• Suhonenm

    So when it's a long was driving and I was nervous.....I do ridiculous things😂😂😂. And on the way back, I do more ridiculous things, like make another blog of me absolutely being silly. I mean, what's a girl to do🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️😂

    Good thing I beeped myself🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️😂😂. I swear I am one fry short of a Happy Meal😂

    Oh how I love my mom❤️

    Mom?? Did something happen?🤢

    Skunk......Yuck!!!!!! It smelled for 11 miles!

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  • Suhonenm
    • first attempt at creating a blog also. So, this could be an utter train wreck....we could only be so lucky 😘😂

    I cannot believe I'm doing this! Yes, I'm goofy and silly but this is actually has nothing to do with that....this is leaving me vulnerable, exposed, raw and all that deep stuff😂😂. But why not...maybe someone will smile and that's what it's all about right.......okay, I will bury my handed in sand now ==]]

    What in the world am I pushing away. Hahahaha!

    Oh my, I cannot believe someone actually married me because holy cow😂😂😂. I defiantly need sleep.....because if I don't I get all goofy and I look drunk! 😂😂

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  • Chrise Stareshine


    September 11, 2017 by Chrise Stareshine

    I've just recently joined the wiki community and I'm humbled by the welcome messages I've received.  As a few members have discoverd, I've become curious about TT.  I've read the links provided but as a visual learner, I'm still confused and have specific questions.  Presently looking for step-by-step directions.  However, I want to thank everyone for the support/help I've been given about finding my way around the community.  This newbie is learning.  Hope you're having a great day!

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  • Sarantran

    Complete 180

    September 9, 2017 by Sarantran

    Today was a bit challenging for me. A friend of mine had sent an extremely harsh text that had me in tears. My sister just so happened to come home at the beginning of this episode so she couldn't help but be concerned. I told her, "Nothing." when she asked, so she left it at that. Two hours later, she noticed I was still in tears. She brought her dog, who I love very dearly, over to cuddle me, then sat herself down for a talk. Afterwards, I distracted myself with SS and then logged into Wiki to check last messages before bed. This is what I found:

    Everything about my day was completely forgotten and I literally wore a genuine smile. I wanted to address this here because I want all my friends to realize how strongly their thoughtfulness and…

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  • Agent45


    September 7, 2017 by Agent45

    I have been on the discussion boards trying to find a step by step tutorial on how to do it. Sill need help. Also I'm on two different levals and was wondering when new update is coming oit on computers.

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  • Sarantran

    "Vacation" is over 😞

    September 2, 2017 by Sarantran

    Hello dear friends,

    I just wanted to let you guys know that my week-long "break" from school is over and rumor has it that this new semester is supposed to be the hardest. That said, I am sure I'll be debating on which is higher on the priority list - eating or sleeping - so if I go days without responding to your messages or gift giving, please know that I am probably having many breakdowns (or on the verge of dying) but you will all still be in my thoughts. 

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  • 4solace

    Whew! What a week! I started the week just getting my feet under me with school. Then I get THE call from my Dear Husband. I was not prepared, ack! Huge change of plans leading to many changes. My head is spinning. It is stressful, so it is affecting my health by sending me into a major flare coupled with migraines. I am just coming out of it now, at least I hope.

    We have been planning for the last year to essentially own our own business. We were aiming for June next year to give us time to get things at home where they needed to be. My husband is an OTR long haul trucker with 17 years experience in hauling everything from regular freight, refrigerated, glass, flatbed, large equipment, to oversized loads. He has been at the top of his game…

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  • Katlovrno1

    Hi everyone,

    Here are the steps and instructions regarding how we, the editors have been doing images for the past 9 months. Please keep in mind that most of these tips are to retain consistency throughout the articles.

