Friends waiting room
Note - the Secret Society game was released in November 2012, however the friend sections were not added until version 1.3 in April 2013. As a result the friends section is still a work in progress, and integration into the game is not perfect.

To access the Friends section of the game press the ‘friends icon’ on the bottom right hand side of your home desktop. There are 6 tabs in total in the box that opens.

Friends Edit

The first tab – friends – is a list of your current friends. The order of your friends is completely random, however if you have added friends through Facebook and are currently logged into Facebook through the game, those friends will appear first on the list. If you are not logged into Facebook, those friends may be missing from your friends list altogether.

Each friends box gives basic information about them such as their name; a picture of their avatar with their profession symbol in top right corner; their current game level and number of experience points.

There are also 4 buttons that you can use to interact with the friend:

  • The green Hire button under the friend’s avatar hires them for one picture investigation. This button turns grey if the friend is currently hired by you. The level of the friend does not matter. It is their profession that helps you. See professional symbol below.
  • The green send a gift button on bottom left of friends box brings up the gifting screen for that friend.
  • The green Visit button brings you to your friend’s desktop.
  • The brown X in the top right corner is used to delete that friend from your friends list.

By pressing a friend's avatar you can see more detailed information about them. The box this brings up shows their avatar with a blown up version of their profession symbol. Pressing this symbol explains what the profession is and what it does.

For Instructions on adding friends in the game see: Adding Friends.


The second tab – Invite – brings up an automatically generated list of 6 random players for you to invite to be friends. Each person has a information box similar to the one for your current friends in the friends tab. This gives basic information about the player, so it is useful to press their avatar to get the extra information such as their current number of friends.

You can also visit the player using the green visit button to see their game board, however you may not receive one of your allotted daily bonuses for visiting friends by visiting players in the invite tab and you may not charge their pictures/awards. You can only charge your friends pictures/awards. The big difference between this info box and the one you see for your current friends in the friends tab is that instead of a ‘send a gift’ button on the bottom left hand side of the box, there is a green ‘add’ button. Pressing add will send a friend invite to this player. If they accept your invite they will be added to your list of friends.

Note: Prior to the Spring 2015 Update, you could receive one of your allotted daily bonuses when visiting a player in your invite tab.


The third tab – Waiting – shows your waiting room. A red circle with a white number in the corner of the waiting tab tells you how many players are in your waiting room.

Players you have invited, either by the Invite tab or the Add by code tab, show up here while you are waiting for a response from them. Here their box is disabled, so you are not able to visit or see their detailed information. Instead of the active buttons at the bottom of their box there is a ‘waiting for reply’ message. When this player accepts your friend request you will be notified the next time you open the game by a bouncing red exclamation mark over the friends section on your home desktop, and they will have been automatically added to your Friends tab.

Any player that has sent you a friend invite will also appear in the Waiting tab. These players have either added you from their own randomly generated list in their Invite tab or have added you by your invite code if you have posted it here. You will be given two options – press the red ‘reject’ button to reject the friend request and that person will be removed from your waiting room. Press the green ‘accept’ button and that friend will be added to your friends list in the Friends tab. You can find your new friend in the Friends tab and start gifting and visiting them. When a new player invites you to be their friend and enters your waiting room you will be notified by the same bouncing exclamation mark over the friends section on your home desktop.


The fourth tab – Gifts – shows any gifts you have received. A red circle with a white number in the corner of the Gift tab tells you how many gifts are waiting for you to accept. The boxes in this section show the avatar of the sender, the name of the sender (under the avatar), a red accept button (which adds the gift to your inventory), a brown X (which rejects the gift), and a symbol explaining the type of gift. There are two kinds of gifts that appear here.

The first type of gifts are gifts sent to you by your friend using the ‘send a gift’ button in the Friends tab. Gifts that show a picture of the item with the name of the item at the top of the box are gifts sent directly to you by your friend. This is often an item from your wishlist, but can also be items the friend thought might be useful to you depending on your level and what pictures you have available to play. When you press the red ‘accept’ button for this type of gift a green ‘thank’ button appears. Pressing the green thank button sends a thank you gift back to the friend who send you the gift.

