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  • Imskrak

    Imskrak 🤠🍀: Hiya Iwomaj, how things are going?

    Iwomaj 🤗🌿🌻: Hello Imskrak all fine 👍 what about yourself?

    🤠🍀: Cool 😎 I saw your new Globe 🌎 congrats!

    🤗🌿🌻: Ohh thanks 😁 And for you too! I saw yours Globe 🌎 and that's amazing we have started the same challenge first!

    🤠🍀: Yeap, I am glad to see that. I believe that the Global..upsss sorry 😐 the Globe 🌎, forgive me that's my blunder 🤤 probably I should improve my English skills 🤔 ? Anyway I believe that the Globe is very important to our game and should be very useful, of course if we understand how important are all CEs to complete the collections, achieve the goals and finish the event with success.

    🤗🌿🌻: That's my words and I thought exactly the same. Unbelievable 😁 and so nice to see that I am no…

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  • Suhonenm

    I wanted to share the quote that my dear friend lived her life by. I'm sharing it because we could all use it and it really is very basically sums up to 1 word❤️

    '"If I speak with human eloquence and angelic ecstasy but don't love, I'm nothing but the creaking of a rusty gate.

    If I speak God's Word with power, revealing all his mysteries and making everything plain as day, and if I have faith that says to a mountain, "Jump," and it jumps, but I don't love, I'm nothing.

    If I give everything I own to the poor and even go to the stake to be burned as a martyr, but I don't love, I've gotten nowhere.

    So, no matter what I say, what I believe, and what I do, I'm bankrupt without love."

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  • Fossiliferous

    This will be a list (mostly) without commentary to answer the question of "do anonymous seekers actually edit the wiki articles".

    Important: The information below was counted by hand so there is potential for both pages and edits to be missing from the count, but it should hopefully still give a good overview.

    The table is obviously quite long, so here are the highlights:

    • Out of 21,186 edits to the wiki since its creation in March 2014, only 295 edits (1.39%) were by IP editors ("anonymous seekers") - 101 in 2014; 80 in 2015, 96 in 2016 and 18 to date in 2017
    • Of these 295 edits, 50 needed some action by another user for minor innocent things (e.g. punctuation, simple mistakes, wiki text errors, links errors, edits for tone etc.). These things are p…
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  • Imskrak

    We are ready now to choose the staff WooHoo..

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  • Whyme2009

    It's Eurovision night :)

    Ok, my thoughts after a couple of days.  First off, I watched the semi-finals on Uitzendinggemist, so I kind of skipped over all the comments and just watched the singers and the voting results.  I watched the finale on BBC so I had to watch it with all of the British commenting this time.

    Number 1.  I think Portugal sang the HE** out of that song.  I loved it and the emotions that went with it. I completely agree with the win.....

    Number 2. I think Belgium should have been higher, but that is a personal opinion.  Also I watched the music video for it and it gave it a different feeling.

    Number 3. I don't think Germany should have been so far down. I liked the song and the singing.

    Number 4. I don't think Cyprus should h…

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  • Imskrak

    Since September 2016 🤠🍀 the one 'main' update includes two separate events (every each for 28 days -> is shown 27 days and 23:59 hours in the pop up event's window) which are going out one by one even the game is offline before the next 'main' update. What means the tt players have an opportunity to play a second event earlier. The updates running time for 👇iOS👇

    ✅ The main update 5th September 2016 included:

    1/ between 5th Sep to 2nd Oct Harvest Festival (Farm -> avvie + Curiosities -> not avvie)

    2/ between 3rd Oct to 30th Oct Halloween 2016 (Haunted Attractions -> avvie)

    3 days break

    ✅ The main update 3rd November 2016 included:

    1/ between 3rd Nov to 30th Nov Magic Tour (Luxury Express -> avvie + Wigwam -> not avvie)

    2/ between 1st Dec to 28th …

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  • Snowdog67

    L'​Amulette​ ​​de​ ​la ​mer 24 Hrs ou l'​Amulette​de ​​Noel 48 Hrs ( seulement si déjà dans l'inventaire , ne peut être assembler pour l'instant ) --Augmente la valeur des énergies Boosters +25% ( ex.: Vrai repas=restauration complète +10% +25% ) .