    • The majority of images used in the articles have the parchment backgrounds removed so that only the item is left. To achieve this, one can use an image editor such as MS Paint, Pixlr or even Photoshop. Photoshop is a paid program, but you can do this free with the other editors. I crop the images as close as possible to the item so there's less background to remove. If you find another program, I'd be very interested in hearing about it, you can leave me a note in the comments section below. Choose one to suit your personal …
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  • MDbugs

    Editing draft

    July 20, 2017 by MDbugs

    Just to be clear, this is a wiki - an encyclopedia that anyone is welcome to edit. Every user has equal rights when it comes to adding information and improving articles, and no one person can dictate who is and isn't qualified to do so. Wikis are built on their communities and benefit from having as many unique voices as possible. The goal here is to encourage editing, not to discourage it.  (The above  is  copied  from  Foss)   link  on  how  to  edit. Once you're in an editor, you can use the available tools to quickly add and remove information, change the formatting, add new images and videos, update the page's layout and much more! Once you're done making your changes, just click the 'Publi…

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  • MDbugs


    July 18, 2017 by MDbugs

    Hi TDC, I've seen a number of posts today were you have suggested other users stay away from editing the main space here (wiki articles). Just to be clear, this is a wiki - an encyclopedia that anyone is welcome to edit. Every user has equal rights when it comes to adding information and improving articles, and no one person can dictate who is and isn't qualified to do so. Wikis are built on their communities and benefit from having as many unique voices as possible. The goal here is to encourage editing, not to discourage it.

    21:24, July 7, 2016   link  on  how  to  edit. Once you're in an editor, you can use the available tools to quickly add and remove information, change the fo…

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  • 4paws

    Something has to change

    July 16, 2017 by 4paws

    "I accidently posted this on another board! :o( I read it this morning and thought I would pass it along to ponder.

    Offence is a choice! We all choose whether we will take offence to something or not. Therefore if we are offended, we should not BLAME others for the offence but rather review our own attitudes as to why we are offended and then consider what to do about the attitudes we have. If we choose to entertain the offence that is our perogative...not anything others can control. Hence when people choose to get offended, there's nothing you can do to stop it... it is something they and only they control. Offence is a choice."

    I totally love this statement. It applies to so much of …

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  • Missy W. 2016

    JUly 16th!!! 🥁

    July 15, 2017 by Missy W. 2016

    I'm so looking forward to Sunday night!!! Winter is here!! Game of Thrones!!! 🎸🍀🎸

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  • Imskrak

    Imskrak 🤠🍀: Awright wee man?

    Iwomaj 🤗🌿🌻: Hiya Pal, belter..!

    🤠🍀: Ya dancer, saw you challenge, everything done, great!

    🤗🌿🌻: Thanks Pal, you also, belter! Listen, want to ask you, is there any way to help people understand each other?

    🤠🍀: Aye, that's very easy, they should watch it 👇 first and then write an answer..

    🤗🌿🌻: 😂😂🤣😂😂‼️ And that one to understand us 😉

    🤠🍀: 👌😅👍 Thanks wee man!

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  • Whyme2009

    Running Silent

    July 11, 2017 by Whyme2009

    With all of the " (s)he says.... she says" happening again and the ban hammer on a demented tour,  I will be running silent and deep from now on.  If you need something for you game, go ahead and post on my wall, and i will read it.... but I may not write an answer...  Or I might, who knows...  LOL   Happy gaming allemaal :)

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  • Mainframebabe

    Our Wiki

    July 8, 2017 by Mainframebabe

    First of all the fact is that we just recently received a single update for our devices. That update contained some fixes for things we might or might not wish to document (I would have liked to have that info). It also contained the addition of a series of new collections. Some of these collections were part of one or the other of the 2 Timed Challenge Events that were also part of the update. Some were not about either event but were still quests. Some were, what we call, one-off CIs. A new picture was introduced (Playground) which while visible on our desktops, was not part of either event. It could only be opened if the player had already reached the proper experience level to open it. Also, the jigsaw puzzle was introduced. Like the p…

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  • Redbeard99


    Getting started
    Home Desktop
    Experience Levels
    Reputation Levels
    Frequently asked Questions
    PDFs (link
    Friends Section
    Adding Friends
    Gifting Friends
    Visiting Friends
    Hiring Friends
    List of Real Players   (List_of_Wiki_Secret_Society_Players)
    List Of Pictures
    Picture Modes
    Picture Levels
    Buddahs Square
    Throne Room
    Japanese House
    Mayan Temple
    Ghost Town
    Joy Cafe
    List of Puzzles
    Gem Match
    Memory Match


    Databases    (direct link to
    Inventory Section
    Combining Elements

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  • Urshurak6

    Is this compulsive?

