Blocks is the first puzzle mini-game unlocked when starting a new game of the Secret Society: Hidden Mystery. Blocks is a deceptively simple mini-game, the target of which is to solve a puzzle in order to move the yellow target block out of the puzzle area.

Blocks is unlocked when the player reaches level 2 in the game.

How To PlayEdit

The object of Blocks is to move the yellow target block out of the puzzle area in a set time frame.

The yellow target block may only move left or right.

In addition to the yellow target block, there are two other block types in the puzzle area. Vertical brown blocks may only be moved up or down and Horizontal brown blocks may only be moved left or right.

In order to move the yellow target block out of the puzzle area, players must first clear a path by rearranging the Vertical and Horizontal brown

Tools in BlocksEdit

There are two tools available to use while playing Blocks. Using a Time Machine in Blocks will add 45 seconds to the timer. Using an Explorer's Eye in Blocks will remove a random brown block from the game board.

Hints and TipsEdit

The Blocks puzzles get more and more complicated the further you advance in the game. In later levels there are often many brown blocks in the puzzle area, but this is actually an advantage. The more blocks on the game board, the fewer possible moves are available so it is easy to work out the solution through trial and error.

Often in Blocks it is necessary to move two steps back in order to move one step forward. Do not be afraid to move the yellow target block back a few spaces to free up room to move other blocks.

Every Blocks puzzle is solvable without the use of Explorer's Eyes, but they can be very useful when facing a new puzzle for the first time. Once you can solve the puzzle with one block removed you will have a better understanding of how to solve the puzzle with that block in place. Excel pdf for help with Blocks


At each level of the Blocks game there are a different set of puzzles to complete. The higher the level Blocks is on the more complex the puzzles you have to solve. All puzzles are solvable without the use of tools.

Each slideshow below represents a different Blocks puzzle. Note the exact position of each block may vary on different versions of the same puzzle. The pictures in each slideshow shows one possible solution to the puzzle. Some puzzles may have more than one solution, and the solutions shown here are not necessarily the quickest solution available for any given puzzle.

Novice PuzzlesEdit

Trainee PuzzlesEdit

Detective and Pro PuzzlesEdit

Coming soon

High Explorer, Academician, Magister and Professor PuzzlesEdit

Blocks Guide (October 2016)

Blocks Guide (Numbered)


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