    L' ​​​​​​​Amulette​de ​​​la' paix'​ 24 Hrs ​​​​​ou ​​​​l'​​​​​​ ​Amulette du ​fermier 48 Hrs --Augmente la valeur des primes en rendant visite aux amis(es) ( ex.:10 charges à un(e) ami(e) = 900 points d'expériences . L'​Amulette​de ​l'aide​amicale 24 Hrs ou ​Poids​en ​​or ( 90 min. ) --Regénère la vitesse de la puissane X5 (  vitesse standard 1 point=3min. après 1 point=38 sec. ) .

    L'​Amulette​des ​raretés 24 Hrs ou l'​Amulette​du ​père​Noel 24 Hrs ou l'​Amulette​de ​saphir 24 Hrs --Rédui…

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  • DameElisa

    in der Reihenfolge ihres Auftretens in der deutschen Inventarübersicht von DameElisa

    Geldbaum 24 Stunden oder Amulett des Drachens 🐉 48 Stunden 200% mehr Münzen für das Untersuchen von Orten oder das Lösen von Rätseln (z.B. Münzen 180 -> = 180 + 180)

    Amulett des Magisters 24 Stunden - erhöht die Erfahrungspunkte aus der Untersuchung von Bildern um 80%

    Symbol des Erfolgs und Amulett des Fotografen 24 Stunden - erhöht die Chance, Objekte in Bildern zu finden, um 50%

    Zeittalisman und Lokomotivführeramulett und Fliegeramulett - 24 Stunden, verlängert die Zeit zur Untersuchung von Bildern um 60 Sekunden

    Magischer Kristall 10 Tage - erhöht die Wahrscheinlichkeit auf Objekte um 12% und die Münzen für das Untersuchen von Bildern um 12%

    Schwarze Hasenpfote 2 …

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  • Imskrak

    Sea Amulet 24hrs or Christmas Amulet 48hrs (only if you have already in your Inventory because Christmas Amulet cannot be found in the game now) - the energy boosters increaser +25% (i.e. Dinner = full energy restoration + 10% + 25%)

    Amulet of Peace 24hrs or Farmer's Amulet 48hrs - increases rewards for visiting friends +50% (i.e. 10 charges of one friend = 900 experience points)

    Amulet of Friendly Aid 24hrs or Golden Weight Disk 90mins (bronze 90) - the power recover for the visits and charges friends x 5 (standard speed 1 point = 3 minutes after 1 point = 38 seconds)

    Amulet of Rarities 24hrs or Amulet of Santa 24hrs or Sapphire Amulet 24hrs - less number -20% for required items like tokens, ladybugs, arrows, fireflies, carrots and other nee…

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  • Missy W. 2016

    Hello Friends!

    May 1, 2017 by Missy W. 2016

    Apologies, if this is the wrong spot to put this. However I'm hoping it will reach all my Friends!! We got allot of snow, & electricity is out. Electric Co says they should have it back on by Monday 8pm CST. Therfore no precious WIFI, or TV. LOL Sorry Friends I'll get ya as soon as I can!!🎁😘🎁

    Bummed out missed 2days of good playing time🙁🍀🎸🍀Missy

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  • Imskrak

    Imskrak and iwomaj have finished the last event and The Forester's Base is safe. They met to talk about what to do next.

    🤠🍀 (imskrak): Hi iwomaj 👋 How things are going⁉️

    🤗🌿🌻 (iwomaj): Oo hiya imskrak 😁 Excellent, everything is fine and I have more free time now. What about yourself?

    🤠🍀: Yeap the same 👍 The event is done and I enjoyed it. What do you think, are you happy for your achievements?

    🤗🌿🌻: Yes, I am sooo happy and indeed I loved 💚 the last room. Will be the one of my favourite! But what to do next?

    🤠🍀: Well I thought about it 🤔 and let's talk if is possible a real trip to the forest??

    🤗🌿🌻: Ohh 😲 a real 🌲🌳🍄🐝🐜 ⁉️ Really ⁉️ That's COOL 😎 ‼️ Oh let me know more 😁

    🤠🍀: So on the next Saturday in the early 🕰 morning we will take 🚂 (just 2hours j…

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  • DameElisa

    CI = collection item

    CE = combining element

    FCE = friends code exchange

    FL = friends list

    GB = gift box

    GM = Gem Match

    MM = Memory Match

    PI = paid items (fire flies, ladybugs, arrows, tokens)

    RL = real life

    TOS = terms of service

    TOU = terms of use

    TT= time travel

    TY = "thank you"-gift

    WL = wish list

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  • 4paws


    April 9, 2017 by 4paws

    Here is where I will post funnies I've shared on the Wiki. We all need a good belly laugh to keep our souls in balance!!