    July 2, 2017 by Urshurak6

    Ok, when I play a picture, I always search for the items in the same order as they are shown in the bar beneath the picture. I literally have some kind of block when I can't find the first item in the row. Creepy, huh? 

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  • 4paws

    2 Funnies

    June 23, 2017 by 4paws

    Here is where I will post funnies I've shared on the Wiki. We all need a good belly laugh to keep our souls in balance!!

    This just makes me giggle no matter how many times I watch it:

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  • Mainframebabe

    My doorbell rang yesterday afternoon, and there stood a female postman with full dreadlocks and a big smile on her face. She said that she had a small package for me and that she knew that I didn't normally receive packages at my home, but she was afraid that if she left it on my doorstep, that it might get stolen or lost, so she came through my gate and decided to try my doorbell, just in case....

    I was delighted as I hadn't ordered anything and it wasn't a bill LOL

    I thanked her and had a quick chat about her day and then opened my small box. In it was a coffee cup with the following words, and I'm still kind of teary. It said:

    To My Daughter

    If ever there is a tomorrow that we're not together...
    there is something you must always remember


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  • Imskrak

    Imskark 🤠🍀 achievements: the first event ✅ the second event ✅ level 500 ✅ 21k collections ✅

    Iwomaj 🤗🌿🌻 achievements: the first event (except avvies) ✅ the second event not updated yet 📍level 300 ✅ 5k collections in progress (over 4400 at the moment)🌀

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  • Karendu1

    My Sophie

    June 11, 2017 by Karendu1

    This is my first attempt ever at writing a blog and I thought it was fitting to make it about my dear Sophie!

    Sophie was our beautiful, loving, amazing, 14-year-old Bichon who unfortunately died about 2 1/2 weeks ago. We knew she was failing but never thought it would happen so quickly. She has left a huge hole in our hearts and in our home. Our remaining Bichon is truly lost. She's never known life without Sophie. They were buddies, constant companions.

    We will never forget her. We have started looking for a new dog; not as a replacement for Sophie, but as a tribute to her.

    Here are pictures showing how close my two Bichons were, they were inseparable...

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  • Maguti


    June 10, 2017 by Maguti


    Ein Traum hat mich heut wachgeküsst,

    ein Hauch von Gänsehaut.

    Durch ´s Land der Wunder – schwach gesüßt,

    spaziert ich wie vertraut.

    Ein Meer aus Farben, silberhell,

    erwärmet mir das Herz

    und Vogelsang als Freudenquell

    vertreibt mir allen Schmerz.

    Ein Hauch von Wehmut hüllt mich ein

    Und deckt mich sachte zu.

    Ein kleiner Zweifel – ich – allein?

    Nein – dann ist wieder Ruh.

    Ein  Ozean aus Zärtlichkeit

    berühret mich ganz sacht

    wie Wattebausch mit Heiterkeit.

    Hab ich an Dich gedacht?

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  • Maguti

    Schiet ook

    June 10, 2017 by Maguti

    Schiet ook!

    Ik sitt hier unner Barken


    De Koffie steiht up ´t Disk


    Will noch wat sitten blieben


    Dor worn Gewitterwulken


    Ik hebb nich langer schräben


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  • Maguti


    June 10, 2017 by Maguti


    Vor Tagen aus dem Weißen Haus

    Da zog der Billy Clinton aus

    Der George W. Bush zog wieder ein

    Und zwar mit Hund und nicht allein

    Respekt vor Agon, wie er heißt

    Hat jeder, weil das Hündchen beißt

    Genervt von all den Prominenten

    Reißt aus der Hund des Präsidenten

    Fast jede Nacht – was sonderbar

    Am nächsten Morgen wieder da

    Der gute Agon in der Früh

    Und lehnt sich an des Herrchens Knie

    Da spricht zu uns Herr Dabbeljuh

    Ein Rätsel hab ich jetzt 4 U:

    Wo pennt Agon?

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  • Maguti


    June 10, 2017 by Maguti


    Man seggt, in ´d Eems bi Nesserland

    Dor gift dat Dullertwiefkes

    Van baben Fro, van unnern Fisk

    Mit blanke, witte Liefkes.

