Law and Order i03 Pistol
C033 Law and Order i04 Nightstick
C033 Law and Order i05 Police officers hat
Police officer's hat
C033 Law and Order i06 Police Officer Statue
Police Officer Statue
Dynamite inventory
Dynamite x5
Tool Yes
Engineering Aids
C034 Engineering Aids i01 Open end wrench
Open wrench
C034 Engineering Aids i02 Screwdriver
C034 Engineering Aids i03 Vise
C034 Engineering Aids i04 Pipe Wrench
Pipe wrench
C034 Engineering Aids i05 Hammer
C034 Engineering Aids i06 Engineers Toolbox
Engineer's Toolbox
Magical lantern
Magical Lantern x5
Anomaly Yes
Bottled Boats
C035 Bottled Boats i01 Galley
C035 Bottled Boats i02 Frigate
C035 Bottled Boats i03 Drekar
C035 Bottled Boats i04 Galleon
C035 Bottled Boats i05 Corvette
C035 Bottled Boats i06 The Black Rose
The Black Rose
Dinner x1
Energy Yes
Colorful Set
C036 Colorful Set i01 Blue pencil
Blue pencil
C036 Colorful Set i02 Red pencil
Red pencil
C036 Colorful Set i03 Yellow pencil
Yellow pencil
C036 Colorful Set i04 Green pencil
Green pencil
C036 Colorful Set i05 Black pencil
Black pencil
C036 Colorful Set i06 Colored Pencil Set
Colored Pencil Set
Cappuccino x5
Energy Yes
Venetian Masks
C037 Venetian Masks i01 Bauta
C037 Venetian Masks i02 Kolombina
C037 Venetian Masks i03 Moretta
C037 Venetian Masks i04 Plague Doctor
Plague Doctor
C037 Venetian Masks i05 Cat
C037 Venetian Masks i06 Venetian Lady
Venetian Lady
Average weight
The average weight x1
Strength Yes
Italian Cuisine
C038 Italian Cuisine i01 Spaghetti Bolognese
Spaghetti Bolognese
C038 Italian Cuisine i02 Lasagna
C038 Italian Cuisine i03 Risotto
C038 Italian Cuisine i04 Ravioli
C038 Italian Cuisine i05 Italian wine
Italian wine
C038 Italian Cuisine i06 Pizza
Explorer’s Eye
Explorer's Eye x2
Tool Yes
Ghost Town (Collection)
C039 Ghost town i01 Raven
C039 Ghost town i02 Skull
C039 Ghost town i03 Gallows
C039 Ghost town i04 Ghost of criminal
Ghost of criminal
C039 Ghost town i05 Ancient lamp
Ancient lamp
C039 Ghost town i06 Dead Mans Treasure
Dead Man's Treasure
Lantern inventory
Lantern x2
Tool Yes
Polar Fauna
C040 Polar Fauna i01 Polar hare
Polar hare
C040 Polar Fauna i02 Polar bear
Polar bear
C040 Polar Fauna i03 Polar owl
Polar owl
C040 Polar Fauna i04 Seal
C040 Polar Fauna i05 Polar fox
Polar fox
C040 Polar Fauna i06 Reindeer
Timemachine inventory
Time Machine x5
Tool Yes
Amusement Park (Collection)
C041 Amusement Park i01 Sugar candy stick
Sugar candy on a stick
C041 Amusement Park i02 Wafer horn
Wafer horn
C041 Amusement Park i03 Balloons
C041 Amusement Park i04 Cotton candy
Cotton candy
C041 Amusement Park i05 Inflatable doggie
Inflatable doggie
C041 Amusement Park i06 Rollers
Dynamite inventory
Dynamite x5
Tool Yes
C042 Wishmasters i01 Lamp with Genie
Lamp with the Genie
C042 Wishmasters i02 Leprechaun
C042 Wishmasters i03 Goldfish
C042 Wishmasters i04 Daruma
C042 Wishmasters i05 Fairy
C042 Wishmasters i06 Falling star
Falling Star
Torch inventory
Torch x4
Tool Yes
Grandmother's Needlework
C043 Grandmothers Needlework i01 Ancient embroidery
Ancient embroidery
C043 Grandmothers Needlework i02 Scrappy blanket
Scrappy blanket
C043 Grandmothers Needlework i03 Lacy scarf
Lacy scarf
C043 Grandmothers Needlework i04 Knitted sweater
Knitted sweater
C043 Grandmothers Needlework i05 Woven rug
Woven rug
C043 Grandmothers Needlework i06 Trunk handy woman
Trunk of a handy woman
Chests Talisman Chest
Talisman Chest x1
Talisman Yes
Voodoo Magic
C044 Voodoo Magic i01 Rag doll
Rag doll
C044 Voodoo Magic i02 Pins
C044 Voodoo Magic i03 Button eyes