    Here is where I will post the basis for my closing of the Bar and Grill for an Indefinite time:

    This blog entry may have me removed permenantly as being "disruptive" or I will be asked to remove it for same. But people in this community have wanted my issue out in the public so All could see and discuss. I have chosen not to put it into forums for the same reason and because it has already been done- see thread link below.

    I have been told there are two groups of people on the Wiki the admins are balancing.

    For examp…

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    Hanging in there

    April 6, 2017 by DRJEKYLL1

    This inconvenience does make things annoying, but I can remember when I first started and didn't know about Friends. Shit happens, so I am going back to old school, until the issues are resolved. Then it will be like starting over and having the knowledge to expedite the challenges. In the meantime I will be charging in slowmo. Do miss my Friends though.

    Later Daze and luck to all.

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  • Snowdog67

    Trucs et astuces .

    April 6, 2017 by Snowdog67

    Pour tout joueur de langue francaise qui adore le jeux SECRET SOCIETY , il serait profitable a tous de profiter de l'expériences de chacun . Ceci est un debut....bienvenue tout le monde !

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  • Topsy2006

    Since the server is down again, I figured I would put my "friends philosophy" down on a blog post. Something to do, I guess.

    I played the game for more than a year without friends. In hindsight, I missed out on what has become my favorite aspect of the game. I think the tracking, gifting and helping others is one of the most fun parts of the game. Now, thanks to G5's server issues, I realize how much I miss my friends!

    Originally, I had a handwritten notebook to keep track of of my friends but it was getting a little out of hand so during this outage, I took my notebook and the first day my FL came back up, I commenced to creating a spreadsheet! I have each friend by their game name as it appears in the game with another column for those tha…

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  • Missy W. 2016


    April 4, 2017 by Missy W. 2016

    Is anybody else having this Lil doozy?? It's Telling me that I already gifted friends that I'm positive I didn't gift today!! Soo dear friends if you don't get a gift From me today, Tues the 4th it's due to game telling me I already gifted you!! 😲 Happy Gaming!! 🍀🍀🎸🍀🍀 Missy

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  • Margepardo

    All of my friends are gone. Yesterday I added 13 new friends. I gave gifts and then went on to visit my friends. While I was in the middle of a visit, poof, ALL MY FRIENDS VANISHED again. This morning I had gifts from 3 people but I had no friends. The Top 1000 is empty, the Invite and Waiting friends is empty. I tried to add 2 people by code and it says that I " have already sent a request to this friend". So, Friends is not working and that is a real big part of the game. Ugh.

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  • Topsy2006

    According to Amazon Game Circle, I've been playing SSHM since September 2014 but I just found this site at the end of March 2017 during the "great server outage". As of now (4/2/17), my friends list is still a wreck. I can see the friends that have sent me gifts and TY gifts, as long as I leave the gift and don't accept them! I have to toggle the sort by activity box to make the short list appear, when it vanishes. I figured this out just through trial and error. My user name was always topsy2006, but yesterday I spent two crystals to change it to Topsy2006 so it would match my username here. Topsy is actually my ten year old bulldog, 'er, my spoiled baby girl. Her best friend is a fluffy English Mastiff, my spoiled baby boy! They are my f…

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  • Tapasz

    Anomaly hunt

    April 2, 2017 by Tapasz

    No server - what to do? Finished the challenge already. Normal routine (gifting, visiting and clearing charges) not possible at the moment. While turning some pics to the next colour frame I decided to work on the Anomaly Farm (credits to Witchy for that name!). Had a lot of pics in text but they refused to come in. Then I remembered what happened before this challenge. Only two pics in text (by accident) and there they were, anomalies arrived. As soon as I turned the next pic to text...BAM...another anomaly. Followed this strategy till I got about 30 infected pics when the update arrived. Looking back to that I wondered if it was just luck or if it was a key to gather them. Making it easy for them to find their way on the board without ha…