    Vör hunnert Johrn is dor geböhrt

    Worvan ik will vertellen

    Een jungen Kerl, so hebb ik hört

    Versunk dor eenst in ´d Wellen.

    He kwamm na ´d Karkhoff, jüst in ´d Hoog

    Sein Froo leeg dor begroben

    Kunn hoost de Pad need sehn vör ´d Oog

    Bloß Vullmoon schkien van boben.

    Een Singen höört he achter Diek,

    gung ´t na, wull bloot eem kieken.

    He keek up ´d Water un sach gliek

    Twee Wiefkes, Hann suck rieken.

    Kumm bi uns, Hannes, repen se

    Wi willen mit die singen

    Un sünner Küern leep he na ´d See

    Un de in ´d Water springen.

    Na veertein Doog het man hum funn´

    Gaanz stief un vull van Sären

    Een Ratsel – up sin Lippen stunn

    Deels Grinn´ un deels verf…

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  • Maguti


    June 10, 2017 by Maguti


    Auf Santorin, da gab es früher große Bergesspitzen.

    Doch jetzt nicht mehr, Vulkane sie dereinst ins Wasser spritzten.

    Die Wellen, die seitdem das Mittelmeer bewegen

    Da gibt ´s seitdem kein Mittel mehr dagegen.

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  • Maguti


    June 10, 2017 by Maguti

    Leed för mien Leevde


    Ik kann nich slapen

    Wat is mi geböhrt

    Hest du nett ropen

    Off hebb`k mi verhört

    Weer woll bloß Inbilln

    Man ik weet dat Een

    Ik bün sied Güstern

    Nich mehr alleen


    Bie`d   erste Mörgenlücht

    Bün ik all bi di

    Wenn wi uns nah sünd

    Dat is dat Moijst för mi

    Denn laacht de dach uns an

    Sünn geiht up för di un mi

    Leevste ik leev di 


    Kumm doch wat nader

    Leevste wäs nich bang

    Glöv mi dien Öllern

    Schlapen doch all lang

    Will mit di handjen

    Sitten mit di Hard an Hard

    Un wachten süütjes of

    Bit´d lechter ward


    Bie`d   erste Mörgenlücht

    Bün ik noch bi di

    Wenn wi uns nah sünd

    Dat is dat Moijst för mi

    Denn laacht de dach uns an

    Sünn geiht up för di un mi

    Leevste ik leev di

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  • Maguti

    Gute Nacht

    June 10, 2017 by Maguti

    Gute Nacht

    Wie Diamanten funkeln hold die Sterne

    Silbernes Mondlicht steht überm Meer

    Und hinter dunklen Wolken in der Ferne

    Fällt noch der Sonne der Abschied schwer

    Gute Nacht

    Schlafe ein mein Kind

    Ich weiß ganz genau

    Dass Engel bei dir sind

    Gute Nacht

    Träum ein Träumelein

    Denk an mich heut Nacht

    Dann bist du nicht allein

    Stürzt sich vom Firmament ein Sternenschnüppchen

    Schließ deine Augen, wünsche dir Glück

    Koch dir in deinem Herz ein Wonnensüppchen

    Find Seelenfrieden im Augenblick

    Gute Nacht

    Schlafe ein mein Kind

    Ich weiß ganz genau

    Dass Engel bei dir sind

    Gute Nacht

    Träum ein Träumelein

    Denk an mich heut Nacht

    Dann bist du nicht allein

    Sandmännchen schleicht sich durch das offne Fenster

    Streut in die Augen dir Wundersand

    Und wenn du willst, kannst du die Schäfch…

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  • Maguti


    June 10, 2017 by Maguti


    Die Birne glüht im Liebeswahn

    Und schaut die Nachttischlampe an.

    Die ist vor Liebe ganz beschwipst –

    Da wird sie einfach ausgeknipst.

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  • Maguti


    June 10, 2017 by Maguti


    Ein alter Teppich in Bahrain

    Der wollte gern in Kairo sein

    Er hatte Angst vorm Fliegen

    So blieb er einfach liegen.