Button eyes
C044 Voodoo Magic i04 Plush heart
Plush heart
C044 Voodoo Magic i05 Thread
C044 Voodoo Magic i06 Voodoo doll
Voodoo Doll
Dinner x1
Energy Yes
Poker Combinations
C045 Poker Combinations i01 Straight
C045 Poker Combinations i02 Flush
C045 Poker Combinations i03 Full house
Full house
C045 Poker Combinations i04 To penalty
Four of a Kind
C045 Poker Combinations i05 Royal flush
Royal flush
C045 Poker Combinations i06 Poker counters
Poker counters
Chests Tool Case
Tool Case x1
Tool Yes
Photographer's Things
C046 Photographers Things i01 Support
C046 Photographers Things i02 Umbrella
C046 Photographers Things i03 Film
C046 Photographers Things i04 Flashlight
Flashlight (1)
C046 Photographers Things i05 Cheese
C046 Photographers Things i06 Gold Camera
Gold Camera
Chests Lucky Dogs Chest
Lucky Dog's Chest x1
Talisman Yes
Animal Tracks
C047 Animal Tracks i01 Raven Tracks
Raven tracks
C047 Animal Tracks i02 Snake Tracks
Snake tracks
C047 Animal Tracks i03 Lizard Tracks
Lizard tracks
C047 Animal Tracks i04 Deer Tracks
Deer tracks
C047 Animal Tracks i05 Bear Tracks
Bear tracks
C047 Animal Tracks i06 Pathfinders Encyclopedia
Pathfinder's Encyclopedia
Chests Lunch Chest
Lunch Chest x1
Energy Yes
C048 Sunshower i01 Chanterelles
C048 Sunshower i02 Field mushrooms
Field mushrooms
C048 Sunshower i03 Truffles
C048 Sunshower i04 Birch bolete mushrooms
Birch bolete mushrooms
C048 Sunshower i05 Oyster mushrooms
Oyster mushrooms
C048 Sunshower i06 Mushroom soup
Mushroom soup
Timemachine inventory
Time Machine x5
Tool Yes
Photo Frames
C049 Photo Frames i01 Pendant with Photo
Pendant with a photo
C049 Photo Frames i02 Childrens Photo Frame
Children's photo frame
C049 Photo Frames i03 Wooden photo frame
Wooden photo frame
C049 Photo Frames i04 Photo tree
Photo tree
C049 Photo Frames i05 Digital photo frame
Digital photo frame
C049 Photo Frames i06 Photo album
Photo Album
Fireflies x25
Special Items Yes
Tarot Cards
C050 Tarot Cards i01 Fate Wheel
Fate wheel
C050 Tarot Cards i02 Devil
C050 Tarot Cards i03 Star
Star (1)
C050 Tarot Cards i04 Moon
C050 Tarot Cards i05 Sun
C050 Tarot Cards i06 Fool
Dynamite inventory
Dynamite x5
Tool Yes
Doll Collection
C051 Doll Collection i01 Scarlett
C051 Doll Collection i02 Wendy
C051 Doll Collection i03 Eloise
C051 Doll Collection i04 Betty
C051 Doll Collection i05 Alice
C051 Doll Collection i06 Doll lodge
Doll lodge
Fireflies x50
Special Items Yes
Music Boxes
C052 Music Boxes i01 Arab dancer
Arab dancer
C052 Music Boxes i02 Hula dancer
Hula dancer
C052 Music Boxes i03 Geisha
C052 Music Boxes i04 Angel
C052 Music Boxes i05 Christmas box
Christmas box
C052 Music Boxes i06 Ballerina
Lantern inventory
Lantern x5
Tool Yes
Paradise of Sweet Teeth
C053 Paradise Sweet Teeth i01 Napoleon
Napoleon (2)
C053 Paradise Sweet Teeth i02 Cheesecake
C053 Paradise Sweet Teeth i03 Tiramisu
C053 Paradise Sweet Teeth i04 Eclair
C053 Paradise Sweet Teeth i05 Brownie
C053 Paradise Sweet Teeth i06 Gingerbread lodge
Gingerbread lodge
Fireflies x75
Special Items Yes
Princess's Things
C054 Princesss Things i01 Silver crest
Silver crest
C054 Princesss Things i02 Pea
C054 Princesss Things i03 Sun Umbrella
Sun Umbrella
C054 Princesss Things i04 Carriage
C054 Princesss Things i05 Fan
C054 Princesss Things i06 Gold princess
Gold Princess
Torch inventory
Torch x5
Tool Yes
Tea Collection
C055 Tea Collection i01 Black tea
Black tea
C055 Tea Collection i02 Green tea
Green tea
C055 Tea Collection i03 Red tea
Red tea
C055 Tea Collection i04 Chamomile