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  • Missy W. 2016

    It's Another!! I get on my game, excited to see a few gifts, & grat gifts! Yay Soo I'm excited to reciprocate!! WELLLL, I was about to get my gifting, & visiting on, then Zapp FL gone!! I exit out go back in repeat!! Soo I'll work at it & see if I can get all you Wonderful friends gifted, & visited. If I don't that means server went haywire to the point of me not being able to get to all of you! 😲 Sorry in advance if this problem prevents me from gifting all of you!! I'm trying!! Your Friend Missy🍀🍀🎸🍀🍀

    BTW Glad to see you back Heidi!! Woohoo!! Just in time for this Wonderful glitch!! 😕

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  • Barbara Tennesen

    It's been weeks now Can't do anything

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  • EirysMarie

    I've been glitched

    April 1, 2017 by EirysMarie

    One Lonely Game

    I haven't been able to gift now for two weeks, though I have been able to see my Friends List. Today I was able to send just one gift and my FL disappeared. I have discovered that I really miss gifting and visiting. I have to admit that there were times when I could gift and visit, that I viewed it more as drudgery. I'd work out ways to do it faster, so I could get back to "the game". Now, it feels like I'm playing the game in a vacuum. I don't like it. 

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  • Gagaeplus5

    Blog post star

    April 1, 2017 by Gagaeplus5

    I'm looking to get my blog post star as well. Also, I wish server issues were fixed.

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  • Mayzee2

    blog star

    March 31, 2017 by Mayzee2

    Saw this previous post for getting a blog star, just trying out... no worries

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  • Redbeard99

    Blog Post

    March 30, 2017 by Redbeard99

    I am only writting this so I can get my blog Star

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  • Miribeth


    March 29, 2017 by Miribeth

    For the benefit of those who might want to see my userpic in its full size.

    The original image is from this blog:

    I added the caption, which is a pretty good summary of my personal philosophy.

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  • Ileiwat

    How to contact G5

    March 29, 2017 by Ileiwat

    I clicked to use the Amulet of Peace last night, and ever since I activated it I have not been able to use it.  I have now lost 13 hours use on it. I continuosly get a message saying can't connect to the server.  I don't understand how this can be since my internet is up and running with a very stong WiFi signal.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Jiminbonita

    Blog Post

    March 24, 2017 by Jiminbonita

    Playing Secret Society and Seeker's Notes. Hiding behind a cowboy persona. Avatar is William Boyd, who played Hopalong Cassidy in the movies and TV. Game name Hoppy.

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  • Stryker352


    I submitted a ticket (Ticket #241265: Not receiving gifts) in early February. All info requested by G5 was given. Is there any way to get an update from G5? My emails have gone unanswered. Thanks for any assistance.

    Stryker352 (aka Scott)

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  • Imskrak

    This is the mistery and secret place LOL 🤠 👏👏👏

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  • DameElisa

    How to get dynamite

    March 2, 2017 by DameElisa

    Overview: all ways to get dynamite as a reward

    The description of the individual photos will follow soon. (Please click on each photo to open it completely)

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  • DameElisa

    The problem: the WLs of my friends are unchanged for weeks, an update is required

    Dear Elisa,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Firstly, we would like to apologize for the concern this issue has caused you.

    Please provide us with the following details so that we could investigate this problem further: • State the date when the issue occurred. • What were your last actions before the issue took place? • What level have you reached? • Did you try rebooting your device? • Which number of the game version are you currently running? • What iOS version are you running on your device? Have you updated your firmware version recently? • Is your internet connection stable?

    To reboot your device, hold down the Sleep/Wake button until the slider appears. Slide …

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  • MagicalMysteryTour

    Every 8 hours, the game provides you with a list of 6 random players that you can invite to become your friend in the game. If you are active in the game when the 8 hour window expires, then you will immediately receive a new list of 6 random players and a new 8 hour window begins. If you are not active when the 8 hours expire, then you will receive 6 random players and a new 8 hour window the next time you start to play the game.

    Until recently, virtually all of these random players were ones who had not been active in the game for extended periods of time (sometimes over 2 years!). The prevailing wisdom was that it was a waste of time to send friend invitations to these random players. On the flip side, if you were an active player, you w…

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  • Harborbay

    I am still fairly new to Wiki and SSHM, but I must say I have been lucky enough to have met the kindest, most giving people through Wiki. We all start out new, wondering around SSHM lost, not knowing where to start or really what to do. You start to get the bare bones of the game....but still overwhelmed.

