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Sometimes the information contained within this wiki can be useful if printed or saved as a file. Usually upon request, this information will be reformatted into an easy-to-read PDF (portable document format) which can be opened using one of a variety of free software include Adobe Reader, Reader, and others.

Requests for information in PDF can be made to the Content Moderator. The information requested is generally found on one page within the Wiki which is in a table or contains many pictures. They may also be used to represent worded instructions in a pictorial manner.

In some cases to download PDFs, you may need to right-click (hold down your finger for about two seconds) the link. Select "open in new tab." You will then be able to open or download the PDF.

Current PDFsEdit

Adding Links: A pictorial representation of how to have a link show up as words

Adding Photos: A pictorial representation of how to add a photo to a message wall or forum thread

Blocks Guide (October 2016): Solutions to the Blocks mini-game for High Explorer+ as a section of pictures

Blocks Guide (Numbered): Solutions to the Blocks mini-game for High Explorer+ using numbered blocks instead of arrows

Gem Match Expert Learning Marathon: Strategies to become an expert in Gem Match

Pipes: Solutions to the Pipes mini-game for High Explorer+ as a section of pictures

Sorted Collection List: List of all collections organized by giftability, reward type, and reward (October 2016)

Time Travel Complete Guide: Comprehensive guide to Time Travelling for iOS, Android and Windows users

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