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On this wiki's forum there are several abbreviations used. This is a list explaining them for newcomers.

  • Free gift: Are gifts that you can give at no cost to you to your friends.
    When you enter the Friends menu and click the "Send a gift" button on your friend's panel, a menu with two tabs will open up. All items listed in the "Send a gift" tab are free for the gifter to give. They DO NOT come out of your own inventory, thus you can always give these, regardless of whether you yourself have one or not in your inventory. You can give one of these types of gifts to up to fifty friends per day. (CEs and some Special Items  See also the Gifting artcle for more information)
  • CA: Stands for Special Item Cupid's Arrow.
  • CE: Stands for "Combining Element".
    These are the items that are used to combine your Collection Items. They make up the majority of the "Free gifts". (See the Combining Elements article for more information)
  • CI: Stands for "Collection Item".
    These DO come out of your own inventory. You can give up to ten of these per day and may give more than one to a single friend. (See the List of Collection Items and Gifting articles for more information)
  • FCE Friends code exchange
  • FF: Stands for the Special Item Fireflies.
  • FL Friends list
  • GB Gift Box
  • (Un)Giftable: Not all Collection Items can be given as gifts.
  • IMO In my opinion
  • IMHO In my honest opinion (preferred usage to 'in my humble opinion')
  • LB: Stands for the Special Item Ladybugs.
  • Multiplying: Refers to the multiplication of gifts due to a glitch, which is being weeded out of the game with the newer updates, that allows users to receive multiple copies of any gifts sent to them.
  • OD: Observation Deck
  • RL: Real Life - what we do outside the game and the Wiki
  • SI: Stands for Special Items.
    Refers to items such as Fireflies, Ladybugs, Carrots, Cupid's arrows and Tokens that are used to play certain pictures. (See the Special Items article for more information)
  • TOS Terms of service - Rules for Wiki
  • TOU Terms of use - Rules for Wiki
  • TT: Stands for "Time Traveling".
    Users on some devices are capable of setting the date of their device in the past and then moving forward, which allows them to send multiple gifts to their friends, increase their energy, and other benefits. (See The Tardis board of the forum for more information)
  • TY gifts, aka "Gratitude from a friend" gifts: Are the wrapped presents you receive after your friend hits the "Thank" button when they receive a gift from you. What you receive in these is randomly chosen by the game system. (See the Friends article for more information)
  • WL: Stands for "Wishlist". (See the Wishlists article for more information)
  • WR: Stands for Waiting Room
  • XP: Stands for Experience Points

Coded Wishlist items.

Some players have used certain items to indicate the need for Paid Picture Items. Current list of code items: (How common or universal these are is not known)

Arrows = Cupid's bow from the Legendary Bows collection
Carrots = Mandrake root from the Magical Ingredients collection
Fireflies = Mushroom tea from the Tea Collection collection
Ladybugs = Brush made with goat fur from the Paint Brushes collection

Things that make you go huh.

User blog:Lilac11

This started as a thread but grew into a bit of a list and I thought it was kind of interesting. As one person wrote, "The Secret Society: Expanding your vocabulary one object at a time." So, here is a list of items in the game that may not be familiar to some people. I'm sure there are more or less, depending on where you live, your native tongue, and your life experiences; but here's what I came up with.

  • Amanita - Forest House - A mushroom of the poisonous species
  • Bota bag - Farm - A wine bag made of untanned goatskin and holding 1–2 liters
  • Bun - Luxury Express - Bread Roll or Kaiser Roll
  • Bundle of spikes - Mill - Not in dictionary but resembles a bundle of wheat
  • Camellia - Observation Deck - A shrub with white, pink, red, or variegated roselike flowers
  • Candy floss - Tree of Dates - Cotton candy made from spun sugar (aka Fairy Floss)
  • Daruma doll - Japanese House - A wishing doll that keeps one focused on achieving goals
  • French Macaron - Tree of Dates/Flower Shop - A round, colored cookie consisting of a filling between two halves; not to be confused with macaroon which is a drop cookie of almond paste or coconut
  • Fujiyama - Japanese House - Also known as Mount Fuji
  • "Garden" item - Japanese House - Unknown; perhaps quotations indicate an item one might use in a garden, in this case to paint a landscape
  • Gas Canister - Farm - Petrol Can or Jerry Can
  • Hours - Night Garden - Not in dictionary but resembles a clock face
  • Jerboa - Excavations - Mouselike rodent of North Africa and Asia, with long hind legs used for jumping
  • Jujube - Eastern Bazaar - Dictionary definition is not the same (a small candy or lozenge with fruit flavoring or a Chinese date) but resembles a slice of cake roll which is cake rolled with a cream filling
  • Liana - Excavations - A woody vine
  • Noh mask - Japanese House - Noh is a major form of classical Japanese musical drama; the lead actor wears a mask which signifies age, gender, and social ranking
  • Omamori - Japanese House/Spring Festival - Japanese amulets, charms, or talismans which are said to provide various forms of luck or protection
  • Onigiri - Spring Festival - A Japanese rice ball made from white rice filled with fish or kelp
  • Pail - Bungalow - otherwise known as a Bucket
  • Penny whistle - Wonder Shop - Also known as a tin whistle, it is a flute-like item with six finger holes
  • Pilaf - Eastern Bazaar - Rice cooked in a meat or poultry broth
  • Plummet - Ancient Library - A plumb bob; a weight attached to a line, used for determining perpendicularity
  • Pointer - Spooky Yard - A person or thing that points, in this case a wooden arrow
  • Salver - Ancient Library - A tray, especially one used for serving food or beverages
  • Samovar - Eastern Bazaar - A metal urn, used especially by Russians for heating water for making tea
  • Snowdrops - Wonder Shop - Plant with drooping white flowers and green markings
  • Tomtit - Christmas Eve - Also known as a titmouse, it is a small songbird with soft, thick plumage and a short, stout, conical bill such as a wren
  • Turkish coffee pot - Eastern Bazaar - Also known as a cezve, it is a pot in which to make and serve Turkish coffee (unfiltered coffee); the pot has a long handle and brim spout
  • Ushanka hat - Mountain Resort - Informally known as a "Russian hat", it is a fur cap with ear flaps that can be tied up to the crown of the cap, or fastened at the chin to protect the ears, jaw and lower chin from the cold
  • Vacuum flask - Mountain Resort - A thermos
  • Zephyrs - Tree of Dates - Most common definition is a light breeze, but can also be any of various things of fine, light quality, such as fabric or yarn
  • Zurna - Eastern Bazaar - A woodwind instrument with eight holes on the front and one thumbhole