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  • Maguti


    June 10, 2017 by Maguti


    Jedes Lüftchen, das sich regt, möchte dir ein Ständchen bringen

    Jedes Tröpfchen, das da fällt, möchte mit dir  Lieder singen

    Jeder Sonnenstrahl der scheint, möchte dich erwärmen

    Jede Blüte, die noch blüht, möchte von dir schwärmen

    Jedes Herz, das an dich denkt, möchte mit dir sein

    Öffne nur dein Herz, nie mehr bist du allein

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  • Maguti

    Der rote Erik

    June 10, 2017 by Maguti

    Der rote Erik

    Der Erik war ein Wikinger

    Den konnte nichts erschrecken

    Er stürzte sich ins blaue Meer

    Amerika entdecken

    Wenn ihr nun fragt, erreicht´ der Mann

    Was er sich vorgenommen

    So sag ich euch, er kam nicht an

    Er hatte sich verschwommen

    So kam ´s, dass er auf Grönland stieß

    Dank Thor, dem edlen Retter

    Und schon nach vierzehn Tagen ließ

    Er kommen Weib und Vetter

    Doch am Polarkreis war ´s zu kalt

    Da fröstelte es jeden

    Und darum kehrten sie schon bald

    Zurück ins Land der Schweden

    Daheim erfuhr er mächtig Ehr

    Ihm ward die Brust geschwollen

    Da warf er sich erneut ins Meer

    Seitdem ist er verschollen

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  • Maguti


    June 10, 2017 by Maguti

    Der Maulwurf

    Ein Maulwurf, heimlich still und leise

    Macht Maulwurfhaufen, haufenweise.

    Das ganze Beet ein Maulwurfhaufen!

    Ich wünscht´ der Maulwurf würd´  ersaufen.

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  • Maguti


    June 9, 2017 by Maguti


     Graue Gedanken kleben wie taubenetzte Spinnweben in den Alkoven der Unzulänglichkeit menschlichen Geistes. Schauriges Regenwetter allenthalben. Wie Gifthaare der Taranteln gleich, torpedieren die Aufprallgeräusche schwerer Tropfen den Sinn, synchronisieren sich ein in den Gleichklang der Schwermut. In tiefschwarzen Wolken spiegelt sich die Melancholie des Ichs. Unaufhörlich fließen Kaskaden von Tropfenreihen am Rand der moosbewachsenen Regenrinne entlang, Sägen gleich, die tief ins Fleisch des Bewusstseins schneiden. Wildgänse trompeten in der Ferne das Lied des bevorstehenden Abschiedes, der Klang erinnert an die Endlichkeit aller Dinge. Düstere Visionen einer anderen Welt schweben heran wie das Hämmern eines Taktstockes auf ausgeb…

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  • Maguti

    Meine Gedichte

    June 9, 2017 by Maguti

































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  • 4paws


    Why I'm Voting the Way I am......

    Dear Wiki Friends....

    I want to explain why I'm voting the way I am. I have given this a LOT of thought on what would be best for the Wiki and I don't want my vote to go unexplained and hurt anyone. We have had too much pain and consternation lately and I do not want to add to that. We have a great Admin team currently in place and I only want to see that grow to meet what I see as the changing needs of our Wiki. My desire is only for health and welfare of our wiki. To benefit all.

    One of the most important things this Wiki has is Content. It is what brings in the new players looking for answers. It is what helps us understand the nuances of play- the glitches- the way to successful…

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  • Jan bardse

    My deceased brother in law, formerly of INTERPOL, told me of the most deadly and most discrete of all the secret societies, It is among the oldest, going back to the assassination of Italy's King Umberto. It is abbreviated FAEMDV, and originated among anarchists in the province of Valencia, Spain. It does not seek political power, but will right any situation that its members see need adjusting. Few even know of its existence, but its many operations have changed the course of European history. I am told the name is Fuerza Anarquista Escondida por Muerte Destrucción y Violencia. Perhaps this is just an old myth.

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  • Imskrak
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  • Buggz 74

    Hello, if anyone has not yet seen the letter and sees this post, please be kind enough to take a screenshot of the letter and post it??? If anyone has seen the letter and was wise enough to take a screenshot of it, please post it?! the letter popped up on my screen and when I tried to expand my screen to read it.... the letter disappeared! 😕 I have no idea what it said. Thanks to anyone who can help!! Buggz *(edited for clarity)

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  • Imskrak

    Imskrak 🤠🍀: Hiya Iwomaj, how things are going?