Chamomile (1)
C055 Tea Collection i05 Mushroom tea
Mushroom tea
C055 Tea Collection i06 Fruit tea
Fruit Tea
Fireflies x100
Special Items Yes
Mysterious Beings
C056 Mysterious Beings i01 Loch Ness Monster
Loch Ness Monster
C056 Mysterious Beings i02 Yeti
C056 Mysterious Beings i03 Chupacabra
C056 Mysterious Beings i04 Huge Octopus
Huge octopus
C056 Mysterious Beings i05 Alien
C056 Mysterious Beings i06 Ktulkh
Chests Elemental Chest
Elemental Chest x1
Combining Elements Yes
Data storage device
C057 Data Storage Device i01 Videotape
C057 Data Storage Device i02 Audiocassette
C057 Data Storage Device i03 Diskette
C057 Data Storage Device i04 Compact disk
Compact disk
C057 Data Storage Device i05 USB flash drive
USB flash drive
C057 Data Storage Device i06 Hard drive
Hard drive
Ice cream
Ice Cream x2
Energy Yes
Personal computer
C058 Personal computer i01 Computer tower
Computer tower
C058 Personal computer i02 Monitor
C058 Personal computer i03 Keyboard
C058 Personal computer i04 Computer mouse
Computer mouse
C058 Personal computer i05 Cable
C058 Personal computer i06 Computer
Pot o gold
Leprechaun's Pot o' Gold x1
Talisman Yes
Paint brushes
C059 Paint brushes i01 Brush squirrel fur
Brush made with squirrel fur
C059 Paint brushes i02 Brush sable fur
Brush made with sable fur
C059 Paint brushes i03 Brush pony hair
Brush made with pony hair
C059 Paint brushes i04 Brush goat fur
Brush made with goat fur
C059 Paint brushes i05 Brush cat hair
Brush made with cat hair
C059 Paint brushes i06 Set of brushes
Set of brushes
Ladybug x30
Special Items Yes
Picturesque paints
C060 Picturesque paints i01 Oil paints
Oil paints
C060 Picturesque paints i02 Tempera paints
Tempora paints
C060 Picturesque paints i03 Gouache paints
Gouache paints
C060 Picturesque paints i04 Watercolor paints
Watercolor paints
C060 Picturesque paints i05 Acrylic paints
Acrylic paints
C060 Picturesque paints i06 Palette
Fortune amulet
Fortune Amulet x1
Talisman Yes
Art supplies
C061 Art supplies i01 Airbrush
C061 Art supplies i02 Canvas
C061 Art supplies i03 Maulstick
C061 Art supplies i04 Palette knife
Palette knife
C061 Art supplies i05 Beret
C061 Art supplies i06 Easel
Donut x1
Energy Yes
Frames workshop
C062 Frames workshop i01 Aluminium frame
Aluminum frame
C062 Frames workshop i02 Plastic frame
Plastic frame
C062 Frames workshop i03 Wooden frame
Wooden frame
C062 Frames workshop i04 Frame flat profile
Frame with a flat profile
C062 Frames workshop i05 Classic frame
Classic frame
C062 Frames workshop i06 Frame return profile
Frame with return profile
Ancient scroll
Ancient Scroll x1
Talisman Yes
Statuette of the witch
C063 Statuette witch i01 Witchs cauldron
Witch's cauldron
C063 Statuette witch i02 Book potions
Book of potions
C063 Statuette witch i03 Broom
Broom (1)
C063 Statuette witch i04 Witchs hat
Witch's hat
C063 Statuette witch i05 Black cat
Black cat
C063 Statuette witch i06 Witch fairy tale
Witch from fairy tale
Fortune amulet
Fortune Amulet x1
Talisman Yes
Statuette of the wizard
C064 Statuette wizard i01 Wizards robe
Wizard's robe
C064 Statuette wizard i02 Wizards stick
Wizard's stick
C064 Statuette wizard i03 Book spells
Book of spells
C064 Statuette wizard i04 Magic sphere
Magic sphere
C064 Statuette wizard i05 Wizards hat
Wizard's hat
C064 Statuette wizard i06 Wizards fairy tale
Wizard from fairy tale
Low weight
Low weight x1
Strength Yes
Magical ingredients (1)
C065 Magical incredients i01 Phoenix feather
Phoneix feather
C065 Magical incredients i02 Unicorn hair
