Jigsaw is the fifth puzzle mini-game unlocked when playing the Secret Society: Hidden Mystery. Jigsaw is a relatively easy mini-game, the object of which is to move the puzzle pieces to the field inside the frame to complete a picture.

Jigsaw is available to play when a player reaches level 7 in the game; however you must first investigate locations to receive the 5 pieces that will unlock it. Once this is done, you will be asked to pay 4,000 coins and then the full mini-game will be accessible to play.

Jigsaw was introduced during the Call from the Depths Update (May 2017).

How To PlayEdit

First a picture will appear. Remember the picture. After tapping on the 'Play' button, the picture will break into pieces and you will need to reassemble it.

Jigsaw Play
Jigsaw Novice level

Tools in JigsawEdit

There are two tools available to use while playing Jigsaw. Using a Time Machine in Jigsaw will add 45 seconds to the timer. Using an Explorer's Eye once in Jigsaw will correctly connect 2 random puzzle pieces in their proper place and using it more than once will place 1 random puzzle piece in its proper place in the frame with each use.

Hints and TipsEdit

The Jigsaw puzzles get more and more complicated the further you advance in the game. In later levels there are often many pieces in the puzzle area that you must first rotate in order to fit them properly. A puzzle piece may be rotated 90 degrees by clicking or tapping on it. You then drag the piece to its proper place in the frame until all pieces form a complete picture.

Every Jigsaw puzzle is solvable without the use of Explorer's Eyes, but they can be very useful when facing a new puzzle for the first time. Once you can solve the puzzle with 1 or 2 pieces placed you will have a better understanding of how to solve the puzzle with the other pieces.

Try to complete the picture before the timer at the top of the screen runs out!

Notes and Historical InformationEdit

When the puzzle was introduced to the game, level 18 and 19,000 coins was needed to unlock it until the Halloween's Horror Update changed it to level 7.


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