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Engineer's uniform collection

Engineer's uniform is a collection that can be combined in the game.

Each Hidden Object Picture and Puzzle game in the Secret Society - Hidden Mystery has its own set of reward items that players can win, in addition to earning Experience points and coins. Many of these items form parts of collections that players can combine in order to win rewards.

This collection is currently associated with an Artefact in the game.

See the List of Collections page for a list of all collections currently available in the game and the rewards for combining them.

Engineer's uniform CollectionEdit

Engineer's uniform is collection number 463 in the collections section of the game in accordance with the List of Collections Page. This collection was introduced to the game in the 1.21 version of the game - The Magic Tour and Christmas Update (November 2016).

This collection was part of the Magic Tour and Christmas Update's Magic Tour Timed Challenges. Players needed to complete 30 special Quests before the timer ran out in order to unlock a special Souvenir Jewelry Box, and receive its rewards. 6 of those 30 Quests involved finding all the items from and then combining the Engineer's uniform collection.

When the Engineer's uniform collection was first introduced, Train Ticket Special Items were given as rewards for combining the collection. Train Tickets were required, in addition to Energy points, for each play of the Luxury Express picture as this picture was also used as part of the Magic Tour and Christmas Update's timed challenges.

Each collection in the game consists of 5 different collection items.

Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Item 5 Combining Elements Required Item Created by Combining Reward for Combining
C463 Engineer's uniform i01 Engineer's jacket
Engineer's jacket
C463 Engineer's uniform i02 Engineer's trousers
Engineer's trousers
C463 Engineer's uniform i03 Engineer's shirt
Engineer's shirt
C463 Engineer's uniform i04 Engineer's tie
Engineer's tie
C463 Engineer's uniform i05 Engineer's cap
Engineer's cap
C463 Engineer's uniform CE
C463 Engineer's uniform i06 Engineer's uniform
Engineer's uniform

Once you have collected at least one of each item for this collection, along with the required number of combining elements, the COMBINE button on the right side of the collection will turn green. You will be able to combine the collection and receive your rewards. If the COMBINE button is brown, then you are either missing one or more of the collection items, or you do not have enough of one or more of the required combining elements.

Collection ItemsEdit

There are several ways to obtain the collection items needed to combine the Engineer's uniform collection.

They can be: 1) won as a reward for successfully investigating certain pictures and winning certain puzzle games; 2) won both within, as well as before and after the quests for them; 3) randomly rewarded by the Collector desktop award; and 4) randomly rewarded from charging a friend's board when visiting friends. The collection items can also be gifted to friends (from your own inventory) and received as gifts from friends.

The chart below details: 1) Collection Item Name; 2) Find In Quest - the name of the quest; 3) Found After Quest Completion - where the item can be obtained after the quest has been completed; and 4) Giftable/Drop - whether or not the item is giftable, obtainable while visiting a friend's board as a drop, or both.

Collection Item Name Find In Quest Found After Quest Completion Giftable/Drop
Engineer's jacket Stop the train Curiosities Room Both
Engineer's trousers Pretend to be the engineer Curiosities Room Both
Engineer's shirt Iron captivity Curiosities Room Both
Engineer's tie The living train Curiosities Room Both
Engineer's cap On the way to freedom Curiosities Room Both

Collection items with a green plus sign can be added to your wish list to indicate to your friends that you need the item. This is done by clicking on the green plus sign next to the item in the Collections window, at which point it will turn into a red x and will also show up on your wish list. You can also gift these collection items to your friends, either directly from their wish list or through the 'Send a collection item' tab in the gifting window for that friend. All collection items gifted to friends will come out of your inventory.

Collection items without a green plus sign cannot be added to your wish list or gifted to friends. It does not matter how many of that item you have in your inventory; if the item does not have a green plus sign next to it, it will not appear in the 'Send a collection item' tab in the gifting window. It is impossible to send or receive items that do not have a green plus sign, however they may be obtained through a drop while visiting a friend's board or by charging an award.

Combining ElementsEdit

The combining elements required to assemble any collection can be won as a reward for successfully investigating certain pictures and winning certain puzzle games.

The following is a list of the combining elements that are required in order to combine the Engineer's uniform collection. For each combining element, it shows how many are required each time you combine a collection and where the combining element can be found in the game.

Combining Element Name Number Required Locations can be found
Gold Winding Key
Gold Winding Key
6 Pipes; Blocks; Japanese House; Venice; Joy Cafe
6 Memory Match; Pipes; Blocks; Buddha's Square; Mayan Temple; Polar Station; Bungalow
6 Memory Match; Pipes; Blocks; Buddha's Square; Mayan Temple; Polar Station; Bungalow
Antikythera Mechanism
Antikythera Mechanism
6 Ghost Town; Crashed Plane; Amusement Park; Throne Room; Misty Shed

Currently all combining elements have a green plus sign, which means they can be added to your wish list and gifted between friends.

Important: All combining elements in the game count as free gifts therefore they DO NOT come out of your inventory when gifted to Friends.


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