    Iwomaj 🤗🌿🌻: Hello Imskrak all fine 👍 what about yourself?

    🤠🍀: Cool 😎 I saw your new Globe 🌎 congrats!

    🤗🌿🌻: Ohh thanks 😁 And for you too! I saw yours Globe 🌎 and that's amazing we have started the same challenge first!

    🤠🍀: Yeap, I am glad to see that. I believe that the Global..upsss sorry 😐 the Globe 🌎, forgive me that's my blunder 🤤 probably I should improve my English skills 🤔 ? Anyway I believe that the Globe is very important to our game and should be very useful, of course if we understand how important are all CEs to complete the collections, achieve the goals and finish the event with success.

    🤗🌿🌻: That's my words and I thought exactly the same. Unbelievable 😁 and so nice to see that I am no…

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  • Suhonenm

    I wanted to share the quote that my dear friend lived her life by. I'm sharing it because we could all use it and it really is very basically sums up to 1 word❤️

    '"If I speak with human eloquence and angelic ecstasy but don't love, I'm nothing but the creaking of a rusty gate.

    If I speak God's Word with power, revealing all his mysteries and making everything plain as day, and if I have faith that says to a mountain, "Jump," and it jumps, but I don't love, I'm nothing.

    If I give everything I own to the poor and even go to the stake to be burned as a martyr, but I don't love, I've gotten nowhere.

    So, no matter what I say, what I believe, and what I do, I'm bankrupt without love."

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  • Fossiliferous

    This will be a list (mostly) without commentary to answer the question of "do anonymous seekers actually edit the wiki articles".

    Important: The information below was counted by hand so there is potential for both pages and edits to be missing from the count, but it should hopefully still give a good overview.

    The table is obviously quite long, so here are the highlights:

    • Out of 21,186 edits to the wiki since its creation in March 2014, only 295 edits (1.39%) were by IP editors ("anonymous seekers") - 101 in 2014; 80 in 2015, 96 in 2016 and 18 to date in 2017
    • Of these 295 edits, 50 needed some action by another user for minor innocent things (e.g. punctuation, simple mistakes, wiki text errors, links errors, edits for tone etc.). These things are p…
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  • Imskrak

    We are ready now to choose the staff WooHoo..

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  • Whyme2009

    It's Eurovision night :)

    Ok, my thoughts after a couple of days.  First off, I watched the semi-finals on Uitzendinggemist, so I kind of skipped over all the comments and just watched the singers and the voting results.  I watched the finale on BBC so I had to watch it with all of the British commenting this time.

    Number 1.  I think Portugal sang the HE** out of that song.  I loved it and the emotions that went with it. I completely agree with the win.....

    Number 2. I think Belgium should have been higher, but that is a personal opinion.  Also I watched the music video for it and it gave it a different feeling.

    Number 3. I don't think Germany should have been so far down. I liked the song and the singing.

    Number 4. I don't think Cyprus should h…

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  • Imskrak

    Since June 2016 🤠🍀 the one 'main' update includes two separate events (every each for 28 days (or 30) -> usually is shown i.e. 27 days and 23:59 hours in the pop up event's window (or 30 days and 8:59 hours)) which are going out one by one even the game is offline before the next 'main' update. What means the tt players have an opportunity to play a second event earlier. The updates running time for 👇iOS👇

    ✅ The first double update -> more details can be found here -> [1] & [2]

    10 days break

    ✅ The main update 5th September 2016 included:

    1/ between 5th Sep to 2nd Oct Harvest Festival (Farm -> avvie + Curiosities -> not avvie + The Magic Cube -> GM - Apples)

    2/ between 3rd Oct to 30th Oct Halloween 2016 (Haunted Attractions -> avvie + The Sphere…

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  • Snowdog67

    L'​Amulette​ ​​de​ ​la ​mer 24 Hrs ou l'​Amulette​de ​​Noel 48 Hrs ( seulement si déjà dans l'inventaire , ne peut être assembler pour l'instant ) --Augmente la valeur des énergies Boosters +25% ( ex.: Vrai repas=restauration complète +10% +25% ) .