The second type of gift is thank you gifts. These appear as wrapped presents in the gift tab. These gifts are the result of your friend pressing ‘thanks’ after accepting a gift from you. They are randomly chosen items by the game, and your friend has no control over what is in the wrapped gift but neither does it come out of their inventory. Typically the wrapped gifts contain low level collection items (e.g. items from the Coin collection, the Chess Board collection, the Majestic Crown collection, the Toy Soldier collection, the Observatory Model collection, or the Sea Captain Figurine collection) or a low level element for combining collections (e.g. winding keys, springs, gears).

Please note – if you use the brown X on the top right hand side of a gift you will reject the gift. The gift will not be added to your inventory but it will also not return to the sender. The gift is simply lost.

Note: Since the Spring 2015 Update, thank you gifts are now called 'Gratitude from a friend' in your gift box.

Add by codeEdit

The fifth tab – Add by Code – this is where you add new Friends by entering invite codes they have given you and where you find your own invite code to give to potential new friends. There are two options.

Pressing the green Invite button on the left hand side brings up you own invite code. This is a random 6 digit code that may contain both numbers and uppercase letters, so care is needed in distinguishing similar digits such a 0 (zero) and o (letter) or 1 (one) and I (capital letter). This code expires after five (5) players have used it.

Pressing the green Enter button on the right hand side brings up a keyboard for you to enter a code given to you by another player. Once this code has been entered correctly the player will appear in your Waiting tab with ‘waiting for reply’ under their name, and you will appear in their Waiting tab with the ‘accept’ and ‘reject’ options. Once the player finds you in their Waiting tab and presses ‘accept’ they will automatically appear in your ‘Friends’ section.

Top 1000Edit

The sixth tab – Top 1000 – The Top 1000 tab shows the top 1000 players in 5 categories – experience (which players are at the highest level); collections (which players have combined the most collections); Finders (which players have completed the most quests); Reputation (which friends have the most reputation points, you receive one reputation point for each picture/award you charge when visiting friends); and Puzzles (which players have played won most games e.g. blocks, pipes, memory match and gem match). You can press the green ‘find me’ button on the bottom of the screen to go to you in the list (but only if you have broken into the top 1000 for that entry).

The entries in the Top 1000 give a bit more information about the player than just their name and rank. Pressing the avatar of a player will bring up the detailed list about them (similar to the one you can see for your friends/future friends in Friends and Invite tab. The exact number of experience points, collections, quests completed, reputation points earned or games played is shown to the right of their avatar, and the players current level is shown underneath that number. The list of symbols under this represents the awards the player has won (your awards are on the top of your home desktop) and the level of each award. By pressing one of the awards it brings up a description of that awards requirements, how far away you are from achieving it, and the reward for getting that reward. There are 10 levels in total for each award, so if you are on a lower level of a particular award, you can see what the future requirements to get the higher levels will be by checking out the awards of the Top 1000 players.

Pressing the open square next to the white writing ‘friends only’ brings up the leader board for your group of friends only. You can see how your friends are doing for each category, and see where you rank in your friends list (none of you need to be in the Top 1000 players for this, it will list all of your friends in all categories). You can go back to viewing the top 1000 players at any time by pressing the white friends only box (now has a check mark in it) again.

Visiting versus ChargingEdit

Visiting is different than charging. You can visit each friend 2 times per day and get 100 experience (150 with a Peace Amulet) and gold for each friend visit up to your reputation level. All you have to do for this is go into your friend's board. Even if you have no power, your visit into their board gives you experience.

Charging happens when you click on an award, room, or puzzle. That is 100 experience per click (150 with Peace Amulet). This can be used anytime of day if you have power. It subtracts 10 power points per click. The number of charges you can do is dependent on your  power which is reset to full when you level up or use a gold 10+ power weight. This weight can be obtained by combining the whales, gingerbread man, minerals, and notebook.

For further information see Visiting.


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