Unicorn hair
C065 Magical incredients i03 Vermillion flower pollen
Vermilion flower pollen
C065 Magical incredients i04 Dragons scales
Dragon's scales
C065 Magical incredients i05 Fairys wings
Fairy's wings
C065 Magical incredients i06 Malachite casket
Malachite casket
Lunch box
Lunch Box x1
Energy Yes
Fabulous things
C066 Fabulous things i01 Invisible cloak
Invisible cloak
C066 Fabulous things i02 Magic tablecloth
Magic tablecloth
C066 Fabulous things i03 Wand
C066 Fabulous things i04 Seven League boots
Seven-league boots
C066 Fabulous things i05 Magic carpet
Magic carpet
C066 Fabulous things i06 Hourglass
Scroll x2
Talisman Yes
Self-writing means
C067 Self writing means i01 Self writing pen
Self-writing pen
C067 Self writing means i02 Bottomless inkwell
Bottomless inkwell
C067 Self writing means i03 Endliess paper
Endless paper
C067 Self writing means i04 Erases everything eraser
Erases everything eraser
C067 Self writing means i05 Non-break able sealing wax
Non-breakable sealing wax
C067 Self writing means i06 Changing seal
Changing seal
Significant weight
Significant weight x1
Strength Yes
Famous pearls
C068 Famous Pearls i01 Pearl Asia
Pearl "Asia"
C068 Famous Pearls i02 Pearl Regent
Pearl "Regent"
C068 Famous Pearls i03 Pearl Abernathy
Pearl "Abernathy"
C068 Famous Pearls i04 Pearl Arco Valley
Pearl "Arco Valley"
C068 Famous Pearls i05 Pearl Hope
Pearl "Hope"
C068 Famous Pearls i06 Great Southern Pearl Cross
Great Southern Cross pearl
Ancient scroll
Ancient Scroll x1
Talisman Yes
Mammoth whales
C069 Mammoth whales i01 Sperm whale
A sperm whale
C069 Mammoth whales i02 Humpback whale
Humpback whale
C069 Mammoth whales i03 Beluga whale
Beluga whale
C069 Mammoth whales i04 Fin whale
Fin whale
C069 Mammoth whales i05 Bowhead whale
Bowhead whale
C069 Mammoth whales i06 Narwhal
Gold weight
Gold weight x1
Strength Yes
Set of the criminalist
C070 Set of the criminalist i01 Police tape
Police tape
C070 Set of the criminalist i02 Rubber gloves
Rubber gloves
C070 Set of the criminalist i03 Investigation brush
Investigation brush
C070 Set of the criminalist i04 Chalk
C070 Set of the criminalist i05 Tweezers
C070 Set of the criminalist i06 Evidence bag
Evidence bag
Money bag
Money Bag x2
Talisman Yes
Strange instruments
C071 Strange Instruments i01 Rotating Eye
Rotating eye
C071 Strange Instruments i02 3 dimensional compass
Three-dimensional compass
C071 Strange Instruments i03 Mine
C071 Strange Instruments i04 Teleportation machine
Teleportation machine
C071 Strange Instruments i05 Spotlight
C071 Strange Instruments i06 Box Strange Instruments
Box of strange instruments
Ice cream
Ice Cream x2
Energy Yes
Toolmaker's Set
C072 Toolmakers set i01 Soldering iron Gauss
Soldering iron of Gauss
C072 Toolmakers set i02 Curved tentacle
Curved probe
C072 Toolmakers set i03 Vacuum annihilator
Vacuum annihilator
C072 Toolmakers set i04 piston screwdriver
A piston screwdriver
C072 Toolmakers set i05 Precision pyrography tool
Precision pyrography tool
C072 Toolmakers set i06 Neutron battery
Neutron battery
Fortune talisman
Fortune Talisman x1
Talisman Yes
Police notes
C073 Police notes i01 Notebook
C073 Police notes i02 Graphite pencil
Graphite pencil
C073 Police notes i03 Tape recorder
Tape recorder
C073 Police notes i04 Battery
Battery (1)
C073 Police notes i05 Webcam
C073 Police notes i06 Typewriter
Donut x1
Energy Yes
The rules of the Order
C074 Rules of the Order i01 First rule
The first rule of the Explorer
C074 Rules of the Order i02 Second rule