    L' ​​​​​​​Amulette​de ​​​la' paix'​ 24 Hrs ​​​​​ou ​​​​l'​​​​​​ ​Amulette du ​fermier 48 Hrs --Augmente la valeur des primes en rendant visite aux amis(es) ( ex.:10 charges à un(e) ami(e) = 900 points d'expériences . L'​Amulette​de ​l'aide​amicale 24 Hrs ou ​Poids​en ​​or ( 90 min. ) --Regénère la vitesse de la puissane X5 (  vitesse standard 1 point=3min. après 1 point=38 sec. ) .

    L'​Amulette​des ​raretés 24 Hrs ou l'​Amulette​du ​père​Noel 24 Hrs ou l'​Amulette​de ​saphir 24 Hrs --Rédui…

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  • DameElisa

    in der Reihenfolge ihres Auftretens in der deutschen Inventarübersicht von DameElisa

    Geldbaum 24 Stunden oder Amulett des Drachens 🐉 48 Stunden 200% mehr Münzen für das Untersuchen von Orten oder das Lösen von Rätseln (z.B. Münzen 180 -> = 180 + 180)

    Amulett des Magisters 24 Stunden - erhöht die Erfahrungspunkte aus der Untersuchung von Bildern um 80%

    Symbol des Erfolgs und Amulett des Fotografen 24 Stunden - erhöht die Chance, Objekte in Bildern zu finden, um 50%

    Zeittalisman und Lokomotivführeramulett und Fliegeramulett - 24 Stunden, verlängert die Zeit zur Untersuchung von Bildern um 60 Sekunden

    Magischer Kristall 10 Tage - erhöht die Wahrscheinlichkeit auf Objekte um 12% und die Münzen für das Untersuchen von Bildern um 12%

    Schwarze Hasenpfote 2 …

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  • Imskrak

    Sea Amulet 24hrs or Christmas Amulet 48hrs (only if you have already in your Inventory because Christmas Amulet cannot be found in the game now) or Sacred Bird Amulet 48hrs (note: the same as with Christmas Amulet!) - the energy boosters increaser +25% (i.e. Dinner = full energy restoration + 10% + 25%)

    Amulet of Peace 24hrs or Farmer's Amulet 48hrs or Amulet of the Forest 48hrs - increases rewards for visiting friends +50% (i.e. 10 charges of one friend = 900 experience points)

    Amulet of Friendly Aid 24hrs or Golden Weight Disk 90mins (bronze 90) - the power recover for the visits and charges friends x 5 (standard speed 1 point = 3 minutes after 1 point = 38 seconds)

    Amulet of Rarities 24hrs or Amulet of Santa 24hrs or Sapphire Amulet 24hrs …

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  • Missy W. 2016

    Hello Friends!

    May 1, 2017 by Missy W. 2016

    Apologies, if this is the wrong spot to put this. However I'm hoping it will reach all my Friends!! We got allot of snow, & electricity is out. Electric Co says they should have it back on by Monday 8pm CST. Therfore no precious WIFI, or TV. LOL Sorry Friends I'll get ya as soon as I can!!🎁😘🎁

    Bummed out missed 2days of good playing time🙁🍀🎸🍀Missy

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  • Imskrak

    Imskrak and iwomaj have finished the last event and The Forester's Base is safe. They met to talk about what to do next.

    🤠🍀 (imskrak): Hi iwomaj 👋 How things are going⁉️

    🤗🌿🌻 (iwomaj): Oo hiya imskrak 😁 Excellent, everything is fine and I have more free time now. What about yourself?

    🤠🍀: Yeap the same 👍 The event is done and I enjoyed it. What do you think, are you happy for your achievements?

    🤗🌿🌻: Yes, I am sooo happy and indeed I loved 💚 the last room. Will be the one of my favourite! But what to do next?

    🤠🍀: Well I thought about it 🤔 and let's talk if is possible a real trip to the forest??

    🤗🌿🌻: Ohh 😲 a real 🌲🌳🍄🐝🐜 ⁉️ Really ⁉️ That's COOL 😎 ‼️ Oh let me know more 😁

    🤠🍀: So on the next Saturday in the early 🕰 morning we will take 🚂 (just 2hours j…

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