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You'll see in other places on this Wiki that one has to play the challenge picture a lot in order to get all the way up to the level required to achieve the avatar. There is no way around this and no direct way someone can help a player make it go any faster or easier. However, there are ways you can help a player indirectly. What follows are tips for doing this, including lists of collections that can be helpful to gift.

I won't go into the ways you can win the avatar yourself. For that, I recommend checking out the Hints and Tips for Event Challenges page or the page for the latest update. To find the current update's page, you can find the link to that on this Wiki's main page under the News Section.

Players trying to achieve the avatar will need lots of two things: special items to play the challenge picture (e.g. Christmas balls, pumpkin lanterns, tokens, etc.) and energy. You can help a player with both.


Historically, challenge special items are ones that can't be gifted. That said, there are two ways you can help a player get the special items needed: charging their pyramid and sphere, if they have them, and gifting them collections that award banishing items.

Try charging their pyramid and sphere up to two times each per day. Both of these desktop awards issue their rewards once every 12 hours. If your friend plays often enough and if you can keep track of the timing, your power and your daily actions/charges well enough to do so, you can charge these two awards early in the game day then check periodically later the same day to see if they are no longer charged (check-marked) on your friend's desktop. If you see they are no longer charged, then charge them again. Note: charging their pyramid and sphere is not a guarantee...the special item awarded is random. However, the quantity of the item awarded is increased, including the challenge item if that is the one awarded. And charging them twice per day can double that. See the Award Levels page on this Wiki, specifically the Pyramid of Wonder and the Sphere of Miracles sections, for more info on how much they reward per level during normal play and during challenges.

Playing pictures with an anomaly doesn't give more of the special item than normal but does cost a lot more energy. Players can get more of the special item without playing pictures, and without using energy, by using banishing items to dispel anomalies. After banishing the anomaly, they can then play the picture at normal cost and get more of the special item again. Also, anomalies are random but, while it is impossible to trigger or predict them, the game can be played in ways that tend to increase the frequency of their appearance. And more anomalies means more opportunities to get the special item using banishing items. The following collections are ones whose items can be gifted and are good ones for awarding banishing items. Note: All info you need about each is in the table but you may just want to use the collections search in the game to pull the details up there instead.

Anomaly Collection Award 1 # Award 2 or coins # Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Item 5 Element 1 # Element 2 # Element 3 # Element 4 #
Lost Time Prophetic Objects hand fan 3 capuccino 1 magical pyramid magical cube magical cone magical prism magical cylinder small key 4 painted rose 5 teapot 5 n/a 0
Lost Time Royal Assembly hand fan 3 6750 coins throne a crown kings robe scepter king's orb silver winding key 3 gold winding key 2 spiral spring 4 bronze gear 1
Scroll Eater Earth's Wealth holy water 3 8250 coins cubic zirconia sapphire ruby amber emerald silver winding key 3 steel spring 4 gear 2 antikythera mechanism 4
Mystic Smoke Engineering Aids magical lantern 5 8750 coins open-end wrench screwdriver vise pipe wrench hammer winding key 4 gold winding key 3 steel spring 2 bronze gear 4
Ghostly Mirror Silver Setting mystic mirror 3 8000 coins silver cup silver plate silver knife silver spoon silver fork silver winding key 3 steel spring 4 gear 2 antikythera mechanism 4

There are also several collections that reward banishing items but which can't be gifted. If the player has a lot of these collections in inventory, it could be useful for you to gift the required combining elements for them. And if you focus on these collections in your own inventory, you may find you have more giftable collections that reward banishing items available for giving to others.

Anomaly Collection Award 1 # Award 2 or coins # Element 1 # Element 2 # Element 3 # Element 4 #
All Exotic vegetables anti-anomaly chest 1 n/a treble clef 4 bass clef 4 alto clef 5 n/a 0
Lost Time Christmas cake hand fan 1 n/a snowflake 5 christmas stocking 5 streamer 5 tinsel 5
Lost Time Potion of the past hand fan 1 27500 coins sharp 10 flat 10 treble clef 10 bass clef 10
Lost Time Cornelius's personal belongings hand fan 2 donut 1 drink me bottle 5 eat me cake 5 rabbit's waistcoat 5 mad hat 5
Lost Time Theatrical makeup hand fan 2 n/a basilisk fang 6 salamander tail 6 griffin feather 6 unicorn blood 6
Scroll Eater Crime scene holy water 1 n/a red lamp 6 lens 6 photo paper 6 developing agent 6
Scroll Eater Lost notes holy water 2 lunch box 1 small key 6 painted rose 6 teapot 6 n/a 0
Scroll Eater Eastern sweets holy water 3 donut 1 small key 6 painted rose 6 teapot 6 n/a 0
Mystic Smoke Potion of the future magical lantern 1 30000 coins bass clef 10 alto clef 10 sharp 10 flat 10
Mystic Smoke Paranormal investigation magical lantern 2 capuccino 2 small key 5 painted rose 5 teapot 5 n/a 0
Mystic Smoke Lullaby music magical lantern 3 lunch box 1 drink me bottle 6 eat me cake 6 rabbit's waistcoat 6 mad hat 6
Ghostly Mirror Ouija board mystic mirror 2 donut 1 drink me bottle 4 eat me cake 5 rabbit's waistcoat 4 mad hat 5
Ghostly Mirror Cornelius's diary mystic mirror 3 ice cream 1 small key 5 painted rose 5 teapot 5 n/a 0


There are several ways you can help a player with energy. If you are a Magician, charging their pictures, particularly the challenge one, will reduce the energy needed to play them. Not recommended for players who regularly have the LBS issue (locked board syndrome; covered elsewhere in this Wiki)1. The player can also hire Magician friends with the same benefit. Any player can charge another's Taken to Task desktop award, which will increase the energy awarded. Players' energy will reset to full when going up a level and gifting them collections (and their combining elements) that award scrolls or that help them get the Magister's Amulet artefact will help them get more experience points for leveling up. You can also charge their Friendliness, Lucky Seeker, and Conundrum Conqueror desktop awards to increase the experience they issue. If you are a Sage, charging their pictures will increase the experience awarded. Also not recommended for LBS players' boards. And the player can hire Sage friends.



1. Locked Board Syndrom (LBS) glitch was corrected with a server update February 2016