The second rule of the Explorer
C074 Rules of the Order i03 third rule
The third rule of the Explorer
C074 Rules of the Order i04 fourth rule
The fourth rule of the Explorer
C074 Rules of the Order i05 fifth rule
The fifth rule of the Explorer
C074 Rules of the Order i06 Set rules Seeker
Set of rules of the Seeker
Fortune talisman
Fortune Talisman x2
Talisman Yes
C075 Flatware i01 Serving knife
Serving knife
C075 Flatware i02 Pastry tongs
Pastry tongs
C075 Flatware i03 Strainer
C075 Flatware i04 Soup ladle
Soup ladle
C075 Flatware i05 Slotted spatula
Slotted spatula
C075 Flatware i06 Serving set
Serving set
Lunch box
Lunch Box x1
Energy Yes
Magical ingredients (2)
C076 Magical ingredients i01 Mandrake root
Mandrake root
C076 Magical ingredients i02 Frog eye
Frog eye
C076 Magical ingredients i03 Wing flying mouse
Wing of a flying mouse
C076 Magical ingredients i04 Rabbits teeth
Rabbit's teeth
C076 Magical ingredients i05 Monitor lizards egg
Monitor lizard's egg
C076 Magical ingredients i06 Mouse tail
Mouse tail
Fortune amulet
Fortune Amulet x1
Talisman Yes
Weapons against monsters
C077 Weapons against monsters i01 Aspen stake
Aspen stake
C077 Weapons against monsters i02 Silver bullet
Silver bullet
C077 Weapons against monsters i03 Water Holy Grail
Water of the Holy Grail
C077 Weapons against monsters i04 Liquid fire
Liquid fire
C077 Weapons against monsters i05 Wooden trident
Wooden trident
C077 Weapons against monsters i06 Aresenal
Arsenal against monsters
Explorer’s Eye
Explorer's Eye x5
Tool Yes
Magical amulets
C078 Magical amulets i01 Sun amulet
Sun amulet
C078 Magical amulets i02 Moon amulet
Moon amulet
C078 Magical amulets i03 Fire amulet
Fire amulet
C078 Magical amulets i04 Water amulet
Water amulet
C078 Magical amulets i05 Wind amulet
Wind amulet
C078 Magical amulets i06 Bag with amulets
Bag with amulets
Energy drink
Energy Drink x1
Energy Yes
Charging device
C079 Charging device i01 Alchemy flask
Alchemy flask
C079 Charging device i02 Energy synthesizer
Energy synthesizer
C079 Charging device i03 Sterilizing socket
Sterilizing socket
C079 Charging device i04 Molecular kinescope
Molecular kinescope
C079 Charging device i05 Magic board
Magic board
C079 Charging device i06 Accumulating rotor
Accumulating rotor
Compass inventory
Compass x5
Tool Yes
C080 Cartography i01 Geographical map
Geographical map
C080 Cartography i02 Portolan charts
Portolan charts
C080 Cartography i03 Upside down map
Upside down map
C080 Cartography i04 Geological map
Geological map
C080 Cartography i05 Topographic map
Topographic map
C080 Cartography i06 Political map
Political map
Average weight
The average weight x1
Strength Yes
The set of the traveling
C081 Set traveling i01 First aid assistance kit
First aid assistance kit
C081 Set traveling i02 Tent
C081 Set traveling i03 Sleeping bag
Sleeping bag (1)
C081 Set traveling i04 Awning
C081 Set traveling i05 Mosquito net
Mosquito net
C081 Set traveling i06 Travelers backpack
Traveler's backpack
Lantern inventory
Lantern x2
Tool Yes
Gzhel toys
C082 Gzhel toys i01 Gzhel dwarf
Gzhel dwarf
C082 Gzhel toys i02 Gzhel pony
Gzhel pony
C082 Gzhel toys i03 Gzhel soldier
Gzhel soldier
C082 Gzhel toys i04 Gzhel rabbit
Gzhel rabbit
C082 Gzhel toys i05 Gzhel mushroom
Gzhel mushroom
C082 Gzhel toys i06 Gzhel basket
Gzhel basket
Average weight
The average weight x2
Strength Yes
Wooden toys
C083 Wooden toys i01 Wooden car
Wooden car
C083 Wooden toys i02 Wooden plane
Wooden plane
C083 Wooden toys i03 Wooden ship
Wooden ship
