Step by step Edit

Using the visual editor (Taken from Fandom) Edit


This is the pop-up that will appear when you click the link button

To create a link, you must be in edit mode.

  • Begin by highlighting the text you want to link.
  • Then click on the [9] button on the toolbar. (If you don't see this button, there are other options. See below.)
  • A window will pop up that gives you two options for linking: an internal link or an external link. Internal links are pages within the wiki (or to another wiki). External links are to pages outside of FANDOM. Select which one you need.
  • Enter the target of the link. For an Internal link, enter the name of the page (see Types of internal links below for more detail). For an external link, enter the full URL (including the "http://" part).
  • Make sure the text that should display for the link looks correct (it should be displaying the text you highlighted earlier).
  • Click "OK". Your link will appear!

ABC's of Formatting

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