    As for me, I did a search for help on the Internet which brought me to Wiki SSHM forums. The resources were great, I stumbled across the friends codes, added my code several times, and Walla! FRIENDS❣I asked a question and gained another friend. This particular friend took me under her wing. My new friend showed me how to build my friend list, how to gift my friends properly by following their wishlist or written requests, what rooms to op…

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  • Harborbay


    February 7, 2017 by Harborbay

    Learn about CRPS

    Facts sheet on CRPS

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  • MDbugs


    February 4, 2017 by MDbugs

    Kender was my mother's day present almost 20 years ago. He was a loving cuddly kitty.  LOL  He  did not know  he  was  my present and  attached himself  to  my youngest son.  He  loved everyone  and greeted all  visitors for a scritch and a pet.  When my  son  was  not  home   Kender  would  sit  in  my  lap.  If  my  son was away  from  home  at night Kender would  prowl the  house  looking  for  him, then  meow  at  me   and get in my  lap.   They  both moved  to  Houston  2.5 years  ago.   Today  my  son  had to have him put  to  sleep as they discovered he has kidney cancer.  

    I called  him  my  strussel swirl kitty and  his  feet  and  tummy  looked  like  someone dipped  him in white  icing.

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  • MDbugs


    February 1, 2017 by MDbugs

    I was  surprised to  see this  this  AM.

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  • Mainframebabe

    Test images

    February 1, 2017 by Mainframebabe

    I've been using this blog to test image uploads. There is a difference when uploading into a simple post or an image on your profile header or an image within the body of your profile or an image within the articles themselves. I'm not sure why they are different, but it can be quite confusing. The error messages are misleading, at least to me. Sometimes, it just seems like a miracle occurs. Good Luck all on your adventures into the world of wiki image uploads and edits. 

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  • Imskrak

    This is my second game and today evening the last room (Orangery) changed up to Anomaly mode after last play LOL 🤠🍀🤠🍀🤠🍀

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  • Imskrak

    Ornagery Room: scene progress 99 WOW & in Pieces mode but ALL other ROOMS in ANOMALY MODE 🤠👏😁👍😝

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  • Missy W. 2016


    January 20, 2017 by Missy W. 2016

    BIG SHOUT OUT OF THANKS TO, KAT & TRIPLE A!! I JUST finished reading the info/help on Winter Tale, & it gave me ALLOT of insight, in the manner of how to use the amulets, to my benefit searching puzzles etc. !! Thanks for the Article I hope this helps me BUZZ through this Event!! 😆😚😆 Thanks for all the time, & effort that went into that jewel!! (And all the others) THANKS MISSY 🎸🎸🎹🎸🎸

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  • Katanastar7

    Wonka, Wonka!

    January 19, 2017 by Katanastar7

    Oh, the joy of playing Wonka Slots ... both on Google Play and in real life. Hey, I live in Vegas, what can I say? I haven't posted much in a while, but I know it's going to be super fun starting from ground zero with a new account on Secret Society. 03531b is my code for the time being. 

    Hm, I have a lot on my mind. For starters, there was an inquiry for me to possibly switch locations with where I work at. It was very tempting, until I heard the hours were along the lines of swing shift (11am-7pm ... maybe even 3pm-11pm. Either way, I am currently full time 5am-1pm, so you might understand my uncertainty with switching). That, and it would be starting all over again in a sense (sheesh, I'm already doing that with this game :) ), and I do …

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  • TurtleSeeker

    The Curse

    January 13, 2017 by TurtleSeeker

    This curse is much like those that are in SSHM.

    It makes things more difficult at times but when looked at another way gives bigger and better rewards and sometimes unique ones.

    It can be dark clouds. It can make things scambled up. It can make one feel like their is not enough time. Funny enough, it can even make it where you have to deal with each part 1 by 1.

    Life is like a picture. So much happens all around and you can only find things out as you can. When you found what you could in that picture you are set. But wait, you have to revisit it and you find something new out or something different about what you previously learned.

