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On this wiki's forum there are several abbreviations used. This is a list explaining them for newcomers.

  • Free gift: Are gifts that you can give at no cost to you to your friends.
    When you enter the Friends menu and click the "Send a gift" button on your friend's panel, a menu with two tabs will open up. All items listed in the "Send a gift" tab are free for the gifter to give. They DO NOT come out of your own inventory, thus you can always give these, regardless of whether you yourself have one or not in your inventory. You can give one of these types of gifts to up to fifty friends per day. (Combining Elements (CEs) and some Special Items  See also the Gifting article for more information)
  • Admin(s): Administrator(s); volunteers elected by the SSHM Wiki community
  • AM : Ante Meridiem ( latin) , before noon ( 12 o'clock )
  • ASAP : As Soon As Possible
  • AVVIE : Avatar . Related term to describe the picture , graphic or other image to express the likeness of its user . ( see Avatars )
  • BC : Because
  • BF : Best Friend(s)
  • BFF: Best Friends Forever
  • BST : British Summer Time , a time zone in United kingdom .
  • BTW: By The Way
  • BW : Best Wishes
  • CA: Stands for Special Item Cupid's Arrow ( see Combining Elements also Special Items )
  • CC : Captain's Cabin
  • CE: Stands for "Combining Element".
    These are the items that are used to combine your Collection Items. They make up the majority of the "Free gifts". (See the Combining Elements article for more information)
  • CI: Stands for "Collection Item".
    These DO come out of your own inventory. You can give up to ten of these per day and may give more than one to a single friend. (See the List of Collection Items and Gifting articles for more information)
  • CONVO : Conversation .
  • CU : See You
  • DBG : Stands for Drive-by gifter
  • DIY : Do It Yourself
  • EDT : Eastern Daylight Time , East America time zone .
  • E.G. :The term e.g. is an abbreviation of the Latin expression exempli gratia, meaning “for the sake of example” or more colloquially, “for example.” This term is used to introduce examples of something that has already been stated.
  • EOD : End Of Discussion
  • EOM: Stands for End of message
  • FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions
  • FAV : Favorite
  • FB : Facebook
  • FCE: Friends code exchange
  • FD : Festive Dinner
  • FF: Stands for the Special Item Fireflies ( see Combining Elements also Special Items )
  • FL: Friends List
  • FR : Friend request
  • FWL : Frozen Wish List, a G5 glitch.
  • FYI : For Your Information
  • GB: Gift Box
  • (Un)Giftable: Not all Collection Items can be given as gifts.
  • GIF : Graphic Interchange Format
  • GM: Usually Gem Match; could also mean Grand Magister Picture Level
  • GMT: Greenwich Mean Time
  • GFAG: Good for a giggle.
  • HC : Hidden City , another G5 game.
  • HE: High Explorer Picture Level
  • IDK : I Don't Know .
  • I.E. :The term i.e. is a shortening of the Latin expression id est, which translates to “that is.” It is used to introduce a rephrasing or elaboration on something that has already been stated.
  • IKR : I know , right ?
  • IMO: In my opinion
  • IMHO: In my honest opinion (preferred usage to 'in my humble opinion')
  • IP : Internet Protocol
  • LB: Stands for the Special Item Ladybugs. ( see Combining Elements also Special Items )
  • LOCI List of Collection Items
  • LOCIL List of Collection Item Locations 
  • LOCER List of Combining Element Requirements
  • LOL: Stands for Laughing out loud .
  • LVL : Level
  • Multiplying: Refers to the multiplication of gifts due to a glitch, which is being weeded out of the game with the newer updates, that allows users to receive multiple copies of any gifts sent to them.
  • MDT : Mountain Daylight Time
  • MM: Memory Match
  • MW : My Wall
  • NB : Nota Bene , Latin abbreviation which mean ' take notice ' at the end of a communication .
  • NP : No Problem
  • OD: Observation Deck
  • OFC: Of course
  • OMG: Stands for Oh! My God .
  • OP : Original Post, or Original Poster; refers to the first post in a discussion, or to the person who made the post
  • PLS or PLZ : Please
  • PM : Post Me or Post Meridiem (latin) after noon ( 12 o'clock )
  • PS : Post Script . From the latin postcriptum , an expression meaning " written after ".
  • RL: Real Life - what we do outside the game and the Wiki
  • ROFL : Rolling On Floor Laughing .
  • ROTF : Rolling On The Floor
  • SB : Search Box
  • SI : Stands for Special Items.
    Refers to items such as Fireflies, Ladybugs, Carrots, Cupid's arrows and Tokens that are used to play certain pictures. (See the Special Items article for more information)
  • SN : Seekers Notes, a MyTona game.
  • SS : Secret Society or Secret Santa
  • SSHM Stands for Secret Society-Hidden Mystery .
  • TBD: To Be Determined or Decided
  • TGIF : Thank God It's Friday !
  • THX : Thanks
  • TM : Time Machine or Twin Moons , another G5 game .
  • TMRW : Tomorrow
  • TOS: Terms of service - Rules for Wiki
  • TOU: Terms of use - Rules for Wiki
  • TT: Stands for "Time Traveling".
    Users on some devices are capable of setting the date of their device in the past and then moving forward, which allows them to send multiple gifts to their friends, increase their energy, and other benefits. (See The Tardis board of the forum for more information)
  • TY gifts, aka "Gratitude from a friend" gifts: Are the wrapped presents you receive after your friend hits the "Thank" button when they receive a gift from you. What you receive in these is randomly chosen by the game system. (See the Friends article for more information)
  • UTC : Coordinated Universal Time, the standard time system for this site
  • VBG : Very Big Grin
  • VEG : Very Evil Grin
  • VV : Vikings Village
  • WIP : Work In Progress
  • WK : Week(s)
  • WL: Stands for "Wishlist". (See the Wishlists article for more information)
  • WR: Stands for Waiting Room
  • WTG : Stands for Way to go .
  • WW : Wigwam
  • XP: Stands for Experience Points
  • YOLO : You Only Live Once
  • YR : Year(s)
  • ZZ: Stands for Zecret Zociety2 a Face book group.

Coded Wishlist items.

Some players have used certain items to indicate the need for Paid Picture Items. Current list of code items: (How common or universal these are is not known)

Arrows = Cupid's bow from the Legendary Bows collection
Carrots = Mandrake root from the Magical Ingredients collection
Fireflies = Mushroom tea from the Tea Collection collection
Ladybugs = Brush made with goat fur from the Paint Brushes collection

Due to its size, the definitions have been transferred to a new page .