Helpful link: A visual guide for navigating wiki and the blue bar.

Home Page:

  • On the Home page (which you can access through the menus or by hitting the SSHM logo (which is a hot spot to our Home page), you will find. below the Update/Events listings and below the navigation icons. a large table of contents with links.
  • Use the categories and related page links at the bottom of each room page.  They take you to new horizons to explore.

Wiki Time:

For easy time zone convertion:

  • You  can  look on your  on profile under contributions after you do a post and see  wiki time and see when it  resets.  You  can see  your  own time and calculate  the  difference.
  • If you are in a long thread, use the "end" button to go to the end of the thread. Use the "home" button to go to the top of the thread.
  • This is information written by MarieHickyHiney. A quick tutorial for learning to use wiki..

1) At top, look up and to the right of the bell. That's your notifications. Anytime you make a post or someone you're following makes a post, it shows up there. Just tap on it, a menu drops down, and click the one you want to read and you'll go to that page.

2) To the left of your bell is your profile pic, currently empty, click that from any page you're on and you can get to your wall.

3) To the left of that is the search box. Let's say you want to get to "name's" wall. Type USER:NAME then click on their name in the drop down box. So whomever you want to get to type USER:profile name. Since it's a search engine, once you start typing the friend's name, it will start giving options.

4) Look down, bottom of screen. See the words follow, history, my tools etc... If you want to follow a friend, when you're on their wall click follow and it will change to following. Then anytime they post, you'll get a notification in your bell. You can unfollow at anytime by clicking it and it will change back to follow.

5) Tap any answer you want to reply to and click quote...then you can reply below the quoted box.

6) To find a person's page either click on their "blue" name or type "User:theirname" in the search box in the top blue bar.

7) There are two places to look for folks on your FL if you do not know their wiki name to use the search. "User:wikiname" to search


You can change how you get notifications if you want. If you click on the little down arrow next to your thumbnail avatar at the top of the page, you can select Preferences. Then select email. Almost at the bottom of that page is Message forum and Wall.

It says email in bold and there are three choices in the box. One to get notifications for every message, one to get one notification if anything is posted since your last visit or Never.

  • Profile pic change.😀💖 by Storm61

1. Go to your profile

2. On the blue strip that has your name on it tap your name.

3. An edit button should come up on the right side, tap it.

4. Next screen tap Avatar.

5. From there it's like adding a pic.

EDITING the Wiki:


Frequently Asked Questions

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