C083 Wooden toys i04 Wooden train
Wooden train
C083 Wooden toys i05 Wooden rocket
Wooden rocket
C083 Wooden toys i06 Wooden box
Wooden box
Dynamite inventory
Dynamite x2
Tool Yes
Movie reels
C084 Movie reels i01 Melodrama film reel
Melodrama film reel
C084 Movie reels i02 Comedy film reel
Comedy film reel
C084 Movie reels i03 Horror film reel
Horror film reel
C084 Movie reels i04 Fantasy film reel
Fantasy film reel
C084 Movie reels i05 Thriller film reel
Thriller film reel
C084 Movie reels i06 Documentary film reel
Documentary film reel
Significant weight
Significant weight x1
Strength Yes
Vinyl records
C085 Vinyl records i01 Blues
C085 Vinyl records i02 Jazz
C085 Vinyl records i03 Country
C085 Vinyl records i04 Rock n roll
Rock 'n' Roll
C085 Vinyl records i05 Pop
C085 Vinyl records i06 Classical music
Classical music
Timemachine inventory
Time Machine x2
Tool Yes
Gingerbread man
C086 Gingerbread man i01 Gingerbread body
Gingerbread body
C086 Gingerbread man i02 Gingerbread legs
Gingerbread legs
C086 Gingerbread man i03 Gingerbread hands
Gingerbread hands
C086 Gingerbread man i04 Glazed buttons
Glazed buttons
C086 Gingerbread man i05 Cream frosting
Cream frosting
C086 Gingerbread man i06 Gingerbread man
Gingerbread man
Gold weight
Gold weight x1
Strength Yes
Wooden dinnerware
C087 Wooden dinnerware i01 Bamboo coaster
Bamboo coaster
C087 Wooden dinnerware i02 Wooden chopsticks
Wooden chopsticks
C087 Wooden dinnerware i03 Wooden bowl
Wooden bowl
C087 Wooden dinnerware i04 Small wooden cup
Small wooden cup
C087 Wooden dinnerware i05 Wooden tray
Wooden tray
C087 Wooden dinnerware i06 Complete set
Complete set
Torch inventory
Torch x2
Tool Yes
Autographs of the celebrities
C088 Autographs celebrities i01 Autograph baseball player
Autograph of a baseball player
C088 Autographs celebrities i02 Autograph football player
Autograph of a football player
C088 Autographs celebrities i03 Autograph basketball player
Autograph of a basketball player
C088 Autographs celebrities i04 Autograph ice skater
Autograph of an ice skater
C088 Autographs celebrities i05 Autograph biathlete
Autograph of a biathlete
C088 Autographs celebrities i06 Boxers autograph
Boxer's autograph
Holy water
Holy Water x2
Anomaly Yes
Insects in amber
C089 Insects in amber i01 Ancient dragonfly
Ancient dragonfly
C089 Insects in amber i02 Ancient butterfly
Ancient butterfly
C089 Insects in amber i03 Ancient ant
Ancient ant
C089 Insects in amber i04 Ancient spider
Ancient spider
C089 Insects in amber i05 Ancient bee
Ancient bee
C089 Insects in amber i06 Prehistoric mosquito
Prehistoric mosquito
Hand fan
Hand Fan x2
Anomaly Yes
Different cheeses
C090 Different cheeses i01 Blue cheese
Blue cheese
C090 Different cheeses i02 Roquefort cheese
Roquefort cheese
C090 Different cheeses i03 Feta cheese
Feta cheese
C090 Different cheeses i04 Maasdam cheese
Maasdam cheese
C090 Different cheeses i05 Cheshire cheese
Cheshire cheese
C090 Different cheeses i06 Marscarpone cheese
Mascarpone cheese
Magical lantern
Magical Lantern x2
Anomaly Yes
Circus artists
C091 Circus artists i01 Clown
C091 Circus artists i02 Acrobat
C091 Circus artists i03 Illusionist
C091 Circus artists i04 Fakir
C091 Circus artists i05 Juggler
C091 Circus artists i06 Trained bear
Trained bear
Mystic mirror
Mystic Mirror x2
Anomaly Yes
Board games
C092 Board games i01 Dominoes
C092 Board games i02 Bingo
C092 Board games i03 Backgammon
C092 Board games i04 Scrabble
C092 Board games i05 Monopoly
C092 Board games i06 Checkers