    Their are friends here and their are achievements to be won. Some friends will come and some will go and some a…

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  • MDbugs

    list 4 columns

    January 10, 2017 by MDbugs

    4paws BC WL No Puzzles Please
    4solace 4solace wish list Any
    12dirtypaws Kym Wish List / Thank You Gifts are very much appreciated Anything except puzzles please. Thanx !
    AgataM AgataM wish list, thank you's awards, central pictures, no puzzles please
    Agent K2 AgentK Tokens, Arrows, WL, TYs welcome NO PIC CHARGES Please

    Pyramid, Orb & awards ONLY please for now

    Agi Jean Agi



    WL, TYs welcome All charges welcome!
    Alice22155 Alice Tokens, WL, TY Pyramid, Orb, Awards, Pics
    Alieye Alieye WL, tokens, TY, Awards Pictures Puzzles
    Alyjens Alyjens wish list Awards first, then any lower level pics-Thanks!
    Ancient Alien Astronaut TripleAAA Wish List, if empty - YOU decide Awards first - DO NOT Charge any puzzles
    AndalayBay AndalayBay Wish List, Ladybugs Any …

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  • MDbugs


    January 10, 2017 by MDbugs

    4paws WL No Puzzles Please
    4solace wish list Any
    12dirtypaws Wish List / Thank You Gifts are very much appreciated Anything except puzzles please. Thanx !
    AgataM wish list, thank you's awards, central pictures, no puzzles please
    Agent K2 Tokens, Arrows, WL, TYs welcome NO PIC CHARGES Please

    Pyramid, Orb & awards ONLY please for now

    Agi Jean WL, TYs welcome All charges welcome!
    Alice22155 Tokens, WL, TY Pyramid, Orb, Awards, Pics
    Alieye WL, tokens, TY, Awards Pictures Puzzles
    Alyjens wish list Awards first, then any lower level pics-Thanks!
    Ancient Alien Astronaut Wish List, if empty - YOU decide Awards first - DO NOT Charge any puzzles
    AndalayBay Wish List, Ladybugs Any
    AndreaBS WL, Thank You gifts appreciated Awards first please then anything

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  • Jo285


    December 30, 2016 by Jo285


    Table of Contents Tips

    Hamburger Soup

    Italio-Lentil Soup

    Hearty Cabbage Soup

    Managing a large pot of soup

    I almost always fill a large stock pot when making soup. Then I fill my smallest stock pot from the big pot and that goes in the fridge. The rest goes into the freezer. I have a collection of plastic containers that hold about a quart and are slightly wider at the top than at the bottom (former frozen berry containers). If I run out of containers then I pull out some from the freezer, pour hot water over the bottoms of the containers until the soup pops out and then put the frozen soup into ziploc freezer bags and the fresh soup into the containers. Then they all go back into the freezer. Each container of frozen soup fits perfectly into my…

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  • Merrimacga

    UPDATED 1/26/2017

    A long time ago, or so it seems now, I was experienced enough in the game to have learned and used some tips and tricks through normal gameplay to do okay during the challenges but never good enough to win all of them on my own. By that time, I had also started making friends here on this Wiki and was learning just how much it can help to have game friends - really good game friends - helping me during the challenges. At that time, I even started a page for tips and tricks for friends to help other friends in winning the avatar challenges, specifically.

    And I found myself faring better during the challenges. But I still had trouble, with the avatar challenges especially, until I had added some "magic" gifters to my friends …

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  • Mainframebabe

    I recently came across an article written by the father of a 13 year old girl who had died from cancer.  Yes, I did cry, but not so much from the sadness of it all, but out of sheer joy, inspiration and wisdom that had come from one so young.  It left me speechless! (yes, me speechless, can you imagine it?)   Here are a few quotes which will stay with me forever.  Athena Orchard lives on in her words.

    “Happiness depends upon ourselves."

    "Maybe it’s not about the happy ending, maybe it’s about the story."

    "The purpose of life is a life of purpose. "

    "The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.”

    "Love is not about who you can see spending your future with,                                                                …

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  • Paris Garter

    Tracking Ornaments

    December 8, 2016 by Paris Garter

    Date Played drops Anomalies Drops 5. 12 5 4. 7 6. 5 1. 1. 3 7. 8. 7. 2. 5 8. 4 5. 0 9 13.5 15. 2 3. -- orb drop!

    10 3 3 0 0 Thirty LB for 9.99, my lucky day! 11 7 9 2 3

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